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Aubrey Organics: Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo & Conditioner


Recently the Hair Boutique presented a guest article from one of our regular Hair Talk and Hair Politics visitors, Jade 21. As I was posting the review in the Tips & Articles section I was reading every word that Jade had to say about her experiences with this all natural hair care line.

It got me to thinking seriously about trying the products. I made a mental note to check out Aubrey Organics in more detail the next time I had some extra time.

Anyone who knows me understands that time is one of my biggest shortages. I always tend to be doing about 100 things at once so I never got around to checking out the Aubrey Organics.

Then a few weeks ago when I was racing through the Dallas Whole Foods market I spotted the Aubrey hair care products out of the corner of my eye.

I stopped and looked at all the products that were available. My first thought was to try the products that Jade 21 had tested and liked the best. I looked at the J.A.Y. shampoo, along with the Jojoba and Aloe Hair Rejuvenator and Conditioner (the richest conditioner) or the GPB (glycogen protein balancer) conditioner. The JAY seemed perfect for my very dry hair (resulting from my quarterly highlights).

While the JAY seemed good, I was more attracted to the Honeysuckle Rose (maybe because I love Honeysuckle flowers). Jade 21 mentioned that she had tried this product but preferred the other products like the JAY over the Honeysuckle Rose.

I found that the Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo and Conditioner had ingredients that I knew from personal history worked well on my hair. I also liked the fact that the product had rosemary oil which always works well on my hair.

I decided to buy the shampoo and conditioner and give it a try. I have to admit that I was a little nervous because in the past I have had some disastrous results while "testing hair care products". Most recently I tested two different long hair products and my hair was a mess for days afterwards.

Testing The Product

I substituted the Honeysuckle Rose shampoo and conditioner for my normal ARTec Smoothing shampoo and conditioner.

The bottles are nothing fancy. They are attractive but, in my opinion, designed for functionality rather than chic marketing appeal. That was fine with me since I was most interested in the ingredients and how they would affect my hair.

I poured the Honeysuckle Rose shampoo into the palm of my hand and AOShampoo.jpg (3581 bytes) applied it to my hair. Hmmmmm. Very little lather.

Well that made a lot of sense since the product is all natural and does not include the normal chemicals that facilitate the formation of suds.

Sodium Laurly sulfate (SLS) is not used in any of the Aubrey products. SLS is one of the primary ingredients that is used to create lather or suds in shampoo.

It is also a hotly debated ingredient as many, in the know, believe that it may be a chemical that has cancer causing properties.

The shampoo rinsed out okay. I was somewhat nervous because the lather was missing and I was worried that the shampoo would leave a film on my hair. It was great. No film, no oils, just clean hair.

I then opened the Honeysuckle Rose 749985043519.jpg (3477 bytes) conditioner and I loved the aroma. I also liked the consistency of the conditioner. It had a very creamy white essence. The instructions tell you to leave the Honeysuckle Conditioner on your ends for about 2 minutes. Especially if you have damaged hair. I swear that I could actually feel it working on my hair. OK, I know that sounds a little crazy, but I could feel my hair softening as I worked the conditioner through my ends.

I was really thrilled with the honeysuckle aroma. I was definitely impressed with my first experience with both the shampoo and the conditioner. I finished with my standard cold water rinse and then towel blotted my hair.

Next thing I picked out my hair, wrapped it up and stuck a RareGems Zuni Bear hairstick (RG) in it. This is my normal daily routine with my newly washed hair. The hairsticks let my hair air dry in a balanced fashion. So I use one just about every day to let my hair dry naturally.

Two hours later I took the RG chopstick out of my hair and was amazed how soft and shiny my hair was. That night at dinner two of my friends asked me what I had done differently to my hair. They both commented that my hair looked so soft and shiny.

Second Day

The second day of my test I woke up and my hair still felt good. So I decided not to shampoo or condition. Normally if I do not shampoo and condition every day my hair gets very dry by the end of the day and feels yucky.

I was shocked to discover that my hair looked great all day the second day. I got even more compliments the second day about the shine of my hair.

The third day I used the Honeysuckle Shampoo and Conditioner and I noticed a sort of cumulative results. My hair felt even softer and shinier and very few tangles.

Two Weeks Later

I am continuing to use the Honeysuckle Shampoo and Conditioner as my regular shampoo. I have found that I can consistently skip one day between shampoos and my hair does great. I love the fact that i can save time with eliminating the need to shampoo every single day like I used to.

My hair is getting softer and shinier by the week. I am very impressed.

I have experimented a little with mixing and matching the Honeysuckle with ARTec and Aveda products and I have found the Honeysuckle products work the very best when used together. The results are better as well.

I do not recommend mixing and matching. It also seems to defeat the purpose for anyone that is trying to go 100% organic.

I have also noticed that my hair seems to be growing more. I have to add that I am taking H37 hair vitamins and that may be the difference but I know that the Honeysuckle has several ingredients designed to help hair grow faster. Certainly the ingredients will make your hair healthier.

All Natural Ingredients

In 1994, Aubrey Organics was certified as an organic processor by Quality Assurance International of San Diego, California. It is the first hair and skin care products manufacturer to be certified organic.

Aubrey Organics is probably the only truly natural company. This means absolutely no chemicals and no form of animal testing.

Aubrey Organics has a strict policy of providing complete disclosure of all their ingredients on their labels. They also encourage customers to ask questions. The company has been in business for over thirty years and stands behind its products. Moreover, the hair (and skin) care products are not directed at any particular racial or ethnic group.

Ingredients - Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo

Water, coconut oil soap, wheat protein, Aubrey's blend of the following herbals: chrysanthemum, angelica, rosa mosqueta rose hip seed oil, honeysuckle oil, forsythia fruit, magnolia blossoms, camomile oil, horsetail, coltsfoot, ginkgo leaf, ginseng root, rosemary oil and sage oil. Preserved naturally with citrus seed extract and vitamins A, C, & E. No synthetics of any kind. Not tested on animals.

Ingredients - Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner

Into a blend of Aubrey's Coconut Fatty Acid Base the following herbals have been compounded: chrysanthemum, angelica, rosa mosqueta rose hip seed oil, honeysuckle oil, horsetail, coltsfoot, ginkgo leaf, ginseng root, rosemary oil and sage oil. Preserved with citrus seed extract and vitamins A, C and E. No synthetics of any kind. Not tested on animals.

Where To Buy Aubrey Organics

You can find Aubrey’s products at Whole Foods Market either on the Net or at their many stores. Most larger health food stores carry the Aubrey Organics line. So do some of the herbal mail order companies like The Vitamin Shoppe. The Vitamin Shoppe (according to Jade 21) carries most of Aubrey’s hair care products and offers discounts of 20-40% off the suggested retail prices.

You can also order directly from the Aubrey Organics company in Tampa, Florida via mail (4419 N. Manhattan Ave., Tampa, FL 33614), phone (1-800 AUBREY H) or the website.

The products are very effective. It seems that from my experience, the longer you use the products, the greater the results. I guess time will give me even more indication of my experience.


I have continued to use the product for close to two weeks and I can not express my amazement and happiness at finding another great shampoo and conditioner that works well for my hair type. I am even more thankful to discover that the product is 100% all natural. So I feel like I am giving my hair a major treat.

Will I abandon my ARTec and Aveda? I can't say for sure. Only time will tell. Usually if I remain happy with a test product for more than one week it becomes one of my "permanent" products. I can guarantee you that the Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Shampoo and Conditioner have won a place on my shower shelf.

Like Jade 21 I would definitely encourage anyone with damaged, dry, brittle or poorly growing hair to try the products. I think you will see a big change in your hair. Even if your hair is in great shape, I think you would enjoy the all natural purity of these products.

I also know that the Aubrey Organic products are full of great "hair growing" herbs as well.

Thank you Jade 21 for opening my eyes to a great product. My hair loves you!

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