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Alyson Hannigan: Hair Secrets


Alyson Hannigan CBS "How I Met Your Mother"

CBS All Rights Reserved.

The Wall Street Journal for October 15-16, 2005 reported that the brand new CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother, which features Alyson Hannigan, has been extended by the network.

That is great news for all the Alyson Hannigan fans who can now get their weekly dose of the dazzling redhead right in their own homes.

Note: Visit Alyson's Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery at Hairstyles Gallery.

I personally have been a fan of the 32 year old actress (born March 24, 1984) for years. I first spotted Alyson in the film My Stepmother Is An Alien in 1988. Like her other legends of Buffy fans, I loved her as Willow Rosenberg on Buffy The Vampire Slayer from 1997 until 2003.

Last year she made a brief but delightful appearance on Veronica Mars as Logan's evil and hedonistic stepsister.

Alyson Hannigan Buffy The Vampire Slayer UPN 2001

UPN All Rights Reserved.

Although it looked as if she might stick around for awhile on the Nancy Drewesque series she popped up on the hot new Mother comedy.

Which was probably a great decision in retrospect since many critics are comparing the Mother ensemble to the now defunct Friends franchise. If that is the case, Alyson could be in a for a very long and very successful series ride.

Like she did in the American Pie movies, Alyson is a scene stealer, along with Neil Patrick Harris. There is no doubt that a whole new legion of fans will fall in love with her in her sizzling new role.

Alyson's Style Secrets

Alyson Hannigan With Husband Alexis CBS "How I Met Your Mother" All Rights Reserved.

Alyson's current short and sassy hairstyle flatters her slight, slender frame.

It also helps to clearly separate her from the variety of iconic roles she has played so well in the past.

The star's signature red tresses have been brightened to a rich cinnamon hue that makes her alabaster skin and vibrant green eyes literally pop.

Alyson's hair has been cut into a dramatic side-swept, rounded blunt cut bob that instantly bestows volume and movement as well as sleek sophistication. Skillfully crafted interior layering was utilized to create movement and fullness.

Angled sides were tapered slightly off the front providing a strong frame for her gorgeous green eyes and face. Her hair is pushed up at the occipital bone providing the slightly rounded shape.

To steal this saucy style start with a great cut. Hollywood Hairdresser Robert Hallowell who currently works with Geena Davis on TV's Commander In Chief recommends "a cut that is created with lots of interior layering to create movement with some shearing on the ends".

Pointing out that if he were creating this cut he "would first create the interior layers and then go through the style with sharp shears to texture the ends".

While some stylists might use only a razor to recreate Alyson's style, Robert noted "I find that using sharp shears instead of a razor gives this type of cut more weight on the ends and it helps the cut hold its shape longer than when a razor is used".

Steal Her Style

Alyson Hannigan "How I Met Your Mother" CBS

CBS All Rights Reserved.

Although Robert has not worked directly with Alyson's hair, at my request, he did offer some of his insider secrets on how to steal her cute flippy style:

Follow the steps below to copy Alyson's style:

1. If you go red like Alyson start by selecting a shampoo with a color safe formula to preserve the gorgeous cinnamon-y red hue that she is currently enjoying. Otherwise, select a shampoo that works with your current texture, type and condition of hair.

Shampoo products to try: Robert Hallowell Prawduct - shine booster shampoo - 8.5 oz (250 ml), Phyto Colored Hair System, J.F. Lazartigue Micro Pearl Shampoo for Dry hair, Paul Brown Cleanse Balancing Shampoo.

2. Apply a rinse out conditioner that works for your hair's normal texture, type and condition. Consider trying a color co-ordinated mask to intensify your existing color.

3. Finish with a cool/cold rinse to close the cuticle and help add natural shine.

4. Towel blot (never rub or rough dry) to remove excess water.

5. Coat damp strands with a customized styling product cocktail containing styling tools such as a defrisant, volume building mousse, gel or other styling products that work best with your hair texture and type.

Styling products to try: Robert Hallowell Prawduct - super volumizing tonic - 8.5 oz (250 ml)

Conair - Performers - 100% Boars Bristle Full Round Brush - 2 1/2"6. Blow dry using a large round boar's bristle brush (shown to the side - Conair Round Brush) for strong, lasting support. Direct the air flow up from the ends towards the roots to build in fullness and movement. 7. Use fingers to lightly scrunch near the roots for added lift.

8. Roll ends around the brush and direct airflow up to build in light flicks and ruffled strands at the ends.

9. Finish blow drying with blast of cold air, if possible, which sets the style.

Robert Hallowell Prawduct - love that shine spray - 4 oz (120 ml)

Alyson Hannigan "How I Met Your Mother" CBS

CBS All Rights Reserved.

Robert confided that "when I want to get that straight flip like Alyson's I use a medium sized flat iron and slightly angle it up as I pull the hair through it."

Robert explained "I found that you can create the straight flip in four large sections of hair, two in the back and one at each ear."

Elevate and spray well with Robert Hallowell's super volumizing tonic" (featured by InStyle Magazine). Robert promised that if you follow his secret tips "it will stay perfectly".

10. When hair is 100% dry, apply a small drop of shine serum and lightly brush over the top of the finished style. If you prefer, use a shine spray product and spray into the palms of your hands and then glide over finished style.

Shine Serum Products To Try: Robert Hallowell Prawduct - love that shine drops - 2 oz (60 ml). Robert Hallowell Prawduct - love that shine spray - 4 oz (120 ml) 11. If desired, finish the look with a long lasting hairspray for a silky shine effect.

Hairspray to try: Geena Davis and Jennifer Love Hewitt loves Robert Hallowell Prawduct - rawhold hairspray - 8.5 oz (250 ml).

Oprah loves Paves Professional - FLAWless Convertible-Proof Firm Hold Repairing Hair Spray for Dry Damaged Hair.


Alyson is fabulous in her new role on How I Met Your Mother. So what are you waiting for? Set your Tivo to CBS on Monday evenings (8:30 PM, ET/PT). Check for local listings.

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