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Audrey Tautou - Dark Haired Actress On The Rise


Audrey Tautou - 11-10-04

Audrey Tautou had her first acting role in Coeur de cible in 1996 on French TV. The dark eyed, raven haired French beauty was born on August 9th, 1978 in Beaumont, France.

Although she is relatively unknown to American audiences, she has already won some impressive acting awards (the Cesar - French Oscar) in her native country. She played a hairdresser in Tonie Marshall's Venus Beauty Institute which result in her first acting award.

She is currently wowing audiences in Australia in the film He Loves Me - He Loves Me Not. Audrey provides a charming portrayal of Angelique a waiflike art student in love with a married man who has a pregnant wife. Of course you know, just from that little description that no good can come for Angelique.

Audrey has been making lots of headlines in the United States as of late. She filmed The Da Vinci Code with Tom Hanks. The movie is based on the hit novel by Dan Brown and is being produced and directed by award winning Ron Howard.

Many of Audrey's overseas fans are predicting that her star will rise quickly once the Da Vinci Code film is released to the viewing public in May of 2006. How could she remain anonymous starring with the beloved Tom Hanks? It would be hard to accomplish. Whether her acting is spectacular or dismal, she will definitely be in many spotlights as the film roles out into theaters.

Best Known For Amlie

Audrey Tautou - 2001 - All rights reserved.

Best known for her Internationally released non-English film role in 2001's quirky French romantic comedy Amlie, Audrey made a big splash for her work in that film which was nominated for five Academy awards. The film which was known for its creative use of computer-generated imagery was nominated or won awards from every major film association. It also was a huge financial success generating over $33 million dollars.

After her buzz in Amlie she got more attention with her 2004 role in A Very Long Engagement which was a dramatic thriller.

In Amlie Audrey had a very short choppy bizarre bob with slightly off-center uneven baby bangs that was prim and rather odd. Quite a departure from her God given tresses which are thick with lots of waves and natural curls.

She was charming though, even with her strange haircut. She had an impish grin and huge dark eyes.

Ironically after the popular release of the film in the United States, a small Rachel-sized hair trend blossomed with new interest in layered bobs with bangs being requested more frequently with reference to Tautou's look in Amlie.

The Da Vinci Code Hair & Makeup Trailer

For her role in Da Vinci Audrey's naturally thick and wavy hair is worn sleek and smooth in a shoulder skimming side swept bob that perfectly fits her character.

Although Audrey is an award winning actress, reports from the Da Vinci set indicated that she was personally in awe of Tom Hanks. has quoted Audrey as saying "While I was being made up and sat there next to Tom (in the hair and makeup trailers), I laughed nervously. I really felt as if this was a joke - it didn't seem reasonable to be part of my life. I felt kind of our of place next to these people. It did awhile until I wasn't impressed any more."


Audrey Tautou is charming and beautiful. She already enjoys some fame for her choppy bizarre bob that she wore in Amlie. Now the latest French import is starring in The Da Vinci code. Only time will tell if her newest hairstyle will set off a hot new hair trend. Regardless of how her tresses perform, expect great things of this talented French actress.

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