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Angie Everhart Headband Hairstyle How To


Angie Everhart

A headband adorned Angie Everhart was one of the many stars who recently attended the Los Angeles Misson's 75th Anniversary End of Summer Block Party recently.

The red haired beauty joined with other celebrities such as Hilary Duff and Charlotte Ross and political leaders to serve the nearly 3,000 kids and their families who attended the event.

Angie looked incredibly chic, but appropriately accessorized for the event, in a crystal encrusted elastic backed headband.

Her below-the-shoulders, medium thick straight strands were brushed back off her face and captured into an off-center based ponytail. Her hairstyle worked in harmony with her headband.

The base of Angie's ponytail was positioned in the back of her head halfway between the crown and the nape of the neck. She had a slight short side part which extended back from her hairline.

Her headband consisted of stacked soft crystal encrusted bands connected to a self-adjusting elastic band in the back.

Angie positioned the elastic band so that it was hidden underneath her ponytail. The crystallized top of the headband served to smooth and secure her hair off her beautiful face.

Step By Step Instructions - How To Recreate

Angie Everhart

This headband embellished hairstyle would be best created on shoulder length or longer hair which can be pulled into an off-center ponytail. If you prefer you can wear with a fringe or you can wear with naturally wavy, curly or coiled hair.

To re-create Angie's easy headband hairstyle follow the steps below:

1. Start with hair which has been newly washed and completely detangled with fingers or a wide tooth hair friendly comb. Note: You have the option to create this style on 100% dry hair or hair which is still slightly damp. 2. Create desired side part. Although Angie wore her headband hairstyle with all of the hair pulled off her hairline, you can add a fringe if desired. 3. Smooth all hair off the hairline and direct it back of the head into a mid-back off-center ponytail. Capture all of the hair into a loose pony tail. 4. Use a hair friendly hair elastic such as a Bungee or Blax or similar to secure the pony. You may wish to use an elastic in the same color as your own hair. Smooth the newly created pony tail. 5. Glide the headband onto the head and position the elastic section underneath the newly formed ponytail. If you prefer, you can use any type of headband from elasticized or not.

Angie Everhart

Note: To guarantee that the headband remains securely positioned on the hair, place one or more bobby pins positioned into X formations underneath where the headband will be set. The bobby pins will help to anchor the band. You may wish to use bobby pins in the same color as your hair or the headband.

6. Once the headband has been positioned. Use fingers of 100% boar bristle paddle style brush. To direct the ponytail so that it drapes over one shoulder. 7. You can use any type of headband you wish in any color, length or style.

Note:'s Marketplace has one of the largest collections of headbands in every size, shape, color and type of material on the Web.

8. For extra shimmer you may wish to apply 1-2 drops of shine serum into the palms of your hands and massage them together.

Swipe the top of your serum infused hands over the top of your twist being careful not to get your serum on your headband.

Angie Everhart


Angie Everhart looked chic when she appeared at the recent Los Angeles Misson's 75th Anniversary End of Summer Block Party.

The red haired celebrity often wears her hair directed to one side of her face which is very flattering.

She also follows the latest fashions and is often photographed wearing headbands, hair accessories and hats.

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