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Allison Mack: Short Haired Sassy Blonde


Allison Mack, born July 29, 1982, stars as Chloe Sullivan on Warner Brother's acclaimed drama "Smallville". Allison appears as Clark Kent's (Tom Welling) best friend.

(Image of Allison Mack at the WB Network's 2003 Winter Party, Renaissance Hollywood Hotel - January 11, 2003 - - David Edwards - all rights reserved).

The blonde beauty's role continued to expand last season with the arrive of Lois Lane (Erica Durance) which created a complicated love triangle between Clark, Lana (Kristin Kreuk) and Allison as Chloe.

This was good news for her many fans who admire the actress for her great acting ability along with her winning smile and shiny blonde bob.

Acting Career Began At Age 4

The lovely Smallville star was born into the biz, in a manner of speaking. Allison's father, opera singer Jonathan Mack was performing with a local opera company in Preez, Germany, when Allison was born. Although she spent the first two years of her life in Germany, by the time she was four, the family was back in Southern California.

(Image of Allison Mack at the Premiere of Columbia Pictures "Stuart Little 2" at Mann Village & Bruin Theaters - July 14, 2002 - - Sara De Boer - all rights reserved).

Allison officially began her acting career at age 4 in a chocolate commercial.

Over the course of her busy career she has appeared in a wide range of roles including a self abusive teenage on Seventh Heaven and a turbulent teen in Showtime's "My Horrible Year" with Karen Allen and Mimi Rogers. She had a recurring role in TV's "Evening Shade", starred in Disney's "Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves" and "Camp Nowhere". In 2000 Allison starred in WB's "The Nightmare Room" and the "The Opposite Sex".

An avid fan of musical theatre, Allison's talents extend beyond film and television. She received rave reviews for pulling double duty, both as a choreographer and performer in "Rent" and "Chicago."

(Image of Allison Mack at the Premiere of Columbia Pictures "Stuart Little 2" at Mann Village & Bruin Theaters - July 14, 2002 - - Sara De Boer - all rights reserved).

As a result of those performances, Allison was offered the chance to make her directorial debut with Jer Bear Productions' staging of "Hair." Rave reviews from LA Weekly, Backstage West, The Tolucan Times and The Burbank Times all attest to Allison's diversity in the entertainment field. Music and dance, as much as acting, remain a passion for Allison.

Steal Her Style

Allison has the perfect short, sassy, bob hairstyle that works beautifully with her face shape, which appears to be a cross between oval and square. Her tresses appear to be mostly fine and straight with just a tiny bit of natural bend.

(Allison and Kristin Kreuk at the Teen Choice Awards - 8-4-02 - Photo by - all rights reserved).

The cut, which is masterfully executed (my compliments to her hairdresser), diffuses hard radical lines that are normally visible in similar cuts. In essence the edges melt together forming a stellar shape. The style appears to have been carefully layered but the layers appear invisible to detect from a distance. The cut seems to have been created with a series of precise sectioning and cutting techniques including deep point cutting, probably with arc scissors.

Allison has been wearing a short bob style with a side part and side swept bangs for the past several years which seems to indicate that she enjoys the length, which actually is perfect for her body type and facial features.

The great thing about Allison's short style is that because it is so expertly created, she can wear her bob super sleek and small or she can scrunch it or style it so that it is bigger with more texture. It is truly an inflatable/deflatable style.

(Allison Mack as Chloe with bedhead/scrunched hair - The WB/David Gray - all rights - 2005).

Throughout the history of Allison's appearance on Smallville, the set hairdressers, while keeping her look closely tied to her real life short blonde bob, have experimented with a range of slight alterations that demonstrate the incredible versatility of her cut. Though Allison tends to alter the length a few inches up or down, she generally stays within the range of her chin to above the nape of her neck.

To shake things up a bit, she has appeared with a wide range of ends included razored, softly curled, scrunched, messy and straight. Allison's style would be best for hair that is fine to medium in thickness and mostly straight.

Butter Blonde With Highlights

Her luscious butter blonde base is carefully highlighted with lighter blonde streaks and interwoven with darker blonde tones which are diffused throughout the crown, the hairline and along the edges.

(Allison Mack as Chloe with heavily razored ends for a flirty look - The WB/David Gray - all rights - 2005).

Allison's soft buttery hues infuses her look with a shimmery glow that appears as if she has been kissed by the warm rays of the California sun, where she currently resides.

Steal Her Style

Allison usually wears her short bob with the sides close to her face which softens any hint of square ness in the jaw area. The length generally extends to parallel with her chin which also brings attention to her sunny smile and sparkling eyes.

(Allison Mack As Chloe - The WB/David Gray - all rights - 2005).

To steal Allison's sleekly shaped style (shown to the side) follow the steps below:

Step 1: Prepare a shampoo mix that will work for your hair's type, texture and length maximizing the potential to get super straight strands. If you have fine or thin strands like Allison, consider using a volume enhancing shampoo. If you have highlighted strands like this golden girl, use a moisture enhancing product like Phytojoba or Phytocitrus shampoo designed for chemically treated or naturally dry strands.

Note: If appropriate for your hair's current condition, use a diluted shampoo formula mixed with water.

Step 2: Step into a shower with lukewarm, not hot, water and get hair soaking wet. Drizzle shampoo formula over the top of your head letting the suds gently cascade down the length of your strands. Use fingers to pat shampoo mixture into strands. Avoid rubbing wet strands. Not only will this prevent breakage, it will help keep strands as straight as possible.

Step 3: Rinse well until hair is completely clear of suds.

Step 4: Apply your favorite rinse-out conditioner for your type, length and condition of hair, if one is normally used. If your strands are fine or thin, avoid using products that will flatten your tresses.

Step 5: When possible finish with a cool/cold rinse which closes the cuticle and adds shine.

(Allison Mack As Chloe - The WB/David Gray - all rights - 2005).

Step 6: Apply desired detangling product or leave-in conditioner like Phyto 7, Phyto 9 or similar to help keep strands soft and detangled. Starting at the ends, use a smooth high quality comb like a Kent or a wide pick and detangle.

Note: If your strands are fine or tend to flatten, skip the leave-in conditioner and use a volume enhancing product or spray at the roots to help provide lift.

Step 7: When strands are completely detangled, apply a large ball of mousse to the palms of your hands. Distribute well and then apply to towel blotted, damp strands. Work the mousse completely through the hair from roots to ends.

Step 8: Working in a circular pattern, separate hair into 6-8 equally sized sections and clip into place.

Step 9: Use a medium sized round boar bristle brush. Unclip the first section of hair and using the brush to anchor and smooth, direct the blow dryer's air flow first towards the roots to add lift. Utilize the brush to lift the section and direct air up from the strands towards the roots.

Once the roots are dry and full, switch air flow direction from the roots down towards the ends of the strand. This will help to straighten the strands, keep the cuticle smooth and help to add natural shine. Use the brush in conjunction with the dryer to gently turn the ends under.

Step 10: After all of the sections are dry, use the round brush to shape the bangs and the sides and to gently touch up the ends to give a finished look.

Step 11: When finished drying, apply a tiny amount of shine/anti-frizz serum to the palms of your hands. Rub together and then lightly brush the serum over the tops of the finished style, focusing on the middle to ends.

Step 12: Add desired hair accessories.

Updo Options

Unfortunately I have to say that I have never had the honor to talk to any of the hairdressers on the Smallville set, I am very impressed with the recent updo that they whipped up for her short bob.

(Pictured: Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan at the Smallville Prom - @005 - Photo Credit: The WB/Michael Courtney - all rights reserved).

In the Smallville Commencement Episode which was shown in April, 2005, Allison is shocked when she is nominated for Prom Queen. Through a series of normal twists and turns for this show, Chloe wins up setting the high school on fire. But I digress.

Since the character that Allison plays was nominated for Prom Queen, it was important to give her a regal updo style. Since I have not been able to chat with the hairdressers I had to make my own estimation of how the gorgeous barrel curled updo was created.

In my opinion, the hairdressers appeared to pin add-on strands underneath the crown tresses. A fuller crown was constructed which acted as a base for the carefully crafted and pinned curls. Allison's side swept bangs were skillfully blended into the look by merging with an array of side curls. The bottom of the style was left softly curled like Allison normally wears her sleek bob.

The updo look is proof positive that with the right hairdresser, add-on hair and skill level, any short hairstyle like Allison's bob can be transformed into a gorgeous updo.

(Pictured: Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan at the Smallville Prom - @005 - Photo Credit: The WB/Michael Courtney - all rights reserved).

Even though the style was definitely "bigger" than Allison normally wears, it was still carefully created to balance Allison's face shape, eyes and other facial features. The style looked amazing from all views. Her normal side swept bangs were brushed up and offer her face and directed into curls that merged with the rest of the updo sections. This opened up her face and gave her a more formal look.

Small ribbons that matched Allison's gown were interwoven through the back of the updo along with a few accent hair accessories.


Sometimes Allison may tuck one side of her shimmering bob behind her ears for a different look. She also likes to play with a wide range of hair accessories from skinny headbands worn back near the crown to simple, but elegant barrettes, jeweled hairclips and hairpins that are on a small scale to dress up her short strands without overwhelming them.

(Pictured: Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan - Photo Credit: The WB/Michael Courtney - all rights reserved).

In the photo to the side, Allison took a sharp departure from her normal bangs. She tucked the bangs back under a thin headband worn at the middle of her head with her bob tuck in a shiny cascade behind her ears. Be sure and check in to see Allison's character evolve on Smallville. The show airs on Wednesday nights at 8 (7 central on The WB).

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