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Whether we like to admit it or not, current hair styles are often copied from celebrities. Farrah Fawcett created the big blonde layered flip craze back in the seventies and Jennifer Anniston was recently responsible for the "Rachel" look that took the country by storm. Caroline Bassette Kennedy started a big blonde craze with her well known buttery blonde chunks that were added on top of her already lightened hair.

The celebrity trend for Spring 98 seems to be a light lighter, longer and softer with honey colored shades popping up everywhere. I have listed some of the current celebrities that seem to be following the longer, lighter, softer trends. While some celebrities like Lea Thompson and Sharon Stone continue to go shorter and shorter with their hair, for the most part, you will see a much longer softer look.

Julia Roberts

Pretty Woman Julia Roberts is celebrating Spring 98 with much longer and lighter locks. 1997 saw Julia with a chin length, dark chestnut do with the front of her hair pinned off her face. It gave her a darker look. Julia was most recently spotted with light golden honey colored hair down to her shoulders.

She has added eyelash length soft bangs that really set off her beautiful eyes. In keeping with the current trend for softer and lighter hair, Julia is wearing her hair loose, soft and straighter. She looks really great with the longer hair which gives her a very feminine, sexy look.

Lauren Holley

Lauren is letting her great blonde looks grow down past her shoulders and she looks great. She also is going for the softer look that is a little bit messy but very appealing and less "done". Lauren has thick hair that she is wearing blunt-cut and a blonde as ever. Lauren's hair is slightly layered in the front and she is wearing her hair pulled off of her face to show off her great eyes and smile.

Mariah Carey

Not only has this super successful lady ditched her husband, she ditched her famous naturally curly locks. Mariah has been seen everywhere with much longer. straighter and lighter hair. She looks sensational with her new longer look. Mariah uses a straightening balm on her wet curls and blows them out to a perfectly straight look using a flat-backed brush.

Heather Locklear

Her blonde hair has been softened with honey blonde highlights giving her a much prettier, less harsh blonde look. Heather is also wearing razored bangs swept slightly to the side of her face. Her hair is angled in front to add framing to her beautiful face and play up her eyes.


No one knows just how long it will last, but Madonna was most recently spotted with below the shoulder light honey blonde hair. Since she is famous for changing her hair almost as often as her clothes, Madonna may be totally different at any time. Currently she is following the Spring hair trends for longer, lighter and softer.

Jennifer Anniston

Since 1995 when Jennifer created the "Rachel" look, she has been struggling to find a different look that would not be so copied. Jennifer has settled on growing her hair much longer and having lighter blonde highlights along the front and the sides of her hair to frame her face. Her hair is currently below her shoulders and she wears it soft and shiny.

Farrah Fawcett

Farrah was another trend setter back in the 70s when she was at the height of popularity on Charlie's Angels. Although Farrah is still as blonde as ever, she is currently struggling with a form of stress induced hair loss. This has resulted in a shorter look to hide some of the thinness. Princess Caroline of Monaco suffered from a similar hair loss and eventually all of her hair grew back. Hopefully Farrah's hair loss problems will be of short duration.

Cameron Diaz

Although her hair was very short recently, Cameron has announced in recent interviews that she is planning to let her hair grow out. She is wearing it a very light shade of blonde and plans on letting her hair grow to a much longer and softer length. Her hair was gorgeous for the Mask but much shorter and severe for My Best Friend's Wedding.

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