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AstroStyle: Short Hair By The Stars


Whether you are contemplating a new chop or a redesign of your current short hairstyle you may be undecided if your are on the right hair track.

While I am the first to advocate that everyone take their time before making a big hairstyle change, I also believe that each sign of the zodiac has their own sense of style. So while you are trying to decide whether to go short, consider the influence of your sun sign as you contemplate how you might feel about short hair.

Aries March 21 - April 19 You love to be a pioneer in everything you do. You are ruled by Mars, the fire planet. You like radical short edgy cuts and styles that are fast, flashy and hot. You set trends and turn heads.

Just like Reba McEntire, you want to set trends with superbly designed and executed cuts like Reba's beautifully designed current shaggy chop.

(Pictured: Reba McEntire as Reba - The WB/Andrew Eccles - Photo 2003 - All rights reserved).

You want sizzling styles that call attention to your magnificent eyes and radiant smile and will get-you noticed sparks from that hottie at work.

Red shades are often one of your best colors. Embrace ruby hues and add flaming highlights to any style you select.

Famous Aries celebrities include:

Reba McEntire - Singer/Reba on WB Megyn Price - WB - Grounded For Life Sarah Jessica Parker - HBO - Sex In The City Kate Hudson - Movie actress - Almost Famous

Taurus April 20 - May 20 You are the essence of femininity, earthiness and sensuality. While you would enjoy the simplicity of a short style, you want one that allows your to express your sexy side and enhances your natural beauty.

(Pictured: Carmen Electra at Operation Smiles - 2003 - WireImage - Mark Sullivan - all rights reserved - courtesy MultiMedia International).

The very beautiful Taurean actress, Carmen Electra is known for her ultra sensual hair that is worn in a cascade of short choppy lengths that offset her famous face and spectacular eyes.

Bullish babes can take a tip from Carmen and consider a flirty medium to short bob with full sensuous bangs. Indulge your love of sultry styles that highlight your best features.

Famous Taurus celebrities include:

Carmen Electra Penelope Cruz Michelle Pfeiffer

Gemini May 21 - June 22 Gemini Friends beauty, Courtney Cox Arquette has the classic Gemini approach to her tresses.

During the run of the Friends TV series Courtney has banished all potential hair boredom with a range of styles that included her initial exotic short chop worn during the early seasons, to her current longer trends.

(Picture of Courtney Cox from Friends - all rights reserved).

Courtney has selected a variety of styles from short to long that have morphed into a variety of revolving hairstyles.

A true Gemini loves to keep people guessing with a revolving set of short hair trends. You tend to be impulsive and may decide to chop their locks in a moment's notice. You are constantly changing your lengths or mixing and matching different lengths within your existing cut.

Since Geminis hate details, a messy shag or heavily layered bob with choppy bangs would be a good option.

Famous Gemini celebrities include:

Nicole Kidman Courtney Cox Arquette

Cancer June 23 - July 24

Cancers ooze sensuality and like fellow Cancerian Jessica Simpson, can look unbelievably fabulous in a range of short styles that covers the spectrum from femme fatale to sophisticated lady.

(Picture of Jessica Simpson 2003 AMA Awards - all rights reserved).

Although Cancers love to feel relaxed and at ease, they also can be moody and whimsical and will wear their hair to reflect their current feelings.

Cancers can get attached to their hairdressers, often treating them like part of their family that they cherish and spoil with their love and total devotion.

Many Cancers love peek-a-boo hairstyles that flow and move like a silken drape of hair. A medium to short shaggy do with eye skimming or long draped bangs would allow a shy Cancer lady to curl up in your own locks yet add strong steaminess to expressive eyes, gorgeous cheekbones and kewpie doll lips.

Famous Cancer celebrities include:

Jessica Simpson Hilary Ann Duff Liv Tyler

Leo July 22 - August 22 Elegant, sexy styles, that are trendsetting and head turning are a must for beautiful Leos like the stunning Allison Mack of The WB's Smallville.

(Pictured: Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan on WB's Smallville - Photo Credit: The WB/Timothy White).

A true lioness at heart Leos are known for their glorious manes. When selecting a shorter style, a female lion will most likely adore a short flirtatious mane that absolutely glows and gives a feeling of vibrancy.

A choppy bob with lots of texture and movement would offer you elegance, total chic and a style that can be immaculately groomed. Since you love to dress up for any occasion, a flexible short style that can be glammed up and is guaranteed to stop traffic would be ideal. Famous Leo celebrities include:

JLo Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan on WB's Smallville Kim Cattrall - HBO's Sex & The City

Virgo August 23 - September 21 Clean lines, pristine and healthy looking are some of your hair priorities. You like sleek and sensual rather than a overly frilly style.

Like the Charmed Virgo, Rose McGowan, you are drawn to classic styles with beautiful curves, sizzling texture and flexible texture that can be classed up or punked down.

You have a good eye for hair value and will choose a short style that is always in good taste. You won't hesitate mixing and matching different looks within one basic hairstyle. You will combine sleek with choppy and shaggy with wavy.

(Pictured: Rose McGowan as Paige Matthews- Credit: The WB/Andrew Macpherson)

Famous Virgo Celebrities include:

Rose McGowan - Charmed Holly Robinson Peete - Like Family

Libra September 22 - October 22 You love looks that are pretty yet powerful. Yet you understand the importance of showing off your gorgeous skin, face, eyes and lips.

You would never get caught dead with an ugly style since beauty is your middle name and Libra's signature profile.

(Image of Faith Hill from 2003 AMA Awards - all rights reserved).

Like singing sensation Faith Hill, you will gravitate towards short styles that are beautiful and provide a sensual softness and graceful elegance.

You have a natural attraction to more romantic styles that have gentle waves, curls or movement. You would love the luxury of a short bob or chop that cascades into soft waves or curls. A short choppy shag that drapes seductively across your forehead and cheeks would be another Libran hairstyle winner.

Famous Libra celebrities include:

Faith Hill Ashlee Simpson Hilary Ann Duff

Scorpio October 23 - November 21

Extremely private, you are full of deep dark secrets. Seductive and sophisticated you exude a certain something that acts like a powerful magnet drawing people closer. You do slink and steamy better than any other sign. You are full of raw sex appeal.

(Photo of Marg Helgenberger on CSI - Photo: Robert Voets/CBS 2003 CBS Worldwide Inc).

What you see is not necessarily what you get with a Scorpio.

Although you are the true femme fatales of the Zodiac, you may operate slightly below the radar. Ruled by Pluto, the planet of transformation, you constantly reinvent yourself through your hairstyles and hair colors while transcending to new realms of attunement.

Like Scorpio actress Marg Helgenberger, you look fabulous in short seductive styles that blend exotic with a subtle element of mystery. Vibrant highlights, especially in the red family impart a gutsy image to any short style.

Famous Scorpio celebrities include:

Julia Roberts Courtney Thorne-Smith Marg Helgenberger - CBS - CSI

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21

Just like Alyssa Milano's impulsive super short chop to her previously longer locks, Sagittarians love to do things without any warning. They love surprises and instant changes to their hair, makeup and fashion.

(Pictured: Alyssa Milano as Phoebe Halliwell Photo Credit: The WB/Timothy White -

Famous Sagittarian celebrities include:

Alyssa Milano Britney Spears Christina Aguilera

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

Hidden underneath your cool exterior is an earthy and very sensual person who enjoys feeling feminine. You tell it like it is in your no-nonsense manner.

You want to leave a lasting impression but also want to look crisp, neat and appropriately professional like famous Capricorn, Katie Couric. You hate styles that are high maintenance or border on the frou-frou.

You look for short styles that are wash and wear classics like the basic bob or a more conservative shag that will endure for a long time. Although you value quality and elegance, you also rejoice over a good deal. If you find a talented hairdresser that is affordable and can craft good cuts, you will be in hair heaven.

Famous Capricorn celebrities include:

Katie Couric Diane Sawyer Ellen DeGeneres Aquarius January 20 - February 17

Your constant need to be racy and unconventional will often manifest in your selection of short hairstyles that combine a fresh casual look with some sort of original twist.

You might wear your hair in a longer up-to-date bob but add unusual textures ranging from punky curls and retro wave like Beverly Mitchell of 7th Heaven, to tiny braided pieces.

Your selection of highlights and hues are inventive and inspiring. You are a trendsetter.

If your profession requires a more buttoned down style, you will unleash your rebelliousness off-duty with wild wigs ala Dolly Parton, add-on hair pieces or imaginative headgear.

Your hairstyle often reflects your charismatic, original and progressive personality.

Famous Aquarian celebrities include:

Beverly Mitchell - 7th Heaven Oprah Winfrey Dolly Parton

Pisces February 18 - March 18

You are equal parts alluring, mysterious, fluid and wildly changeable. Flexibility is your middle name.

Your extremely sensitive feelings and fluctuating moods have major impact over how you wear your hair, whether you select a classic one length bob or a super choppy hybrid style.

(Pictured: Margo Harshman as Brooke in Run Of The House - Photo Credit: The WB/Byron Cohen.)

Famous Piscean actress Sharon Stone became famous for whimsically chopping off her own longish golden locks at home emerging with a super short spiky pixie.

Like Pisces Margo Harshmen, you love short styles that are glam yet practical wears, alluring yet easy to maintain. Look and feel are most important and you pay little attention to cost or workmanship. You march to the beat of your own hair drummer avoiding hot trends like the plague.

(Pictured: Margo Harshman as Brooke in Run Of The House - Photo Credit: The WB/Byron Cohen.)

Famous Pisces celebrities include:

Sharon Stone Kristin Davis - HBO - Sex & The City Margo Harshman - WB - Run Of The House


When in doubt about the best short style for you, although astrological influences can be considered, whenever possible also evaluate your facial shape, your lifestyle and your hair's texture and type. For additional help in selecting a flattering short cut consult with your favorite hair care professional. Be willing to consider all the options and keep your eye on current trends so you can have a look that not only works with your facial features and lifestyle but current hair trends and fashions.

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