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Should You Air Dry Your Hair Or Not?

Conair Collapsible Hood Hair DryerOne of the fastest ways to help heal damaged hair is to allow it to air dry rather than using hot blow dryers or other hot tools.  Air drying is especially beneficial for those with long hair, curly, wavy or kinky hair and hair that is chemically damaged.

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Some hair consumers can't go cold turkey from regular blow drying to just air drying.

Some need a slower transition.  How?  You can still blow dry but instead of using the highest heat setting, go with the slowest, lowest heat speeds.  Or switch to a long finger diffuser set on a low heat and speed.

Another transition option is to do a wet set where you roll your hair in pin curls, rags or other curlers and then sit under a hood or soft bonnet dryer to avoid blow frying your strands.   While it's best to eventually leave blow drying completely behind, if you can't do it all at once, make it an eventual goal.

Conair Hot Flat IronAnother issue is the seasons of the year.  Air drying is best during the warmer times of the year since going outside with a wet head of hair when weather is cold may lead to breakage.

Keep in mind if you regular use hot dryers, irons or curlers, your hair will benefit from a break.

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Excessive application of heat may leave hair dry, brittle and damaged.   Give your hair a break whenever you can and it makes sense.

Air Drying - What You Need To Know

Follow the tips below for a successful air drying experience:

1. Utilize hair products designed to benefit air drying instead of blow drying.

2. While still in the shower consider a cool/cold water final rinse to close cuticle, encourage shine and discourage frizz.

3. Use fingers while still in the shower to gently squeeze excess water from the ends.

4.  Blot, don't rub wet strands with an absorbent towel which can absorb excess moisture and speed up hair dry time. Rubbing wet hair can damage strands, cause frizz and lead to split ends.

5.  Apply cocktail of detangler, leave-in conditioner and any regular styling products for creating your favorite hairstyle.

6.  Detangle strands slowly working up from the ends to the roots utilizing a wide toothed comb or your fingers.

7.  If strands are too flat or tend towards frizz apply a volume enhancing product to roots, finger comb back off the face and hold it back with large flat clips which won't leave ridges as the hair dries.

If hair is long enough and you wish to add texture braid hair into a three or multiple strand braid.  After hair dries undo the braid and enjoy lots of waves.

8.  For a different look, wrap damp towel-blotted strands into a chignon and pin into place for lots of body.

9.  Match the styling products you utilize during air drying with your hair type (thin/fine, medium, thick), texture (straight, wavy, curly, kinky) and condition (average, dry, damaged).

For fine hair use mousses and lighter spray.  For curls and waves utilize styling creams, gels and pastes.  If you wish, you can mix and match products or experiment with different leave-in cocktails.

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Regardless of your hair type, texture and condition you need to be careful about frizz.  If your hair is easily prone to frizzing, be sure to apply a defrisant or mix into your leave-in cocktail.

Air drying offer several options.  It can give hair a rest from the assault of hot blow dryers and styling products.  It will allow you to play with different products and styling options while doing your part to save the Earth.

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