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Accessories: Are You Over-Accessorized?


Jane Lynch The L Word 4th Season Kick-off Party 01-07-07

Everyone knows that the right accessories can make your overall style. The wrong ones or too many worn at one time can break your style and ruin a great gown or fashion.

Accessories should always complement your style, not fight you for center stage. Remember, you're trying to make a good impression, not audition for the circus.

Before you leave the house, add up your accessories in accordance with the following point system.

If you have more than 14 points, you most likely look over-accessories and will probably have a patchwork quilt effect.

If you have less than 8 points, you may be underdressed.

In most cases you will look your best if you leave home with approximately 14-16 points worth of accessories.

Give yourself the points as listed below:

1. Give yourself one point for each color in your entire outfit. 2. Add one point for plain sun, reading or other glasses that are on your face. Be fair, if you have rhinestone or other high glam frames, add one more point to your running total. 3. Add one point for plain shoes with an additional point for shoes with lots of glitz, detail, decoration or openings (i.e. open toe). 4. Add one point for any type of hat, cap or head covering. 5. One point for each hair ornament, rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches or any other jewels not mentioned. 6. Add one point for any scarves. 7. One more point is added for colored fingernails. French manicured nails or nails with clear polish do not require the addition of points. 8. Ditto for colored toenail polish if they peek out from open toed shoes. If they are colored but you can't see them under your shoes, you are home free. 9. One yourself one point for any and all eye popping features such as your favorite Day-Glo turban, visible tattoos, visible piercings or a pocket pet (sorry Paris). 10. Relatively plain belts win one point but loud, overly decorative or belts with a large buckle get two points. 11. Add an additional point for heavy make-up. 12. One point if you are a blonde, redhead or lightly colored brunette and have an extremely dark tan. 13. Add one point for teeth metal grillwork. Add an additional point if the braces are vibrantly colored and visible. 14. One point for any bows anywhere on your body or accessories. 15. Add one point for brightly colored tights or over-the-top nylons or leggings that are not the same color as your current outfit. Budget to buy one full set of accessories each season. Always buy your basic wardrobe items first and co-ordinate your supplemental buying to accessorize and stretch your basic wardrobe.

Brenda Strong Cosmopolitan Celebrates Felicity Huffman's New Book 02-05-07

Unclutter Your Accessory Stash

Now that you know the rule of accessory wearing it time to get serious and take a trip through your accessory drawers. Yes I know, you've become attached to all those accessories that hold such fond memories. LIke the time your Prom date gently flicked the dangling hair beads you were wearing.

Brenda Strong Cosmopolitan Celebrates Felicity Huffman's New Book 02-05-07

Yes, its hard to let go. Its even harder to be objective about what to keep and what to get rid of. That's where your best friend comes in. Ask someone to help you make hard decisions about what to keep and what to pitch.

Step I - Remove everything you have not work in the past year. Be ruthless. Chances are if you haven't worn an accessory in the past year it will not be worn in the future.

Step II - Organize your accessories into groups putting similar items together such as earrings and necklaces, handbags and shoes.

Step III - Make yourself an accessory chart and post it in your closet to remind yourself of which accessories complement each other. You may find it handy to make one for each season. .

One question that popped up on various chats was whether or not the lovely Brenda had hair enhancements. Of course these days it is impossible to say for sure, but regardless, her strands looked healthy, shiny and perfectly coiffed, especially at the end of the contest.

Step By Step Instructions

Brenda Strong Cosmopolitan Celebrates Felicity Huffman's New Book 02-05-07

To copy the luscious long curls and waves that Brenda Strong is wearing in this article, perform the following steps:

1. Begin by washing hair with shampoo designed for your type, texture and current condition of hair.

If your hair tends to be dry, select a super moisturizing shampoo formula like Robert Hallowell's Shine Booster Shampoo which celebrity hairdresser Robert actually uses on many of his celebrity clients.

Other formulas you might try include Phytojoba or one designed for colored hair like Phytocitrus. For ultra dry or super fragile strands, use the dry hair formulas and dilute the shampoo for extra gentleness.

Note: If your hair is long or prone to damage, consider either washing hair with conditioner only, or diluting the shampoo formula to save wear and tear on your strands.

Brenda Strong 6th Annual Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show Preview 01-11-07

2. For hair that is dry, damaged or chemically treated, follow the shampoo with a rinse-out conditioning treatment.

Apply your favorite rinse-out conditioning product. Robert Hallowell's Prawduct - shine booster conditioner is an excellent rinse out conditioner for all hair types.

3. Be sure to match the product to your hair type, texture and condition. Work the conditioner into the driest parts of your hair. Leave on for up to five minutes. Rinse well. Finish with a cool to cold water rinse.

4. Towel blot hair (do not rub) and gently squeeze excess moisture.

5. Detangle hair with fingers or a smooth detangling comb and create desired front part.

Brenda Strong 15th Annual The Hollywood Reporter's 2006 Women In Entertainment 12-05-06

6. Apply a cocktail of leave-in conditioner and anti-frizz products. For soft hold, apply a mousse. For extra hold apply a gel or gel/mousse product. Distribute well from roots to the ends.

7. Let hair air dry until 80-90% dry. If you wish, sit under a hood dryer or use a blow dryer on low speed, cool air to remove excess moisture.

8. Work from one side of the head to the other. Use a wide tooth comb or hair pick and separate hair into 1-2 inch sections.

9. Starting at the end of the hair section, roll the hair around the strip of your prepared rag curlers. With rag curlers you can make the hair sections as large or small as you wish as long as your strip of rag is long enough to completely encase your hair.

Brenda Strong 6th Annual Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show Preview 01-11-07

10. Roll the section of hair up from the ends to your scalp. The tighter you roll the rag curler, the tighter the resulting curl. You can either secure the rag curlers with bobby pins or you can tie them at the ends to hold them in place against the scalp.

11. When your entire head has been put in rollers, either go to bed for the evening, or sit under a hood dryer on medium heat to get the curls to "set".

12. When removing the rollers, unwind one section at a time. After all the curls have been unwound, spray your entire head with a soft hold hairspray.

Ones to try: Rene Furterer Instant Hold Finishing Spray, Robert Hallowell's Rawhold Hairspray. 13. Use fingers or wide tooth hair pick to gently arrange the curls that cascade freely down towards the top of the shoulder.

Brenda Strong 15th Annual The Hollywood Reporter's 2006 Women In Entertainment 12-05-06

14. For extra shimmer, apply a drop or two of a shine serum like Phyto's PhyoLisse, Rene Furterer's Spray Gloss or Robert Hallowell's Love That Shine Drops to the palms of your hands. Rub the serum into the palms and then lightly glide over the top of the style to add instant shimmer and shine.

15. Spray well with hairspray like Phytolaque or Jessica Simpson’s favorite Phytolaque Soie made with real silk to give an extra glossy look to the style.

16. Attach any desired hair accessory to the finished style. Because this is such a unkempt style, if accessories are added, they should be small to avoid detracting from the style’s ultimate design.

Note: Remember to always attach accessories last after all styling products have been applied to avoid damaging delicate accessories.

17. Feel beautiful. A beautiful woman is just as much about self-confidence as the way that she wears her hair.


Kelly Rutherford Scream 3 Premiere 02-02-00

The variations on this lovely slightly tousled long hairstyle are endless. Instead of wearing curls and waves loose, you have the option to sweep the sides up and softly capture them at the back of the crown.

Or you can wear one side in front and the other pulled back behind one ear.

Brenda's style can also be worn stick straight by utilizing a flat iron or by using a paddle brush and straightening gels to get a straight look.

fun with this style and experiment with randomly pinning up alternate strands in the back allowing others to hang precariously to give that free Brenda Strong American Idol look.

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