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Red Haired Allison Dubois Showed Her True Colors On Housewives Of Beverly Hills

As a devoted celebrity hair watcher I usually tune into a wide range of both reality and traditional TV programs to eyeball the various hairstyles.  I always love to check out the tresses on the Real Housewives because they tend to showcase a range of styles from cute and edgy to over the top.

(Image of Allison Dubois far rights - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

You would expect nothing but the most fabulous hair on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills (RHBH) and if you tune it you will see lots of stunning styles.  Some are au natural like the long brunette tresses of Kyle Richards and some are obviously extended, but I'm not naming any names.

As a rule I mostly watch the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills with the sound off so that I can preview the hair, make-up, fashions and shoes, but avoid all the needless drama and trash talking.

Kyle Richards' Claims Long Hair Is 100% Hers

Due to my many connections in Hollywood I know for a fact that much of what happens on so called reality shows are pre-planned, scripted and often agreed upon by the various players.

Whether Kyle Richards is actually engaged in a bitter feud with Camille Grammer is open to speculation.  I really don't care if they are or not.  I do find of interest that Kyle Richards' claims her long hair is 100% all her own.  I also care about Camille Grammer's blonde tresses due to the well executed muti-tonal quality.

I must confess I was shocked to see psychic Allison Dubois, whom I admire, on the most recent episode.  As always, I was watching the show with the sound off when I spotted her at a dinner party with Camille Grammer.  I turned up the sound and was shocked to my core to see what was happening.

I wasn't shocked necessarily by the things she said at the table  Afterall, who knows if she was reading a script?  I was more stunned  by the way she was portrayed during the entire episode.  I actually went back and watched the entire episode from beginning to end to try and determine if I saw what I thought I did.

Allison Dubois Is Stunningly Beautiful

Besides having gorgeous long dark red hair, Allison is stunningly beautiful.  She has a killer body and great fashion sense.  She can also talk to the dead and see the future, which has been accurately portrayed in her books and on the show Medium.

After my own husband died suddenly six years ago I followed the advice in one of Allison's books and was eventually able to establish a connection with him which gave me much needed peace and eased my never ending grief.

(Image of Kyle Richards - The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills (RHBH) - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

If you have suffered through the suffocating grief of losing a loved one, you understand that any type of relief is welcomed and appreciated.

As a result of the wisdom I found in her books, I became a fan of Medium, starring Patricia Arquette, which has sadly been canceled after several years.

Did Allison's Appearance On Housewives Of Beverly Hills Harm Her?

Ultimately what shocked me about Allison on the Real Housewives episode was how negative she was portrayed.  At one point she was insulting the other guests at the party and even yelling at Kyle Richards.

Allison's behavior did not portray her in a good light at all.  Why would she allow herself to be showcased in such a manner on television when it could definitely harm her image as a loving, positive and upbeat psychic and medium?   I honestly don't get it and was very disappointed.

(Image of Camille Grammer - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved)

When a famous medium, psychic or similar spiritual reader received bad publicity, it tends to harm other legitimate and ethical psychics.  While there are bad readers, just like there's bad lawyers and doctors, there are also good ones who are honorable and want to help people who really need it.

Ultimately I should have followed my normal practice of watching the episode with the sound off, admiring Allison and Kyle's hairstyles and let the rest of the drama stay on the airwaves.

Meanwhile, in a bit of ironic news, the media has reported that Kyle Richards is "shopping her own hair care" line with several major brands.   Because afterall, just what the world needs right now is another celebrity focused hair care line.

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