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About Dr. Howard Rosenthal


Dr. Howard Rosenthal is one of the most popular behavioral science writers and lecturers in the Midwest.

His articles on mental healthy have been published in the U.S. and overseas. He has been the keynote speaker for many large workshops and seminars. Dr. Rosenthal has also been a guest on major radio and television shows and has been quoted in numerous newspaper articles. In addition, he has appeared and consulted in suicide prevention films and videos.

Dr. Rosenthal received his doctorate in counseling psychology from St. Louis University, is a national certified counselor, and a licensed professional counselor in the state of Missouri with over 25 years of experience in his field.

Dr. Rosenthal's expertise is highly respected. Therapists from coast to coast use his materials to pass licensing and certification exams.

Dr. Rosenthal is the author of the popular, lively self-improvement guide entitled: Help Yourself to Positive Mental Health and of the acclaimed Not With My Life I Don’t: Preventing Your Suicide And That Of Others.

Dr. Rosenthal's book on suicide prevention stands as a landmark in the field of suicidology because it marks the first comprehensive attempt at producing a self-help guide for self-destructive individuals as well as a handbook for helping others who may be prone to harming themselves. Dr. Rosenthal served as the program director for Life Crisis Services, Inc., a suicide-crisis intervention center in St. Louis where he ran one of the largest suicide survivor groups in the country.

Dr. Rosenthal is currently the Program Coordinator of Human Services at St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley. Dr. Rosenthal is also a private practice therapist in St. Louis County. Dr. Rosenthal has also taught in the past at Maryville College and the St. Louis Community College District.

You can purchase his books Not With My Life I Don’t: Preventing Your Suicide And That Of Others by visiting his web site ( or by clicking on the highlighted books and buying through HairBoutique's association with

All of Dr. Rosenthal’s books are written in his folksy, and conversational “reader-friendly” style.

Dr. Rosenthal has also written the very popular Straight A's in Thirty Days: The Shocking Truth About Getting Good Grades which is available on tape, also from his website.

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