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Best Paris Hilton Hairstyles


Image of Paris & Nicky Hilton 2005 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Regardless of your opinion of Paris Hilton, you probably would agree the heiress definitely offers an interesting array of contrasting hair style changes on an ongoing basis.

The reason the media doesn't always focus on Ms. Hilton's tresses is because there are always so many other Paris related scandals to write about.

Besides her constantly revolving door of male suitors, the socialite always seems to have some bad girl antics in her bag of tricks.

There was also her juicy sex tape scandal and Tinkerbell Gate where Paris' tiny sidekick canine was MIA for a few days.

Image of Paris Hilton Modified Twist Updo 01-17-05

All sorts of conspiracy theories were uncovered until it was revealed that the toy pooch was hanging out with Paris' grandparents.

If the missing pup and sex tapes weren't enough, there was all the gossip about whether or not an ex-beau roughed her up, her long standing grudge against Jessica Simpson and why her baby sis went brunette.

Was it because Nicky wanted to distance herself from a blonde Paris?

Sheesh, who has time to talk about Paris' hairstyles when all this other stuff is constantly hitting the wires?

Which leaves the hair defying deed to me since I am known for my strand obsessions.

Although great hair news is thin when it comes to the heiress, it appears that her own strands are dealing with their own losses.

A small report recently hit the news wire about the fact that due to heavy overindulgence in hair extensions, the blonde starlet's scalp was in serious revolt.

Image of Paris Hilton Paris Hilton Fragrance Launch Party 02-03-04

Never fear for Paris and her bleached blonde tresses. The natural brunette who has also confessed to having naturally curly hair, has the very best of the celebrity hair world on her speed dial or on her Sidekick.

There is no doubt world famous hairdressers, Laurent D and Frederic Fekkai are on call to help Paris overcome her challenged strands.

With all that said, I went back and researched a wide range of Paris Hilton appearances over the past five years

Modern Twist - Audrey Hepburn Updated

Image of Paris Hilton US Weekly Hot Young Hollywood Party 09-17-04

Even when there are rumors that Paris is having a "hair crisis" she still manages to work her hair into a stunning look.

I honestly don't think that I have seen Paris with the same exact hairstyle more than once.

Whether she changes it up with hair extensions, wigs, new hair color, different fringes, parts or hair accessories, she manages to always look different.

It's no secret the blonde heiress loves accessories of all kinds.

Not only has she been vocal about her love of LA's own Michelle Roy silk hair accessory flowers, she also loves to spice things up with a series of caps, bandeau bands, scarves and hats.

It is all a part of her personal style and she definitely marches to the beat of her own fashionista manifesto.

Image of Paris Hilton at funeral for Marilyn J. Hilton March 2004

While there is definitely a lot of hair extending going on with Paris, if you watch closely, you will see that she seems to prefer styles that are mainly down.

Yes, she will wear the occasional updo, but even then, they are contemporary versions of traditional twists.

She seems to thrive in styles that feature long lengths lavishly cascading down around her shoulders towards her knees.

In reality, I personally find Paris looks the most smashing when her hair looks more authentic, softer, natural and flowing.

The more her hair smacks of add-on hair, the less real she seems to be.


What's Paris' secret to scandalous, but versatile hair? Great hairdressers, great products and an in-your-face attitude.

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