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Curly Hair On 2011 Celeb Apprentice

The new series of NBC's The Celebrity Apprentice kicked off last night in a two hour premiere.  Star Jones and Survivor's Richard Hatch stepped up to be the first project managers.  Both the men's and women's team were loaded with an array of celebrities with big egos and personalities.

Conflict between leader Richard Hatch and David Cassidy was palpable.  Not only did Hatch physically push and poke Cassidy, he predicted the former teen hearththrob would be one of the first to go.

Meanwhile on ASAP, the women's team, Star Jones and Lisa Rinna clashed with Rinna making snipes about Jones.

Curly Hair Was Missing In Action

Was there anything missing on the popular show?  Curly hair.

It was completely missing from all of the celebrities.  In fact, the only celebrity with any type of texture was Rapper and Entrepreneur Lil John who rocks some major locks.  In fact, Lil John has some of the best locks I've seen.  They're well-groomed and they are multi-hued which gives them a lush look.

Although several of the celebrities are known to have naturally curly tresses, none of them showcased their coils, ringlets or spirals.  

Star Jones, NeNe Leakes, LaToya Jackson and Dionne Warwick all wore either weaves or chemically smoothed strands.  Of course Lisa Rinna is famous for her short layered hairstyle which looked picture perfect throughout the entire first episode.  Even when working in a pizza parlor and wearing a red baseball cap.

Curtis Stone's Blonde Perfectly Layered Hairstyle

Even former Celebrity Apprentice Curtis Stone popped in to taste pizza from both of the teams and his hair was picture perfect with lots of blonde layers.  Curtis Stone may be a great celebrity chef, but he also has some of the best hair in the business.

Will any of the women showcase their natural tresses during the course of the reality show?  I'm hoping we see some natural curly hairstyles as the series progresses.  Meanwhile, check out the amazing coils on Lil John shown above and to the side.

Although they didn't showcase their natural curls, the women's team blew the men's team away with close to $200,000 in donations.

Due to a tardy delivery van, they lost $35,000 for the team but ultimately the money was donated to Nikki Taylor's charity, The Red Cross.  Meanwhile, Star raised $170,000 for The American Heart Association and was the first successful project manager of the season.

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