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Beautiful Short Bob: Jennifer Love Hewitt


Jennifer Love Hewitt Short Bob w/Side Fringe 4-26-06

Jennifer Love Hewitt was born in Waco, Texas on February 21, 1979. By the time she was three years old she was in the performing world. She hasn't stopped working since. In essence, the world has watched the vivacious star grow up. Her first big hit was Party Of Five in 1995. Recently her latest series, Ghost Whisperer has been in the top 10 and is considered a bona fide hit. Jennifer, whose friends call her "Love" has been popping up on the talk show circuit. I recently caught her on the Ellen Degeneres daytime talk show where she sweetly discussed her Ghost fans. Last night I caught her on Craig Ferguson where she discussed her acting roles as a child.

One of the most interesting things about Love is that her hair hue, length and style are constantly changing. For Ellen's show she was tressed in a below-the-shoulder chocolate brown wavy style. Her hair was a lighter mocha shade and curlier for Craig Ferguson. I was curious to find out if her latest media hair incarnation, a gorgeous short red hued bob, is her real hair or an add-on wig or extensions.

Robert Hallowell Provides Insight To Love's Style

After a few days of phone tag I caught up with Love's celebrity hairdresser, Robert Hallowell, who has worked with the gorgeous star (recently named in People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful For 2006) off and on for years.

Robert confirmed that "Jennifer's new short mahogany red bob is her own hair and not a wig". Although "it is a definite departure from her normal dark brunette strands", Robert said that "she looks spectacular and that it's a fabulous color and style for her face shape, body type and overall skin and eye tones".

Agreeing with Robert that Love looks absolutely stunning in her new short bob, I implored Robert to give me all the details. He expressed surprise that "she was willing to go with a shorter style that was not in the dark chocolate brown range".

Note: Jennifer was quoted on recently as saying that she "didn't much care for her new (hair) look because it didn't go with all of her clothes".

Achieve Jennifer's Rich Mahogany Hue

Jennifer Love Hewitt Long Chocolate Brown Hair 2-8-06

Robert mentioned that during the times that he had worked with Love's hair for various roles, "she expressed a desire to wear her hair two or more shades darker than her natural brunette hue". "Interesting that she went with the red hues" he mused. Then he pointed out that "the beautiful actress had another Garfield movie coming out". In fact, Garfield is set to open June 23 with the voice of Bill Murray and starring Jennifer. Breckin Meyer and Billy Connolly.

In order to "achieve the rich red infused hue on Jennifer's natural brunette tresses" Robert confirmed that involved a two step coloring process". First the "brunette shades would be lifted and then the deep rich mahogany red could be deposited". Although her hair seems to catch a variety of lights, Robert pointed out that she did not have highlights woven into the new hue and that it only appeared to be so due to the way the lights played off her newly colored tresses.

Steal Jennifer's Short Bob Style

Love's short bob, as Robert explained is not technically a "traditional bob" since it does not fall into the official definition of a traditional bob cut devised by Vidal Sassoon that is equal in length from part to end. Love's bob has a wide sweep of fringe hair that Robert believes "really flatters her face".

The cut, Robert commented "was performed with a shears and not a razor, which would probably rendered Love's medium textured hair too wispy on the ends". Robert pointed out that "razors should only be used on certain types of strong hair that is less likely to split or curl up from lack of weight."

Styling Tips

Jennifer Love Hewitt Short Bob w/Side Fringe 4-26-06

Robert has used his Prawduct line of all natural hair care products on Jennifer in the past when he coiffed her hair for various events. He confirmed that he would re-create her bob style by completing the steps listed below:

1. Shampoo with product that is designed for your hair's type, texture and current condition. Robert recommends his famous Shine Booster Shampoo, which he has used on Love in the past.

2. Rinse shampoo well and follow with an application of Shine Booster Conditioner.

3. Finish with a cool/cold clear water rinse to remove all remaining conditioner, to help close the cuticle and build in natural shine. 4. Towel blot excess water and then apply a few drops of Love That Shine Treatment Elixer working it into the tresses with fingertips.

Robert explained that the "Treatment Elixer is a high integrity product that works as both a great leave-in conditioner as well as adding great stylability".

5. After the Love That Shine Treatment Elixer has been worked into the damp hair with fingers, Robert recommends "adding a small dollop of his Flat Factor to the palms of the hands and then working into the hair on top of the Love That Shine Treatment Elixer".

He was very specific, which I asked, to point out "the two products should NOT be cocktailed together since it would weaken the integrity of each product". Robert explained he would "add the Flat Factor on top of the Love That Shine to give hair a rich glossy quality and get it perfectly straight so that the hair had bend and movement".

To achieve more optional volume along the crown area apply Robert's Super Volumizing Tonic to the area where fullness is desired.

6. Once the various styling products have been carefully and completely distributed from roots to ends use a long tail comb and create a deep side part and direct fringe hair over to one side. The hair should extend deep fro the part up to the top of one eye. Blow dry fringe area completely flat to avoid development of wrinkles or hair creases.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Short Bob w/Side Fringe 4-26-06

7. Once the fringe is completely dry, work on the rest of the hair. Select a wide boar's bristle paddle brush (for more coverage and to dry hair faster) combined with a blow dryer. Robert suggests "using the head like a roller directing hair back and forth with the brush and blow dryer to build in body, movement and remove all remaining moisture". 8. After the strands are completely dry use a medium sized flat iron on just the top 1/4" section of the hair surrounding the part to add spectacular sheen and swing.

Robert explained that "using a flat iron on isolated sections adjacent to the part gives hair lots of nice movement and flow. It also prevents the development of pesky fly-a-ways".

9. For extra height around the back and crown, Robert recommends "separating hair into 1- 1 1/2" sections and back comb. Smooth hair and finish with a spritz of Love That Shine Spray."


There is no question why Jennifer Love Hewitt was selected as one of People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People for 2006. Not only is Love a gorgeous and talented performer, she has a stunning new short hair bob with a sassy hue.

The Texas born and bred actress is also known for her big heart, kind soul and thoughtfulness. Watch for her acting career to continue to soar as she prepares for the release of Garfield and a second season of the award winning Ghost Whisperer.

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