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Best Blow Drying Tips


Best Blow Drying Tips

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I'm not a big fan of blow drying or hot hair styling because of the potential long term hair damage to delicate strands.   Not everyone feels the same way I do or has to worry about heat damage. Sometimes, especially if performed in moderation while using the best products and techniques, a blow-dry is a perfectly acceptable way to style hair at home.

A great blow out starts with the very best wet washing techniques, products and post-wash hair care.

Know your hair type, texture, current condition and styling goals. Address those issues appropriately to pave the way for the very best possible blow-dry at home.

It's very important to start with the very best hair styling products and tools which includes, but isn't limited to:

1. Best shampoo, conditioner and styling products for your hair type, texture and condition.

2. Depending upon your hair type, texture, condition and styling goals, your ideal blow dryer should offer a range of 1,800 - 2,000 wattage settings. 

When it comes to selecting blow dryers, it's about the motor and not about the wattage. Most people don't need major wattage or they may risk burning their hair.

What do ceramic, ionic, tourmaline features provide?

Ceramic dryers have been finely tuned to emit an infrared heat that is as non-damaging on the hair as possible.  Ions help charge the hair and provide a faster blow dry.

A hairdryer with tourmaline features, like ceramic dryers, emit infrared heat providing a more gentle heat source on the hair which results in a shiner and less frizzy overall hair finish.

Volumizing For Maximum Fullness

Blow dry hair by directing airflow up the hair shaft on the sides and in the back to create maximum volume.

Always allow hair to completely cool to let the desired style, shape, and body completely set.

Good hair looks good no matter what.

Creating Straight To Curly And From Curly To Straight

Getting hair straight and keeping it straight is important.

Use styling products, but don't overdo it.

Use shine serum with silicone sparingly.  Shine serum can be especially beneficial during in hot summer months to assist with keeping hair straight.  It's a great benefit for adding shimmer and shine.

From Straight To Very Curly Hair

Use a small round brush throughout the head. Wrap hair in self-adhesive rollers.

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If you wish to extend the life of your blow out, remember to sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase. Spot correct oiliness with a tiny dab of dry shampoo


To achieve the best blow drying experience at home it's important to be realistic. Of course, it's definitely possible to achieve near-salon results at home.  However, please keep in mind that blow-dry salon experts have lots of secret professional tips they utilize. Besides their blow-dry industry secrets, if they do a lot of daily blow-drying (or did before the 2020 Pandemic), they have some serious shoulder, upper arm, and wrist strength. Most non-hair professionals have no idea how much hard work it is to do lots of daily blow outs on clients. Never mind standing on your feet.  Practice really does make perfect.   If at first, you don’t achieve the hair blow-out of your dreams, be willing to practice, practice, practice.

If you have some snags and can’t seem to ever achieve your perfect at-home blow-dry, then ask your professional stylist or dry bar expert to share some of their tips for the very best results. If you’re a regular customer, chances are good they will spill some of their blow drying secrets.

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