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Hair Raising Cardinals

I grew up in St. Louis before the St. Louis Cardinals moved to Phoenix, Arizona and were replaced by the St. Louis Rams.

Back in the day I used to watch the St. Louis Cardinal football team play with my dad who just about had a heart attack every week.  In fact, the St. Louis Cardinals were called the Cardiac Cardinals because their hair raising plays would leave fans with their hair standing on end, clutching their chests and worrying that they were having heart attacks.

Seems like the Cardinals move to Arizona didn't diminish their DNA.  As recently reported by Sports (, the team has a habit of pulling games out of the fire even when they trail at halftime.

While they don't always win when they trail at halftime, every time they do win, it's been after trailing at the half.

So it seems that the Cardiac Cardinals who could raise the hair on just about any fan's head are alive and well and making their fans sweat.  Of course the good news about the Cardinals is that they offer lots of thrills and chills.  They're never boring, that's for sure.

Not only are they still giving fans potential cardiacs, they winning a lot of games.  Even better.  In fact, they recently beat the Cleveland Browns 20-17 in overtime to put them at .500 (7-7) for the first time in awhile.

Living in Dallas for the past 30 years has made me a hard core Cowboys fan, but I still keep one eye peeled on what's happening with the widowmakers in Phoenix.  The Dallas Cowboys?  That's another story for another day, thank you very much.

No matter the situation never count out the hair raising cardiac cardinals totally out until the fat lady sings.  Or maybe that's in opera?  Oh yeah, there's something about a clock and whistle.  Silly me.
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