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Cobie Smulders Says Baby Daughter Was Life Altering For Her

Actress Cobie Smulders who plays Robin on the hit show "How I Met Your Mother" was a guest on Bonnie Hunt's talk show today (2/8/10).

(Image of Cobie Smulder - "How I Met Your Mother" CBS - Photo: Ron P. Jaffe/FOX ©2009 Television - All Rights Reserved)

She was wearing a maroon short sleeved flowing top and tight jeans.  Her brown hair was parted off one side and then pulled back to one side in the back and wrapped in a side twist.  Cobie looked very cute.

Bonnie greeted Cobie and offered her a glass of champagne from a previous skit she and her producer Don had done with champagne glasses.

A Very Good Year

Cobie, pointing to the glass of champagne said "oooohhh that's a treat."  Bonnie said "breakfast" and Cobie took the champagne and said "Oh, never too early.  Bonnie agreed "no, no.  Like they say it's five o'clock somewhere."  Cobie lifted the glass to drink and said to the audience "Cheers".  She took a sip and said "oh, good year."

Bonnie laughed and said "Only the best.  Only the best for our comedy gags.  That's how we get the good stuff.  We write it into sketches."  Cobie smiled "Smart, smart."

New Baby Was Very New And Life Altering

Bonnie asked "how's the new baby?  How old is your little girl?"

Cobie said "she's almost nine months old."  Bonnie "but still very new."  Cobie "very new, very new."  Bonnie "life altering?"  Cobie joked "not at all, noooo."  Then she got serious and said "very much.  I think I sleep an average of four hours a night now.  And so its like functioning on fumes sometimes, but it's the best."

(Photo of Cobie Smulder - "How I Met Your Mother" - Photo by Michael Yarish/Fox ©2009 Fox Television. All Rights Reserved)

Bonnie "what's great is you and Alyson (Hannigan), your co-star were both pregnant at the same time."  Cobie "yes.  Yeah, her daughter is seven weeks older than mine."  Bonnie "that's pretty great."  Cobie "yeah, yeah.  Lots of play dates and time on the set in the nursery."

Picking The Name Of Her Daughter

Bonnie "You picked the specific name for your daughter.  But your name too, you grew up with an unusual name, even though we all call you Cobie."

Cobie "Yes, my full name is Jacoba Fransisca Maria Smulders.  Yeah, that's a mouthful.  That's a mouthful."

Bonnie "So you grow up with a name like Jacobi"  Cobie corrected her "Jacoba"  Bonnie "Jacoba, yeah.  And you named your daughter..."  Cobie said "Shaelyn (Cado Killam born May 16th 2009)."

(Image of Cobie Smulder - "How I Met Your Mother" - Photo: Ron P. Jaffe/FOX ©2008 Fox Television. All Rights Reserved)

Bonnie said "so Shaelyn seems to you like Jane.    Cobie "Exactly.  Yeah, that's normal.  Exactly.  Hopefully she won't be teased too much.  I mean, I went with it because I really like Shae and I never really heard it before.  Soooo."

Bonnie "yeah, it's very very pretty. It's lovely.  It's got a melody to it all."

Cobie "yeah, yeah."  Bonnie "yeah, that's nice."

Encouraging Daughter To Be Actress?

Bonnie "Would you ever think of letting your daughter go into the business.  Or would you encourage it, discourage it or just leave it or whatever?  You know."

Cobie "I hate to say no to anything, but from my personal experience I would like to leave her out of it."

Bonnie "Reallly?"  Cobie "But if it's what she wants to do than it's what she wants to do.  You know, you can't."

Bonnie "What's the hardest part of it do you think?  We both know there's a ton of rejection and you have to keep a perspective on it."

(Image of Cobie Smulders - "How I Met Your Mother" - Photo: Eric McCandless/FOX ©2008 Fox Television. All Rights Reserved)

Cobie "Yeah.  Will I think it is a rejection thing.  And I think it's just a hard business for a woman to be in.  I've been so blessed and have been so lucky to have the career that I have and we're going into our sixth season and I can't even believe it.  So I feel so grateful but I just know how lucky and how rare that is."

As A Mom She Thinks Of Things So Differently

In discussing how proud her own mom is of her work in the business Cobie said "now that I'm a mom you think of things so differently when you have a kid and I go 'oh I am someone's daughter' and it means something differently to me now."

(Image of Cobie as Robin on "How I Met Your Mother" - Photo by Randy Tepper/CBS ©2008 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved)

Cobie said her mom "is just happy and very proud."

Bonnie agreed about being a mom "I'm sure it changes everything."  Cobie agreed it did.

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