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Ashlee Simpson's Hairstyles & Haircolor History


Ashlee Simpson Wearing a long side-swept straight ponytail with champagne blonde highlights The Hot Chick Premiere 12-02-02

Back in June of 2004 I wrote an article about Ashlee Simpson's ever changing hairstyles with the appropriate title of Ashlee Simpson's Hair - Light & Dark.

At the time the former blonde and all American teen-ager, who played Cecilia on 7th Heaven, had gone through a series of major hairstyle, hair color, length and hair texture transformations.

Those transformations, of which some were seen on her Ashlee Simpson Reality TV Show, included breaking up with her boyfriend, quitting her job on 7th Heaven, launching her solo performing career and hooking up with a new guy.

A very glam Ashlee Simpson with lush, long platinum blonde curls & waves MTV Bash 06-28-03

Oh yes, and how could I forget? Ashlee signaled her newfound rocker chick persona by dying her hair a deep smoky black.

Yes, she even dyed her tresses herself, with a little help from her famous New York celebrity hairdresser, Rita Hazan.

The color change from blonde to brunette was dramatic, striking and shocking but definitely fitting for her newly launched performance career. It also set her apart from her big sis Jessica who at the time has a sizzling career.

According to Ken Paves, her longtime celebrity hairdresser, Ashlee's switch from vanilla to dark chocolate color was not all that surprising since "Ash is a young woman who has a very strong sense of her own style and definitely knows how she likes to wear her hair".

Ken, who coifs many of the biggest superstars such as Jessica, Carmen Electra, Celine Dion and Christina Applegate, has been working with Ashlee for "many years".

In fact, Ken, as well as Rita, have watched Ashlee grow up from a teenager into a gorgeous superstar.

Ashlee Simpson w/ Sister Jessica at the Los Angeles Levi's Store Unveiling 07-10-03

Before Ashlee Went Brunette

Even before Ashlee took the brunette leap in her bathroom in 2004, she was working with Ken Paves and Rita Hazan to achieve beautiful blonde highlights and soft face framing hairstyles.

Besides having a small role in the movie, The Hot Chick, she also was performing with her also-blonde sister Jessica (as a back up dancer) and had her role on 7th Heaven.

Ashlee Simpson MTV Bash 02-07-04

Early on in our relationship Ken made it very clear that Ashlee didn't like to discuss certain topics, specifically hair extensions.

Even though it is obvious in the images of Ashlee during her hair transformations from 2002 until 2008, Ken has never talked to me specifically about Ashlee getting extensions.

Just looking at the photos it is obvious and anyone would assume but I do not have specifics.

Besides having a world famous hair colorist and hairdresser, Ashlee has access to a team of fabulous hair and make-up assistants who travel with her on tour or for special events. She also has a great celebrity make-up artist, Mary Phillips, who I had the pleasure of meeting in 2006 at a photo shoot for Jessica Simpson.

Mary is one of the most talented make-up pros in the business and she can work miracles transforming any eye and skin tone to work with whatever new hair colors Ashlee decides to embrace.

2004 Hairstyles & Haircolor

Ashlee Simpson Virgin Colas' Movie Awards After Party 06-05-04

Ashlee started out the year 2004 as a blonde. In February she appeared at Rock The Vote awards in an below-the-shoulder shaggy hairstyle in an icy blonde shade with caramel undertones.

The launch of Ashlee's first album, Autobiography was a turning point in many ways for Ash, as her friends and family call her. She not only unveiled her deep smoke inspired black shade, she went longer and shaggier.

Most likely Ashlee made the transition to long, lush and very full strands with a little help from her hairdressers.

Although she often consults with Ken Paves, when she is on the road she usually travels with one of Ken's assistants.

Even though Ken can't go on the road with Ashlee due to his crazy busy schedule, he will design the hair looks for her tour and will plan out exactly what needs to be done in advance.

Ashlee Simpson Billboard Music Awards December 2004

If you look closely at Ashlee's hair at the Virgin Colas' Movie Awards After Party in June of 2004 (image to the side) you will notice the thickness and fullness of Ash's tresses. They perfectly frame her face with is a combination of oval and square shapes.

Ashlee remained very dark from mid-2004 until the end of the year and into 2005. Although her color was consistently darker, she did play with different lengths and hairstyles.

In December of 2004 she appeared at the Billboard Music Awards with a much shorter shaggy style with choppy layers and fringe. Her hair extended to her collarbone.

2005 Hairstyles & Haircolor

Ashlee Simpson XBOX Next Generation Console Unveiled 05-05-05

Ashlee started 2005 with her dark hair but by the middle of 2005 she was ready for a change and wanted to go back to a California blonde color.

As anyone hair colorist will tell you, it's much easier to go from light to dark than the opposite direction. In fact, it can be quite difficult to lift the black without a series of transitions.

Which is exactly the transition Ashlee went through with the help of Rita Hazan and a California based hair colorist.

The first attempt to take the rocker to blonde involved what was reported as a very long session. The final results were more like a light red with orange undertones.

Ashlee Simpson "The Dukes Of Hazzard" Los Angeles Premiere 07-28-05

Ashlee unveiled her newly red hued medium length bob hairstyle on May 5, 2005 at the XBOX Generation Console unveiling.

At the time it was reported in the media that Ash was not upset by the going back to blonde challenges and was just rolling with her well documented hair color journey.

After pausing on red for a short time, Ashlee's hair continued to move through the bridge from dark to light.

Two months after her appearance with red hair, she attended the highly anticipated Los Angeles premiere of The Dukes Of Hazzard movie co-starring her big sister.

Ashlee Simpson 2005 Billboard Music Awards Arrivals 12-06-05

At that point her hair still had hints of light reddish tones but it was moving more towards a honey blonde with carefully interwoven platinum blonde highlights.

She wore her hair pulled back in a sleek ponytail and rocked a beautiful black crochet dress.

Ashlee continued to more further away from the red tones and hues and by 2005 she had transitioned to a very white platinum blonde that was stunning. The white blonde base had subtle darker tones woven through to give the color depth and shine.

Ash went with a below-the-chin choppy length with full side-swept bangs and she let her natural waves flow freely. She looked absolutely stunning and was officially a blonde goddess.

2006 Hairstyles & Haircolor

Ashlee Simpson Clive Davis's Annual Pre Grammy Extravaganza 02-07-06

I caught up with Ken Paves shortly after Ashlee went platinum and asked him how she was liking her new hue. He told me that Ash absolutely "loved it".

Obviously Ashlee was happy back in the land of blonde and maintained a variety of blonde shades throughout 2006. Of course she did not disappoint her fans and media watchers by sticking with just one hairstyle. She mixed it up quite a bit alternating between short and long, straight and textured.

Ashlee Simpson 34th Annual American Music Awards 11-21-06

Ashlee also played with different blonde hues ranging from her icy platinum to softer blonde shades.

By the end of the year she appeared at the 34th Annual American Music Awards with her hair in a much darker caramel blonde base with light cream highlights and dark butterscotch lowlights.

At the American Music Awards she wore a stunning hairstyle complete with cascading waves that flowed down several inches below her shoulders.

Ashlee embraced the popular rooty look where the color naturally evolved from the roots outward towards the ends.

Ashlee Simpson US Weekly Present US Hot Hollywood 2007 04-26-07

2007 Hairstyles & Haircolor

As she moved into 2007, Ashlee continued to embrace a series of blonde hues but what was amazing was how completely different she looked in all the different tones.

Ashlee moved easily back between cool and warm tones with ease simply modifying her makeup and fashions to fit the new hair color.

Personally I believe that Ashlee looked incredibly beautiful during her 2007 year of blondes. In April she attended the US Weekly Presents US Hot Hollywood and her hair was a vision of perfectly blended highlights and lowlights.

Ashlee Simpson Ashlee Simpson Launches Hornitos Tequila Line 09-20-07

She appeared to have a very light chocolate base which was more prominent through the root area and throughout the length of her hair the colors of the base were intermingled with an array of frothy vanilla ribbons with hints of caramel and chocolate.

Her color was stunning and from a distance she appeared blonde, but close up she was a study in contrasting hues.

Ashlee wore her hair parted off-center with lush panels of hair framing her face on either side and cascading down into very loose waves.

Ashlee Simpson 2008

The skillfully created underlayers were topped off with frothy vanilla cream-colored highlights positioned along her face to pull all of the colors together into a rich deep chocolate blonde creation.

For the rest of the year Ashlee kept her blonde hair long, alternating between straight and sleek and slightly textured.

Towards the end of 2007 she appeared at the Hornitos Tequila Line Launch with her fringe worn swept across her forehead giving her a completely different look that her US Weekly appearance.

2008 Hairstyles & Haircolor

Shortly after the beginning of 2008 Ashlee ditched her blonde blonde locks and popped up in an assortment of cinnamon, red pepper and cherry red hues.

Ashlee Simpson August 2009

When Ashlee unveiled her new red hair she unleashed a media buzz that spread like wildfire across the web and spilled over into the fashion mags and weeklies.

About the same time as she unveiled her drastic new hue Ashlee announced that her third CD would be released in April of 2008. She hit the circuit appearing on the night time talk shows and doing interviews with US and similar magazines.

It was also reported that to support her CD Ashlee would be going on tour shortly after the release.

What better way to generate a buzz and remind the fans you are out there than to unveil a stunning new hair color? Whether that was Ashlee's intent or not, it worked and the Blogosphere when crazy with chatter.

For now Ashlee is keeping her hair much longer although that could change in an instant with the assistance of her celebrity hairdressers.

Ashlee Simpson 2010

2010 -2011 Hairstyles & Haircolor

The year 2008 was a big year for Ashlee. She married musician Pete Wentz on May 17, 2008 and gave birth to her first child, a son named Bronx in November of 2008. During the majority of 2008 Ashlee's hair was long and various shades of red ranging from a light copper to a rich cinnamon.

Ashlee kept her hair red through most of 2009 but by 2010 she had transitioned again from red to brunette. For most of 2010 she was an array of brunette shades with a myriad of highlights and lowlights laced through a brunette base.

Towards the end of 2010 Ashlee went very short and platinum blonde. On February 9th of 2011 it was officially announced that Ashlee had filed for divorce from Pete Wentz, citing irreconcilable difference.

Ashlee Simpson January 2011 Platinum Pixie

Ashlee was spotted all over town with her very white blonde tresses cut into a pixie with longer layers throughout the front.

Not only did Ashlee reclaim her name Simpson in the divorce she had gone full circle with her hair color returning to the platinum blonde of 2005.

As 2011 has unfolded Ashlee, who has remained platinum blonde, has collaborated with her sister Jessica to create a fashion brand for girls aged 7-16. It is expected to be released to store at the end of 2011.

Ashlee is also working on a new album which is going to have a "folk feel."


Ashlee Simpson is a hairstyle and hair color trend setter. Her hair color and hairstyle journeys have been followed closely by legions of fans and the media.

Ashlee Simpson October 2011

While some celebrities are known for their brushes with the law, wild partying and other destructive behaviors, Ashlee is known for her ever changing interest in fashion, the evolution of her songwriting and performing and of course the color, length and texture of her hair.

All in all, not a bad thing to be focused on.

Will Ashlee stay platinum? It's unlikely. The only question is what color will be next? Only time will tell.

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