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Are Pixie Haircuts Love Poision?


Emma Watson

In some circles pixie haircuts are consider bad juju for a blossoming love affair.

Elle writer Johanna Cox shared in her July 24, 2009 blog about the instant lose of sexual charge her long term boyfriend experienced when spotting her with a brand new inch long haircut.

Unfortunately for Cox she realized after arriving home with her short haircut that her boyfriend really wasn't attracted to women with short hair.

Ultimately the Elle writer and her guy broke up and she went on to date a guy who didn't exactly love her short hair, but didn't hate it either. Although they parted ways, she and her previous guy remained friends.

Celebrities Flocking To Pixie Haircuts

Since Harry Potter's Emma Watson waved her magic wand and appeared with a brand new pixie haircut, women have flocked to hair salons around the globe to copy her look.

Carey Mulligan

For 2010 and 2011 Emma Watson and her short pixie haircut was named the best celebrity hairstyle eclipsing long time record holder Jennifer Aniston.

Although Emma and other celebrities may look amazing in their pixie haircuts, in some cases going with a super short haircut could be traumatic to your existing relationship.

Especially if your spouse, lover or significant other has made it very clear they are attracted to your current hairstyle or clear that they're not attracted to a certain length, color or hairstyle.

Yes, some might consider it superficial and a major debate could rage. Shouldn't your loved one still adore you with a drastically different haircut? Maybe, but maybe not.

As Ms. Cox pointed out in her article, if she had the nerve to chop all of hair off without first getting input from her guy, he had the right to his opinions and feelings about how she altered her appearance.

Honeymoon, New Baby Or Breakup Short Hair Cut

Michelle Williams

Besides the influence of fashion catwalks, a rash of cute celebrities adopting a big chop and just a desire for something new, some people get drastic haircuts, color or style changes after a wedding, having a new baby or a dramatic breakup.

The media often covers the post-breakup hair cut which celebrities have been famous for adopting.

Case in point? In 2011 after famously breaking up with Zac Efron the stunning raven haired beauty appeared with her iconic waist length hair chopped up to her ears.

Fans were shocked and not unanimous in appreciation of the break-up chop. Vanessa's camp claimed the chop was for an upcoming movie role, but most didn't buy that excuse.

What One Considers Sexy May Not Be Universally True

Recently I watched a Red Carpet show where the fashionistas were oohing and aahing over the short chic strands of Michelle Williams. While the women thought she just looked amazing, many of my male friends were appalled by her look, especially since she used to have that beautiful long buttery blonde tresses which made her a true sex bomb.

Vanessa Hudgens

In her article about her own experience in Elle, Cox quoted Tamás Bereczkei, PhD, professor of psychology at the University of Pécs in Hungary, who performed a study in which images of female faces were given varying lengths of hair and then evaluated by men on their attractiveness.

Bereczkei noted “Longer hair had a significant positive effect on the ratings of a woman’s attractiveness; shorter styles did not,” she noted that long hair increased the perception of good genes.

The Painful Truth About Your Pixie And Your Love Life

If you meet a love connection while your hair is already cut and styled into a short pixie, your partner obviously was attracted either to your short hair or to your sparkling wit, personality or other key attraction factors.

However, if you met your lover with hair to your waist and surprised them with a Emma Watson or Michelle William pixie that you stopped by to get on a whim, you may not receive the desired reaction. Do you care? That's the big question.

Evan Rachel Wood

Some people do care about being attractive for their love partners. Others, not so much.

The bottom line, when you're thinking about doing something drastic to your hair, ranging from altering the length (from long to short or vice versa with extensions) or changing the color or style, it would be best to feel out your partner on their likes and dislikes.

Ginnifer Goodwin Short Hair Demands

When the beautiful Ginnifer Goodwin decided to cut all of her long brunette locks off, she became so enamored of her super short locks she had her right to keep her hair short put into her contract.

Ginnifer is obviously not a woman who will wear her hair to please a lover. And it's everyone's right to wear their hair in whatever style, length or hue that makes them feel the very best.

Potential Side Effects

Ginnifer Goodwin

There are potential side effects of going super short in a world where people still are more attracted to people with long hair.

Some men have experienced this effect in reverse. Balding men have been known to express the opinion that they have less success in the mating pool due to their hair loss issues.

Is that really true? Maybe, but ultimately it depends on a variety of factors that shape opinions.

Millionaire Matchmaker

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger has caught a lot of flack from telling women with short hair to get extensions.

Although she's been severely criticized for her hair opinions, she points out “Men want what they want in a woman because of what they learned when they were little boys,” she says.

“Think about it: Who did they grow up wanting to rescue? Cinderella and Rapunzel didn’t have edgy bobs.”

Ginnifer Goodwin

Stanger is blunt about the fact that she's selling fantasies and they don't usually come packaged with short haircuts.


Although a wide range of celebrities are currently showcasing a range of edgy short crops, pixie cuts and bobs, there are still many who are more sexually attracted to partners with long hair.

Elle writer Johanna Cox experienced a major shock after cutting off all her hair only to discover her long term boyfriend was no longer attracted to her. In her case a pixie hair cut resulted in love poison.

Before you succumb to an itch to chop off all your tresses, stop and think about what the ramifications might be for your current relationship. Maybe your partner won't care, but maybe they will. When in doubt you may even want to ask their opinions.

Of course you may or may not care what your partner thinks and in that case you're free to follow your own hair cut whims.

Original Publication Date: 12/28/10 - Revised Publication Date: 01/27/12

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