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Bangs: Best Celeb Bangs Of 2007


Kaley Cuoco Big Bang Theory CBS 2007

2007 was a big year for bangs. CBS unveiled a fabulously funny new comedy - The Big Bang Theory - starring the side-swept bang coiffed Kaley Cuoco and Katie Holmes stole headlines with her latest blunt cut fringe after years of being bang free.

While Kaley and Katie both rocked their respective bang styels, they weren't the only celebrities over the past year winning raves for the hot new hair trend.

Looking back over the past twelve months I uncovered several celebrities with gorgeous bang enhanced hairstyles who deserve honorable mention for their stunning style.

Salma Hayek's Long Blunt Bangs

Salma Hayak 79th Annual Academy Awards Nominations Press Conference 01-23-07

It was a big year for actress Salma Hayek in so many ways. Besides having her glossy black tresses cut into a classic blunt fringe which perfectly curtained her forehead, the Latin star got engaged, gave birth to her first child and watched TV's Ugly Betty, her creation, win a long list of prestigious awards.

At the 79th Annual Academy Awards Nominations Press Conference where Salma was thrilled to announce the nomination of her best friend, actress Penelope Cruz, she partnered a sassy ponytail hairstyle with her shimmering blunt cut bangs.

The ends of Salma's classic blunt cut bangs softly cascaded down over her eyebrows and nestled into the top of her eye hollows. Besides creating a very striking look for her combo oval and heart shaped face, the bangs made the beautiful star's eyes pop and drew attention to her lush lips.

Even though Salma looked spectacular with her blunt bangs in January, they had grown completely out by the Summer.

Hilary Swank's In-Your-Eye Bangs

Hilary Swank Los Angeles Premiere of "Freedom Writers" 01-04-07

Dual Academy Award winning actress Hilary Swank appeared at the Los Angeles Premiere of "Freedom Writers" in January of 2007 with her brunette tresses cut into blunt bangs which were actually very similar in style to Salma's blunt bang style.

Like Salma, Hilary's bangs flowed down over her eyebrows to the tips of her eyelashes, complementing her big brown eyes.

2007 was a big hair making year for Hils who appeared on Oprah Winfrey in October to have several inches of her hair chopped off by the talk show queen for charity.

Before her news breaking haircut Hilary gave several interviews discussing her use of vitamins to help her hair grow faster and longer in preparation of her Oprah appearance.

Do hair vitamins really help hair grow? According to Hils who discussed her vitamin regime in media chats, they definitely helped her quest for longer tresses.

After the big chop on Oprah the celebrated actress wore her newly shorn hair sans bangs.

Rosario Dawson's Blunt Baby Bangs

Rosario Dawson "300 Los Angeles Premiere" 03-05-07

Actress Rosario Dawson is a hair enigma who embraced a version of blunt cut bangs-with-a-twist at the Los Angeles Premiere of 300 in early March of 2007.

Rosario's above-the-eyebrow bangs appear to have slightly notched edges which results in an above-the-eyebrow uneven perimeter.

Her bangs have the appearance of being styled to splay or fan out across her forehead. Whether you love them or hate them, there is no question the actress has adopted a dramatic, eye catching look.

Did Rosario's bangs quality for categorization as bona fide baby bangs? Some hair critics would say the bangs were a little too long to be considered classic baby length. Others might agree the length was short enough to qualify.

Regardless of the definition of her bangs, there is no denying the final results were dramatic and jaw dropping.

Rosario combined her bold bangs in front with a soft messy twist in back. The sides of her hair will pulled back and pinned up, directing all attention the the bangs in front.

Sandra Bullock's Bangs On The Side

Sandra Bullock World Premiere of "Premonition" 03-12-07

Actress Sandra Bullock who starred in the 2006 time bending Lake House took another turn back into time with her starring role in Premonition. The 2006 sleek bob Sandra wore for the Lake House Premiere has grown out and been replaced with longer, softer tresses.

The only remains of her 2006 bob hairstyle for 2007 was her side swept bangs which flowed from a deep side part and were captured by a gorgeous thin headband.


Blunt bangs are usually very flattering for face shapes like some heart shaped and inverted triangular face shapes that feature wide or full foreheads.

Blunt cut fringes will help to balance a large forehead and soften facial features including a pointy or prominent chin.

While blunt bangs will usually work with oval face shapes, they may need to be modified to flatter square or round face shapes.

In the original article I wrote about Bangs in 1997 - Hair Bangs - Types & Face Shapes I defined choppy bangs as:

Hair Bangs - Types & Face Shapes - Usually worn as a modified version of blunt bangs, these bangs are often cut with a scissors and then texturized for a choppy look. Choppy can also be translated to mean uneven.

Kirsten Dunst ShoWest 2007 Awards Ceremony 03-15-07

Choppy bangs provide increased depth to the facial features. Depending on how they are worn, choppy bangs can create a variety of looks from edgy and fun to formal and dramatic. They can be worn at a variety of lengths from very short to very long.

The length of choppy bangs can be varied. Choppy bangs can range from very short to long in the same bang cut as shown by actress Christina Ricci at the October 2007 Gala Opening of MURAKAMI (shown to the side and below).

Since I first wrote the Hair Bangs - Types & Face Shapes article I have been studying all types of bangs and have made some new discoveries about my original choppy bangs definition. I have also been paying close attention to various celebrities in hopes of finding a Choppy Bang Celeb Icon.

Jessica Alba 2007/2008 Chanel Cruise Show Presented by Karl Lagerfeld 05-18-07

Mena Suvari H.E.L.P. Malawi Foundation Launch Party 04-19-07

Choppy bangs can be crafted with scissors, shears or even a razor. When choppy bangs are cut with a scissors, deep V shaped notches are randomly cut along the edge of the bangs to create the piecey choppy look.

One thing I have learned about choppy bangs is that there is no right or wrong way to create them. Depending on the type, texture, and condition of the hair being cut into choppy bangs some hairdressers feel more comfortable with scissors or shears.

Some hairdressers who feel comfortable using a razor can create spectacular choppy bangs by randomly razoring across the bang edge.

There are some advantages and disadvantages to using a razor to create choppy bangs which include the following:

Advantages Of Choppy Bangs Cut With A Razor:

1. A razor, when handled properly by the stylist, can create uniquely edgy chopped up bangs. A good razor bang cut with the correct styling products can be transformed into divine pieceyness. 2. Choppy bangs work with either sleek hairstyles like Christina Ricci's sleek bob (shown above) or with choppy haircuts. Using a razor to either contrast sleekness or complement choppiness can create a choppy bang that has great lines and flow.

Disadvantages of Choppy Bangs Cut With A Razor:

1. Razor cuts may tend to fracture or damage the delicate bang strands. When razor damage occurs the bangs may be too thin on the ends, become frizzy or dry and harder to manage. 2. Razored bangs created by unskilled hair cutters can be hard to control and may result in over choppiness or uneven lengths.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon AVON Introduces Reese Witherspoon As The AVON Global Ambassador 08-01-07

Christina Ricci has been wearing a version of her current chin length bob off and on for several years. She partnered various bob styles with a wide range of different bangs ranging from side-swept to faux bangs or no bangs at all.

In 2005 Christina started to wear her hair in a version of blunt bangs cut to be choppy. The choppy bangs looked amazing on the actress and in my humble opinion it was her best hairstyle look yet. The choppy bangs create an overall softening, make her gorgeous eyes pop and showcases her luminous skin. The choppy bangs also draw attention to her lips.

Christina must have agreed because she continued to wear the choppy bangs from 2005 up until the current time.

As of late October of 2007 at the Gala Opening of MURAKAMI Christina was wearing a sizzling hot chin length bob with choppy bangs brush slightly to one side. Her dark brown hair has been highlighted with tiny ribbons of lighter caramel which makes the bangs pop.

January Jones 2007 GQ Men Of The Year Celebration 12-05-07

At the Into The Wild Premiere Christina had fuller bangs worn covering her forehead.

If you look closely you can see the choppy edges. She also has a series of partings interspersed across the bang area which provide a dramatic look.

Choppy Style Bang Facts

An important fact to remember when considering choppy bangs is to keep in mind how choppy varies in the minds of many hairdressers. Some hairdressers may define choppy as radically texturized while others may consider choppy to be similar to the bang style worn by Christina in this article.

Since the creation of choppy bangs can be a subjective matter, it's very important when requesting choppy bangs to take several photographs of bang hairstyles you would like to have re-created on your own hair.

Choppy bangs, especially if they are cut into an asymmetrical pattern may require frequent trims to maintain the style over an extended period of time.

Types Of Hair Compatible With Choppy Bangs

Keira Knightley Los Angeles Premiere of "Atonement" 12-06-07

Choppy bangs can be stunning when combined with any type of hair length from super short to super long and somewhere in-between. Long eyebrow skimming bangs work best on hair that is naturally straight due to the fact that tresses with any type of bend, wavy or curl will be more difficult to style.

Depending on the natural type, thin, medium or thick, long eyebrow bangs can be worn thin and wispy or very thick with lots of volume.

Choppy bangs can be cur straight across from side to side or it optionally can be cut in a way that the bangs angle down from the end of the eyebrows down towards the ears to create a triangular effect.

Highlighted Choppy Bangs

If the goal of choppy bangs is to punch up the eyes, carefully applied ribbons of highlights and lowlights intertwined throughout the bangs can have a spectacular effect.

Elisha Cuthbert 2007 GQ "Men Of The Year" Celebration 12-05-07

If the highlights and/or lowlights are added to thin, fine hair worn in choppy bangs, there is an added benefit of instant plumpness and volume.

Choppy Bang Styling Options

Choppy bangs can be styled so that they are worn down in a straight or jagged line extending across the forehead. Sometimes choppy bangs are worn swept to one side with the bulk of the bangs draped over one eye Veronica Lake style.

How To Style

Depending on the desired result, choppy bangs can be style with a blow dryer and fingers used to ruffle and tousle the bangs into a messy bed-head style.

Eve 2007 GQ "Men Of The Year" Celebration 12-05-07

Choppy bangs can be air-dried or to achieve a sleekly finished style, they can be blow dried straight using either a round, straight or vented Boar's bristle brush.

Applying a shine product such as a shine serum or shine spray can add a beautiful shimmer. It should be cautioned that the use of too many shine products may cause bangs to get oily or too slick.

Minka Kelly 2007 GQ "Men of The Year Celebration 12-05-07

For an alternative choppy bang style use a small barrel flat iron and run it quickly through alternate strands. This will create a sleeker finish like Christina's at the William Rast Collection Debut (see image below and above).


Usually worn as a modified version of blunt bangs, these bangs are often cut with a scissors and then texturized for a choppy look. Choppy can also be translated to mean uneven.

Choppy bangs provide increased depth to the facial features. Depending on how they are worn, choppy bangs can create a variety of looks from edgy and fun to formal and dramatic. The length of choppy bangs can be varied. Choppy bangs can range from very short to long.

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