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Michael Jackson Was Murdered Says Sister LaToya JacksonAnd The Donald Is Intimadating

The new season of The Celebrity Apprentice premieres tonight on NBC.  Co-anchor Matt Lauer on the Today Show had a personal interview with LaToya Jackson who is one of the cast members on the show.

LaToya discussed The Donald, her belief that her brother Michael was murdered and that Dr. Conrad Murray is the fall guy.  She also discussed her time on the new season of the reality apprentice show and hinted at a new tell-all book about the Jackson family.

Dealing With The Donald In The Boardroom

Introducing the  interview Matt said "LaToya found out that facing the Donald in The Boardroom can be a little intimadating." A clip was shown of LaToya with her team of female celebs talking to Donald Trump.

The clips showed Jackson saying "our team name is ASAP".   The Donald replied "and does that mean as soon as possible?"   Latoya explained "no, actually it doesn't."  Donald said "good" LaToya said "actually it means actors, singers, authors and performers with a purpose."  The camera captured Lisa Rinna making a face at LaToya and being corrected by one of her team members who said "it's artists not authors."

LaToya repeated herself and said ASAP stands for "it's artists, singers, actors." Another team member said "it's authors." The Jackson family singer said "authors, I'm sorry." She continued to try and said what ASAP meant while Lisa Rinna kept making faces.

Donald Trump said "that's okay." LaToya tried again "artists, singers, authors and performers with a purpose."  Star Jones said "professionals" and LaToya said "I keep forgetting professsionals". Donald said "that's okay, don't worry about it."

What Does ASAP Really Mean?

Matt asked "LaToya, what does ASAP mean?"  The new Celebrity Apprentice contestant said "oh that's so funny when I look at that (clip). It's hilarious.

She continued "ASAP means artists, singers, actors, and performers with a purpose, and professionals with a purpose.  It's so funny I named the team and then it was switched because I felt that we were all actors and it was switched to something quite differently and I had a mindset. Once I get a mindset that's it."

Matt asked "you don't seem like the type who's easily intimidated, but it is a little nerve-racking in the boardroom?"  LaToya said "you know what it was Matt?  It was our first day and that was our first time in the presence of Trump in the boardroom and wow, it came out and I was like 'ahhhh' and once I got nervous, nothing was computed at that point."

Current Celebrity Cast Members

Matt noted "let me go through some of the new cast members. Gary Debussy, David Cassidy, Lisa Rinna, Dionne Warwick, Meatloaf, Richard Hatch and you. I mean, there's a lot of opportunities for conflict in that group." He said "there's a lot of possible train wrecks."

Matt asked "did you know any of these people?" LaToya said "yes I did. I knew Dionne and I knew, there was two others that I knew a little bit just a little bit, not a lot. Yes it was an incredible cast as you saw."

Need For Sharp Elbows

Matt said "there's comradry, but there's also comes a time you have to roll up your sleeves and you have to have sharp elbows."  LaToya agreed "oh yeah." Matt asked "is that in your personality?"

LaToya replied "well yeah. When you have to have it. Yes absolutely. Absolutely. But you're against very strong personalities as you well know as we've mentioned the cast members. And you have to stand up to people. We're there for a purpose. Of course in that purpose was for us to pitch for our different charities."

Matt said "in some ways they strip everything away from you so that of the level playing field for you. Matt said "so what was it like for you to be actually selling pizza on the streets of Manhattan?"

LaToya said "oh my that was so different. And what I like about the show is that you're in a totally different element and setting that you're not used.You know I've been in show business all my life so working a regular job was kinda difficult and different. Yeah, but it was interesting and it was very exciting. To try to get people to buy pizza."

Matt put on his glasses and said "this is reality TV. OK. Let's talk about reality for a second. I want to get your reaction. We just got word yesterday that the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor who's facing involuntary mandatory manslaughter charges relating to the death of your brother, Michael, has been postponed. Are you looking forward to that trial?  LaToya answered "Absolutely. Absolutely."

LaToya Jackson Believes Her Brother Michael Was Murdered

Matt asked "why, what do you hope to learn?" LaToya said "well I want to know exactly what took place and what happened. And I just hope they're fair with everything. I think justice should definitely be served. And I will, truly I will always say this Matt, and I said it from day one, Dr. Murray was simply the fall guy. And I truly believe that."

Matt Lauer said "and you say that your brother was murder murdered?"

LaToya replied "yes yes he was." Matt asked "do you have any evidence? On what do you base that?" LaToya explained "I have reasons to say that and I wouldn't say it I didn't feel it wasn't true." Latoya added "and he also told me. So there you have it as well."

Dr. Conrad Murray Is The Fall Guy In A Bid Sideshow Cover-up

Matt asked "do you think any of that will come out in the trial? Or is this just more of a sideshow in your opinion?"

LaToya said "you know I'm kind of thinking that's exactly what it is. Actually that's what I say. You know, I say than it's not fair it's not right. They're just giving anything out there when they know the truth is right here.  It's almost like a magician. Showing you this hand and all the time the tricks are right here. And it's sad."

LaToya's Tell-All Book About Michael's Tortured Soul

Matt said "quickly in the time I have left. You've got a new book coming out in the Fall and according to the publisher this is going to be an explosive tell-all that will reveal the inner workings of the Jackson family and Michael's tortured soul. Is your family onboard with this book?"

Latoya said "this is very interesting that you tell me I have a book that's out." Matt said "coming out." LaToya laughed and said "that's coming out." Matt asked "no?" And Latoya smiled and said "that's very interesting and pointing her finger at Matt she said "that's the first I've heard."

Matt asked "do you have a book book coming out?" LaToya repeated the question "do I have a book coming out?" He said "if you don't know I don't know." She paused saying "I don't know, I'm not at liberty to say that."

Matt said "well that's hedging your bets." Matt said "that's all right will find out what happens later" and he shook LaToya's hand saying "LaToya it's nice to see you."

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