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Short Hair Styles - Daya Vaidya

Daya Vaidya

Short Hair Styles - Daya Vaidya

Daya Vivian Vaidya (born May 20, 1973 in Kathmandu, Nepal)  is a American actress known for her role as Nina Inara as a series regular in the TV series Unforgettable which stars Poppy Montgomery as Carrie Well.

Besides her work on the popular CBS series, Daya is known for her raven black hair which she wearing in a short hair style with layers.  She usually wears her short hair with a long side-swept fringe which provides softness to her square shaped face and helps to bring out her eyes and lips.

Daya's fringe flows from a high side part with lots of volume built into the the sides and top.  The ends are lightly textured and they form soft flicks of movement.  Her short hair style has precision cut layers which add beautiful movement to the overall look.

The actress keeps her hairstyle free by styling her short cut sleek and straight with one side tucked behind the ear. 

Daya Vaidya

It's interesting how simply changing up the type of hot tools which are used on a short hair style can change it up so quickly.

When Daya styles her hair straight it takes on the look of a sleek bob rather than a layered cut.

While it might seem like Daya has limited options for changing up her short hair style that's definitely not the case.  Recently she was spotted pulled her fringe hair up and securing it completely off her face with clips.

She also likes to wear thin barely there headbands to direct all the hair back towards her crown.  It's gives her a lot of versatility.

Daya moved to Oakland, CA. When she was two years old. She began performing in plays and musicals at the age of eleven, as well as training in all forms of dance from tap and ballet, to hip-hop.

She went on to dance on scholorship at Alvin Ailey in New York and finally received her BA in Theater Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles. She currently resides in Los Angeles.
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