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Banana Clip Love

Banana Clip Love

USA-Banana-Clip-Silk-Shantung_p_25880.html - In Panama - USA-Banana-Clip-Silk-Shantung_p_25880.html - In Panama -

There's no shortage of Banana Clip Love in the hair, beauty and fashion worlds.

The almighty banana clip is loved for a myriad of reasons including, but not limited to the following:

1.  It rose to hair accessory greatness in the 80s because it was a great way to easily pull hair back on one or both sides, nestled into the shape of the head and creating an instant hair cascade.

2. Great hair accessory for all hair types, textures and lengths which operates as a functional clip, a decorate accessory or both.  It works great in straight, wavy or even some curly hair styles.

3.  Banana clips got their name for their shape which loosely resembles a banana.

4.  The famous clips are a fabulous secret accessory for fine and/or thin hair, giving the instant illusion of thick, fuller hair.

Banana Clips Are An Alternative To Traditional Ponytail Holders

USA-Banana-Clip-Silk-Shantung_p_25880.html - In Panama - USA-Banana-Clip-Silk-Shantung_p_25880.html - In Panama -

5.  Banana clips, which are two clips attached at a hinge, or free standing, are for anyone with any type, texture or length of hair to use.

6.  Backcombed tresses finished with a spritz of styling spray serves as the perfect hair setting for secure positioning of a banana clip.

7.  Oribe, big hair god of the stars, confessed to Elle Magazine in the September 2015 issue that "I wish I had invented the banana clip.  It's a fantastic way of slinging hair up.

8.  Banana clips are a unique alternative to traditional ponytail holders.

Traditional Tortoise Hued Banana Clip - Traditional Tortoise Hued Banana Clip -

9.  The retro clips, which are still very much loved for 2015 can be used instead of barrettes, jaws, claws, combs, bobby pins or similar hair accessories.

10.  Banana clips can be used as the basis for sophisticated hairstyles ranging from pompadours to half up/half down styles and twists.

Dazzling Array Of Options

11.  There are a dazzling array of banana clip styles, sizes, designs and prices.  You can find them in very inexpensive plastic made from molds or hand cut of the finest cellulose from hair accessories companies such as France Luxe.

12.  Banana clips are similar in some regards to cascade clips and are often compared to unhinged interlocking combs.

13.  The banana clips is a basic hair accessory but it is never boring.

14.  Everything old is new again and banana clips are as popular now as they were in the 80s.

15.  Banana clips don't leave marks in hair like many pony holders to.

Banana Lock comb With Hinge - - All Rights Reserved Banana Lock comb With Hinge - - All Rights Reserved

16.  Most banana clips are less damaging on hair than traditional pony holder.

17.  Depending upon the brand which manufactures banana clips, they may be called clincher combs or a variety of brand specific names.

18.  Banana clips are great for hair which is shoulder length or longer.  The hairstyles best suited for banana clips include, but aren't limited to ponytails, side tails, French twists, updos, chignons, half up/half down styles and an array of braids.

19.  When adding the classic hinged banana clip to your hair, it's important to place the hinged side of the clip at the base of your hair.  The banana clip's hinge should rest at the back of the head with the two combs open on either side of the hair.  The curve of the clip should fit the curve of your head.

20.  Although banana combs may take a little practice to use, one you have the hang of it, if you love this accessory, you most likely will be unwilling to switch back to ponytail holders, barrettes of unhinged double combs.

Summary - Banana Clip Love

Although banana combs may take a little practice to use, one you have the hang of it, if you love this accessory, you most

Note: did not receive any compensation of any type for the products used in this blog.

Dedication:  This blog has been dedicated to Ricky Ray who provided great banana clip input and expertise.
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