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A Hairstyle Catalog: Looped Ponytails


The beauty of a ponytail is that it is extremely versatile. Starting with a simple ponytail, a variety of different styles can easily be crafted to create an unique and interesting appearance.

How To Create A Looped Ponytail

The looped ponytail, also known as a "sausage tail" is quick and easy to create. While the style works best on longer tresses, it is possible to create this simple but elegant style on hair that is shoulder length. This style can also be created with add-on ponytails.

Step By Step Instructions

1. Start by using a soft boar's head brush or similar natural bristle brush on your hair. Make sure that all knots and tangles are completely removed. 2. Once hair is completely smooth, use both hands to direct all of the strands behind the neck.

3. Tightly close off ponytail with a 2mm Blax bands in the same color as your hair.

4. Smooth the newly formed tail below the base. Take a second 2mm Blax and band the ponytail again approximately 1" below the first elastic.

5. Use your fingers to flex the ponytail to loosen lightly to create a slightly puffy or looped effect.

6. Continue to work down the length of the ponytail adding 2mm Blax hair elastics until the entire ponytail has been "looped" or puffed out.

It is important to space the Blax hair elastics bands equally from the base of the ponytail until the bottom to create a uniform look. It is also recommended that you make sure to loosen the hair located between the elastic so that the hair has enough of a puffy effect to look looped. This type of ponytail is also called a "sausage" ponytail.

7. Apply a dab of dream cream or love that shine drops to the palms of your hands. Smooth through the new pony to remove any flyaway strands and add instant manageability or shine.

8. Dress your new pony up or down with the addition of a hair accessory.

Utilize a variety of Blax, bungee cords, tiny claw or jaw clips or pony wrap strips to create a series of multiple pony tails from one main pony.

Customize With Accessories

Why not treat yourself, and accessorize with something really special. You could weave real flowers through your braids along with tiny sparkling diamante clips to really catch the eye. If you’re feeling slightly funkier, try things like feathers and beads.


Bottom line, ponytails rock. If your hair is long enough to sweep back into a pony, go for it. If not, consider using clips to pull hair back towards the center of your head and create a faux pony with a series of small sleeper or jaw clips.

A ponytail can be a fabulous hairstyle for any occasion. Use your imagination and work it.

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