Short Hair: Halle Berry's Classic Cut
Short Hair:
Halle Berry's Classic Cut
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Halle Berry
March 9, 2002
Director's Guide Awards

Halle Berry was born August 14, 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio.  Her stunning beauty is what first captured media attention when she won the Miss Teen All-American Pageant in 1985 at the age of 17.  From there she wowed the judges in the Miss USA Pageant coming in as the first runner-up. 

Halle was inspired from her beauty pageant experiences to become a model and then an actress.  In 1989 she appeared on the TV series, Living Dolls.  From there she had a big break in Spike Lee's Jungle Fever film in 1991. 

Her career continued to soar with well-received roles in Bulworht, Losing Isaiah, Dorothy Dandridge and the very popular X-men where she played ice princess Storm.

Halle Berry
14th Annual Kid's Choice

In 2001 she netted two major roles in Swordfish and Monster's Ball for which she won an Academy Award.  Her award was for the first African American actress in the Best Actress category.

Halle was catapulted to major media darling status for her spectacular red carpet gowns and short sassy pixie haircut.  Woman around the world started to copy Halle's super short style which fit her perfectly proportioned face like a glove.  Halle's series of short and super short crops, chops and pixies become iconic and are still admired, even though the star has worn her hair in longer lengths over the past few years.

The gorgeous star kept her hair in the super short pixie style until 2003 when she started letting it grow.  During the time period when it was super short she experimented with different styling techniques ranging from wearing her hair very finished to very messy.  She wore it straight, finger curled and ruffled with equal success.

Halle Berry
Screen Actors Guild Awards

Most hairdressers agreed that Halle's classic short pixie was created with skillful razoring to create the wispy style.   Her ends (shown above in the 2001 Kid's Choice Awards) were often slightly flipped up in a sassy style which razoring would make possible.

Celebrity hairdresser Robert Hallowell recently explained that "not everyone has hair that is suitable for razoring".  When the wrong type of hair is "razored it causes the ends to be too wispy and to split easily".

When I asked him for the perfect type of hair for a razored cut, he mentioned that some African American hair textures are ideal for creating the perfect wispy quality without the hair being too fractured so that it curls up".

Of course this may not be true for all African American hair textures, which tends to be fragile and thus not a good candidate for razoring, but in the case of Halle, it appeared to work perfectly.


Halle is not only admired for her incredible fashion savvy, fabulous icon status short hairstyles and great beauty, she is respected for her acting chops. 

She has also suffered for her craft, enduring two painful divorces and a rumored abusive relationship.  Halle is so committed to her acting craft that she insists on living in character as much as possible.

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