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Celebrity Hair Makeover: Channelling Kristin Cavallari


Kristin Cavallari

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In April 2007 Ken Paves and his stellar Paves Salon Beverly Hills team opened their doors to six lucky Celebrity Makeover winners who had been selected by Multi Media International (MMI) for the opportunity to transform into versions of their celebrity idols.

Makeover winner Heidi specifically wanted to be transformed into a version of blonde bombshell Kristin Cavallari. As part of her celebrity makeover process Heidi received an initial consultation for hair color and style with Team Paves at the Beverly Hills Salon.

The celebrity make-up artists with Benefit Cosmetics were also on hand along with the Multi Media (MMI) photographer to record Jessica's step-by-step transformation into a bona fide celebrity look-a-like.

Kristin Cavallari's Style

Kristin Cavallari is famous, well, for being famous. The blonde stunner shot to instant fame on the first and second seasons of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.

Following her reign of reality TV stardom, the beautiful wild child was photographed dancing on top of Cabo San Lucas bars and cutting loose on California beaches where she frolicked in the sun with her tousled tresses blowing in the wind. She also instantly nabbed tabloid front page coverage while dating Jessica Simpson's ex-husband, Nick Lachey.

Before Photo Heidi Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Kristen Cavallari Makeover April 2007

While most reality stars enjoy a few minutes of fame, Kristin has managed to launch an entire career including appearing on the cover of Seventeen Magazine, which is no small feat. She also won rave reviews for her sassy style.

No one will deny that Kristin Cavallari is sizzling hot with stunning hair and great fashion sense.

Celebrity Makeover Magic

The beauty of any makeover is the opportunity to completely change your look by employing dramatic hair color, cut and make-up options. Hair extensions, whether clip-in or snap on, are another tools which can be utilized for creating a major image transformation.

Makeover Model Heidi (shown to the side) wanted a completely new look. Selecting Kristin Cavallari's iconic California Girl look as her goal was definitely a great way to break out of her existing mold.

Getting Started Notes

Before her celebrity makeover, Heidi wore her finely textured reddish brown tresses off her face with an off-center part. Although Heidi's hair is very fine, it has a lot of density.

One of the biggest challenges with fine hair like Heidi's is infusing it with volume, movement and texture that holds.

During Photo Heidi Receiving Highlights at Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Kristen Cavallari Makeover April 2007

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Heidi's face shape is actually very similar to Kristin's and is a mixture of angles and shapes.

Although her jaws and cheeks are part of a classic square, her chin tapers to a point that normally is typical of a heart shape. The top of her face appears to be more oval. Heidi has beautiful eyes and gorgeous skin.


During Photo Heidi Receiving Highlights Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Kristen Cavallari Makeover April 2007

Celebrity hairdresser Nikki Lee (at Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon in California - (310) 499-7122) trimmed the perimeter of Heidi's hair to even the edges and give it shape.

She repositioned Heidi's previous off center part by creating a full side-swept fringe that extended from a short side part that directed the bangs fully across Heidi's forehead.

Nikki skillfully shaped and lightly layered the newly created frontal fringe to give it fullness and movement.

She made sure that all of Heidi's hair blended well.


During Photo Heidi Receiving Trim Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Kristen Cavallari Makeover April 2007

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Heidi was ready for a major color change which was required to take her from her current brunette to Kristin's California beach blonde.

Nikki started by creating heavy blonde highlights all over Heidi's head. She broke up her base all over to lighten significantly. She added a few more lighter pieces in front to brighten up the entire color. Her goal was to create a multi-dimensional blonde with interwoven strands of lighter and darker blonde to create movement.

Cranking up her natural glow, Nikki wove in a series of painstakingly placed honey gold based highlights and light caramel lowlights that added instant warmth and pizzazz. Heidi’s color instantly morphed to a golden version of Reese. A beige blonde was added in the front for definition and bright dazzle.

Heidi's bangs opened up her entire face.


Newly highlighted tresses like Heidi's require special TLC. To provide that special care as well as to maximize the beauty of Heidi’s gorgeous highlights and lowlights, Nikki washed Heidi's hair with a color enhancing shampoo that would protect as well as kick up the gorgeous new hues.

She coated Heidi’s freshly washed and towel dried strands with a light styling product but avoided using heavy styling products that might weigh down Heidi's fine tresses.

During Photo Heidi In Make-up Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Kristen Cavallari Makeover April 2007

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After letting her freshly washed tresses air dry for a few minutes to remove excess moisture, Nikki used a round roar's bristle brush and a blow dryer to dry Heidi's hair.

Separating Kelsey's hair into individual sections, she used the round brush to build in extra volume and body along the face and the crown including shaping and building lots of movement into the newly create side-swept fringe around the face.

She also directed the air flow of the dryer down the hair shaft to build in lots of natural shine.

Adding HairDo Hair Extension

Once Heidi's hair was completely dry Nikki worked around the perimeter from side to side with a straight iron to prep her hair for the addition of the clip-in extension hair piece.

She created a part in the back of Heidi's hair, just below the crown, which extended vertically from temple to temple . She twisted the bottom strands of the hair into a secure bun and pinned the bun against Heidi's scalp.

Nikki lightly backcombed strategically placed root sections of Heidi's hair and then applied Kerastase Double Force to help secure the clip-in extension firmly in place. She added the 10" synthetic clip-in extension from HairDo in Ginger Blonde which were designed by Ken Paves and Jessica Simpson.

Nikki specifically selected this HairDo option because the color was a great match and because the extension piece is short and straight, which worked perfectly with the ultimate Kristen Cavallari look that Heidi wished to emulate.

After the hair extension piece was clipped into Heidi's hair Nikki used her fingers to carefully smooth and arrange the final style. She used a flat iron along Heidi's fringe in the front to add sleekness.

During Photo Heidi Receiving HairDo Extensions Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Kristen Cavallari Makeover April 2007

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Note: The Synthetic HairDo™ Clip-in Extension Systems are available in a variety of color levels. These extensions have been specially processed so that they hold the gorgeous waves. The entire HairDo line is available at

All HairDo™ Clip-in Extension Systems consist of one multi-level, contoured piece that creates an easy, fashionable style without the hassle of working with several individual wefts. Affordable, lightweight and easy to attach, these virtually undetectable extensions can be put in and taken out in a matter of minutes.


Once Nikki was finished creating a masterpiece of style and color the celebrity makeup artist from Benefit Cosmetics applied a beautiful palette of hues to compliment Heidi's sensual new look.


After Photo Heidi Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon Kristen Cavallari Makeover April 2007

MMI Mags All Rights Reserved.

Heidi's hair was magically transformed from dull brunette to a shimmering sun-kissed blonde with lots of great highlights and lowlights for dimension and movement.

The combination of shimmering light hair color with perfect make-up turned on Heidi's natural glow, made her eyes pop and gave her that golden aura of California glamour girls.

Any hard core beach blonde, including Kristin, would be proud to wear Heidi's newly created hue.

Heidi's makeover visually demonstrates that a dramatic color change combined with a new fringe and part can completely change the final look.

Her makeover also demonstrates that any length or type of hair can be instantly transformed into long luscious strands with the help of clip-in extensions.

Call the world famous Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon at (310) 499-7122) for your own eye-popping, jaw-dropping transformation. Please tell Nikki and the rest of the Ken Paves team that Karen at and Cheryl at MultiMedia sent you

Story Credits

Styles: Nikki Lee for Ken Paves Beverly Hills Salon in Beverly Hills, California - (310) 499-7122) Editor: Cheryl Crosby - Multi Media International Makeup: Arianne Dubose And Benefit Cosmetics Team Photographer: Georgia Cobb Editorials: Karen Marie Shelton

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