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Celebrity Hair Makeover: Channelling Lisa Rinna


Lisa Rinna

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In April 2007 Ken and his stellar Paves Salon team opened their doors to six lucky Celebrity Makeover winners who had been selected by Multi Media International (MMI) for the opportunity to transform into versions of their celebrity idols.

Makeover winner Cindy specifically wanted to be transformed into a version of the lovely Lisa Rinna. As part of her celebrity makeover process Cindy received an initial consultation for hair color and style with Team Paves at the Beverly Hills Salon.

The celebrity make-up artists with Benefit Cosmetics were also on hand along with the MMI photographer to record Cindy's step-by-step transformation into a bona fide celebrity look-a-like.

Lisa Rinna's Style

Lisa Rinna is a short hair goddess. This gorgeous star is a classic example of a strand savvy woman knowing what style looks great on her and sticking with it to her very best advantage.

Rather than being a slave to fickle hair trends and constantly changing her tresses from long to short, dark to light, this beautiful actress proves that she understands that true beauty comes from self-knowledge, confidence and class. Lisa has become famous for her short shag style which she has been wearing for the past seven years.

Before Photo Cindy Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Lisa Rinna Makeover April 2007

Celebrity Makeover Magic

It's no surprise that Cindy wanted to be made over to morph into her own version of Lisa Rinna.

Who could blame her? Lisa is gorgeous and is adored by legions of fans, a doting husband and stunning children. When the former Dancing With The Stars contestant, who has luscious chocolate brown tresses, appears on various Red Carpets, all eyes immediately turn to her crowning glory of perfectly tousled strands. Her locks are always so spectacularly styled that you can't help but focus in on them.

Cindy has some features that are similar to Cindy's including an oval shaped face that is wider at the top as well as a similar rounded chin and auburn hued tresses.

Getting Started Notes

Before her celebrity makeover, Cindy wore her below-the-chin reddish brown fine tresses hanging against her face with a messy sideline part. Her finely textured strands had a slight wave to it.

One of Cindy's eyes was partially covered by a panel of hair which actually made her eyes appear dark and deep set. The overall length of her hair which was slightly uneven appeared to drag down her facial features.

During Photo Cindy Receiving Trim From Diana Folino Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Lisa Rinna Makeover April 2007

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Cindy has a mixture of face shape elements. Although her jaws and cheeks are part of a classic square, her chin tapers to a point that normally is typical of a heart shape. The top of her face appears to be more oval.

Her hair color appeared brassy in some sections with dark roots extending a few inches along her side part and along the top of her crown.


Cindy was lucky to win the attention of the mega talented hairdressing team of Riawna Capri and Diana Folino (at Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon in California - (310) 499-7122).

Riawna and Diana focused on transforming Cindy into her vision of Lisa but determined that minimal changes could create maximum makeover results.

Diana, who works with Eva Longoria and Ashlee Simpson is an expert at dry hair cutting which is a unique and rare talent that provides the very best cuts and trims.

Diana set to work on Cindy tresses by trimming all along the outside perimeter to shape and even out the ends so that all of the strands blended perfectly together.

Diana proceeded to skillfully create light layering along the hairline where she created a soft side-swept fringe and throughout the interior of the hair.

During Photo Cindy Receiving Highlights at Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Lisa Rinna Makeover April 2007

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Once she had evened out the edges and created the new part and fringe, she cut precision layers along the sides and back to duplicate Lisa's famous short shaggy style.

If you look closely at Cindy's cut you will notice that the top layers were carefully crafted by Diana to create sassy volume that gives the finished style a flirtatious appeal.

The key to Diana's cut was to make sure Cindy's new shag would fall instantly into place with the simple shake of her head. Indeed, the results of the haircut were spectacular.


Diana and Riawna's initial goal for Cindy's hair was to equalize her current brunette base color which contained a lot of brassy red.

This goal was achieved by applying a brunette hue that softened and blended the existing colors.

Blonde highlights and caramel colored low lights were applied over the top of the softened brunette creating instant softness, definition and focus along the perimeter of Cindy's face.

The goal of the highlighting and low lighting was to create instant definition and focus along the perimeter of the style.

A few blonde highlights was added in the front along Cindy's hairline for definition and bright dazzle and to open up her face while drawing attention to her eyes.

During Photo Cindy Being Prepped For HairDo Extensions Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Lisa Rinna Makeover April 2007

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During Photo Cindy Receiving Blow Out Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Lisa Rinna Makeover April 2007


To maximize the beauty of Cindy’s newly created highlights and lowlights, Diana washed Cindy's hair with a color enhancing shampoo that would protect the gorgeous new hues.

She coated Cindy’s freshly washed and towel dried strands with a light styling product.

After letting her freshly washed tresses air dry for a few minutes to remove excess moisture, Cindy's hair was set on large self-adhesive style rollers in a brick-lay pattern for a firmer long term set. .

Rollers were set away from the face along the hairline and at the crown. On the bottom the rollers were set away from the face but slightly upward. The rollers at the very top were set to the left.

Once the hair was completely rolled, Diana went of the top of the curlers with a blow dryer concentrating the air on each curler to help it dry.

During Photo Cindy In Make-up Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Lisa Rinna Makeover April 2007

MMI Mags All Rights Reserved.

When Cindy's hair was completely dry the rollers were removed and Diana quickly went over her hair with the blow dryer to make sure all of the strands were completely dry.

Diana back combed Cindy's hair along the back and crown for life and movement.


Once Diana and Riawna were finished creating a masterpiece of style and color the celebrity makeup artist from Benefit Cosmetics applied a beautiful palette of hues to compliment Cindy's sensual new look.

Special attention was paid to Cindy's eyes which were more visible due to the new hairstyle and her lips since Lisa Rinna is famous for her well-defined pouty lips.


After Photo Cindy Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Lisa Rinna Makeover April 2007

MMI Mags All Rights Reserved.

It's amazing what a fabulous new haircut paired with highlights and lowlights achieved for Cindy's look which is now a stunning combination of sassy volume and flirtatious appeal.

The highlights and low lights created instant new facial definition and focus along the perimeter of Cindy's new short shaggy style.

Cindy's side-swept fringe were carefully cut around her eyes to bring them to prominence and make them literally pop. The sides of her hair are feathered back and off her face to showcase her beautiful cheekbones which were hidden by her pre-makeover style.

Call the world famous Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon at (310) 499-7122) for your own eye-popping, jaw-dropping transformation. Please tell Diana, Riawna and the rest of the Ken Paves team that Karen at and Cheryl at MultiMedia sent you

Story Credits

Styles: Riawna Capri and Diana Folino for Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon in Beverly Hills, California - (310) 499-7122) Editor: Cheryl Crosby - Multi Media International Makeup: Arianne Dubose And Benefit Cosmetics Team Photographer: Georgia Cobb Editorials: Karen Marie Shelton

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