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An Interview With An Extraordinary Colorist - Andre Nizetich


I had the great honor to spend some time on the phone today with Andre Nizetich of Andre's Hair Studio in San Pedro, CA. (310-547-1168).

My original reason for calling Andre was to research the American Board Certified Colorists organization. Andre is the recognized guiding light of that excellent organization.

Many exciting things are in the works. Andre told me that within the next 2-3 months there will be a

While they currently have a working model of the consumer color website, it will not be available for general viewing for approximately 2-3 months.

The site will have approximately 108 before and after color case histories that are specifically designed for consumers. This will help the consumers learn a lot more about hair color. The manufactuers will provide the color forumulas so that the consumers can learn what to ask for to duplicate the colors.

Not all celebrities have great hair color. Andre told me of a TV personality that he was watching that had a horrible color job. He said it was as if the color was painted on this personality's head to try and cover the obvious gray. Unfortunately the result was a non-intentional leopard spot look that was not attractive.

Andre created the ABCC test back in 1986 with a committee that has evolved. lthough at the beginning 7 people were involved, the committee has consistently included Sheila, Theo and Andre.

Andre has spearheaded the ABCC.

They changed it from Master Colorist because of conflicts with hair color manufacturers who had their own master colorist labels.

Andre's Hair Studio is in San Pedro is in Long Beach at the South end of the LA Harbor.

There are currently 430 Board Certified Colorist. The exam was started in 1997.

Passing the exam is not easy. It is very extensive and quite difficult.

The study manual is $79.

The goal was to make this whole experience meaningful and very educational. Andre has been doing haircolor since 1972. He invented the Super Streak which required him to learn all he could about the impact of color on the hair.

The audience is the consumer and also the stylist that wants to get into the color arena and have competency.

It is a chance to learn color and build a reputation. It is an opportunity to become competent in color. Name colorists are not the target. They have already achieved their recognition for their talents and they are already respected. Leland Hirsh and Beth Minardi.

We discussed the ARTec color shampoos and color shampoos in general. Andre does not believe in using them except in very rare cases when he will use Mastey for a client who believes taht the color was too light.

We discussed the fact that my colorist uses a cap on my below the wasit length hair. Andre was amazed because it is so time consuming. He asked if the colorist only used caps because they did not know how to use foils. I explained that the colorist actually uses foils on several of my friends with great results.

Andre did say that the cap gives really overally consistency and if we are both willing to go through the cap ritual, then it is probably a great option. Most stylist would not be willing to do the work and many consumers would not be willing to invest the time.

Travel and give 8 exams a year in cities like Dallas, Denver, Chicago and New York. Will be testing in Dallas in April.

The test is NOT just book learning. There is also a lot of points placed on the ability to design the right colors for the individual client.

Color formulation is key. Many stylists who do color do not understand the basic principles of formulation.

All interested stylists who want to step up and study for the BCC exam can do so at the website. You can register and order all the study materials which are very extensive.

One of the hair color manufacturers suggested that there was a need for BCH.

Other color companies allowed stylists to advertise that they were Master Certified Haircolorist. But they were only that way because of the mfgs.

Many stylists have to ask others to do their color formulations.

Uniform processing can be difficult with foils. Cap, all of the solution is on the hair all at the same time. Foils are not done in all one application.

ARTec color shampoo. Very little color pigment. Can not really impact any hair unless lots of repeated applications. Very drying because of high pH. Not really a good long term solution. Don't sell or use much.

Can it stain? Probably not. Even with long long hair, proably not. Not good for long hair because of the drying factor.

Once they pass exam, students have new creditibility and respect. Only 50% pass the exams.

The test is done on mannequins. It usually takes students a couple of months to study and pass.

There really is no generic education available for stylists who want to get into color. Unfortunately most stylists stumble their way through and even worse, they learn on unsuspecting consumers.

There is a lot of value placed on the Interactive Assessment part of the test. Questions involving how color is depositied.

Teachs class 4x a year for consumers at the local community college. Has condensed the class to one hour and will sell tapes for consumers.

It is most important to pick out the right color. He teachs a 3 hour cloass that is called Color Your Hair Like The Professionals.

Some stylists are motivated to learn about color. They do not learn about color in beauty school. This allows them to advance their careers.

Course is listed in the catalog.

Andre really believes in this process and believes that ultimately it is great for both consumers and colorists.

Very competitive. Instant recognition.

Surf the Net and get a list of American board certified colorists (ABCC) in your local area. The list of all the ABC colorists is located on the Net at This site provides a list of the most educated and talented colorists in the United States. All of the 400+ colorists listed on this site have passed stringent examinations by a panel of certified haircolorists.

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