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Jennifer Lopez Hair Secrets

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Jennifer Lopez 
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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was recently named as The Most Beautiful Woman in the world by People Magazine.

Jennifer Lopez has the whole package including gorgeous chocolate brown hair with stunning highlights and lowlights interwoven throughout.

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Even though Jennifer has some of the best hair in the world to match the rest of her gorgeous self, she wants people to know being beautiful is hard work.

From her skincare regimen to her grueling workouts and portion-controlled diet, Lopez says she makes a concerted effort to stay in top form.

"The thing is, it's part of my job," says the singer, who ran a triathlon six months after she gave birth. "I don't want anybody thinking it's easy. It does take time and it's hard work. HDTV wide-screen is nobody's friend!"

Jennifer's Top Hair Secrets

Jennifer Lopez 
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Jennifer Lopez

Although it's obvious good genes play a part in Jennifer's beauty, her hair is naturally curly and wavy.

As a result of the various texture challenges ranging from her hair becoming too dry, frizzy or puffy, Jennifer works with some of the very best hair experts in the world.

Listed below are Jennifer's Hair Secrets

1.  Work with the very best celebrity hairstylist in the world.

Although Jennifer has been working with world famous Oribe since the very beginning of her recording career (1997), she has a team of back-up celebrity hairstylists she takes with her everywhere. 

2.  Get the great haircolorist alive.

Jennifer met world famous celebrity colorist Rita Hazan when Rita was at Oribe in New York.  Since that early beginning Rita has kept Jennifer's hair color looking perfect. 

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Jennifer has transitioned through a range of hair color bases intermingled with an array of highlights and lowlights.  Regardless of her hair color, Rita keeps Jennifer looking like the major star she is.

Jennifer Lopez 
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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez 
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3.  Develop trust in hair and beauty team

Besides Oribe, Rita Hazan and her team of other celebrity hair gurus, Jennifer has had the best make-up artist and stylists available.  With each of her hair and beauty team members Jennifer has developed a solid relationship of trust. 

She lets her experts guide her towards the very best hairstyles, hair color and looks which work best for her hair type, texture, length, hair condition and current life situations.

4.  Participate in the process

While Jennifer is an incredibly busy star with a husband, two children and major work commitments, she pays attention to what it takes to keep her hair color, cut and style looking tip top. 

Which means she uses the very best hair and beauty products at home on her own and works hard to maintain the styles which are created for her by her gurus.

Once during a hair crisis due to a filming need to go platinum blonde, Jennifer's hair became extremely dry and damaged. 

Her celebrity hairstylist working with her at that time - Ken Paves - told me that in order to combat the dryness caused by the bleaching, Jennifer would apply deep conditioners or oil treatments to her hair off-set at his suggestion.

Jennifer Lopez 
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Jennifer Lopez

5.  Express opinions and desires

Although Jennifer has great trust in her celebrity hair and beauty teams, she also participates with them in the entire process of making her gorgeous by expressing her hair wants and needs 

Obviously is a hairstyle would be difficult to maintain at home away from her styling team Jennifer might express concern.

Don't assume that Jennifer just sits back and lets her hair and beauty team do all the work without her input, ideas, opinions and suggestions because Jennifer takes responsibility for every part of her life, including how she looks.

6.  Build beauty from inside out

Jennifer Lopez 
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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer has been open with the media about the fact she eats a portion controlled food plan and works out on a consistent basis.

She also exerts a lot of energy singing, dancing and performing, as well as chasing after her twins.

The fact Jennifer works out and exercises means that she is keeping her body healthy and the blood circulating.  A person who exercises, eats right, takes their vitamins and cares for this body will reap the rewards of healthier hair overall.


If you truly wish to copy Jennifer's hairstyle secrets make sure you build the very best time of hair stylists, colorists and other beauty experts.

Be involved in the process and make sure your hair is at optimal health by keeping ends trimmed and religiously perform deep conditioning treatments to keep hair shiny. By taking the rights steps anyone can have gorgeous hair like Jennifer Lopez.

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