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Why Demi Moore And Ashton Kutcher Union Is Troubled

Why Demi Moore And Ashton Kutcher Union Is Troubled

Demi Moore Long Raven Hair

I've always been a huge fan of Demi Moore (November 11, 1962 in Roswell, New Mexico) at 2:16 pm. My inner astrologer just couldn't sit quietly by and watch the latest Demi Moore/Ashton Kutcher marriage drama without sharing what the planets have to say about these two very talented people.

The rumor mill is buzzing about their latest troubles tied to allegations of Ashton's behavior on their recent wedding anniversary and resulting Twitter activities.

Warning: If you hate astrology or are not a believer, stop reading now.  But if you love astrology, hopefully you will find the insights into what is happening in this celebrity marriage interesting from an astrological viewpoint.

Please note that this blog is totally based upon my own personal observations and astrological opinions and does not reflect any information I might have regarding the two people discussed.

Demi Moore

This stunning beautiful lady is a Scorpio Sun sign with a Pisces ascendant and Moon in Taurus in her 2nd house.  She will be drop dead gorgeous no matter what age she lives to be.

Her seventh house of marriage is Virgo with Libra intercepted in the 7th.  Right now Saturn, the planet of hard lessons, challenges, sadness and separation is in Libra in her 7th house.

Anyone who has the privilege of having her in their life should count their lucky stars because she has special magic in her chart.

Demi Moore Long Hair

Demi The Scorpio

As a Scorpio with Pisces rising and Moon in Taurus she is a very private person, but with Sagitarrius on her 10th career house she is a dichotomy of needing privacy, but also needing to be out in the public eye.

When you get to know her, if she lets you in, she is a very warm, caring and emotional person.  She expects loyalty in love and relationships but is extremely devoted to her loved ones.  Demi is warm and extremely nurturing.

Ashton The Aquarian

Ashton Kutcher was born February 7, 1978 at 12:30 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  He is a free wheeling Aquarius with Gemini rising and a natal moon in Aquarius.  Ashton thrives on camaraderie, teamwork, social endeavor and sharing.  Which explains his love of Twitter.

However, he is also quite objective about his connections.  There is often an impersonal touch to his relationships with others.  A lack of warmth (either physical, emotional or both) may be evident in Kutcher's personality due to all the air planets in his natal chart.  This emotional detachment might be difficult for many people to handle on a long term basis.

Their Marriage Chart

Demi Moore Long Hair

There are definitely astrological challenges from a relationship viewpoint.  Ashton's Sun is square Demi's.  His moon in Aquarius is square her moon in Taurus.  Squares signify blocks and stalemates.

Over time significant squares can cause a relationship to burn out.  Even more interesting is the fact that Ashton's ascendant in Gemini is square Demi's Pisces.

Some astrologers might ask how did these two people ever get together in the first place?  If you study both charts closely you would find karmic astrological signatures in their charts pointing towards a fated relationship between the two.  I believe this marriage was destined to be.

Ashton and Demi got married September 24, 2005 in Los Angeles at approximately 10:00 pm.  The moon was waning and had just entered the 3rd Quarter.

Many astrologers believe that marriages undertaken during the waning moon (from full to new) will not endure.  In my own research this seems to have some serious merit when other indications are also present.

Ashton Kutcher's Career Magic

If you look at the astrological chart of the Kutcher/Moore marriage it is obvious that Kutcher's career would skyrocket after the nuptials.  Moore is indicated by the 1st house and Kutcher by the 3rd and 7th.

The marriage chart has the sun (male) in Libra, the moon (female) in Cancer squaring the sun (male) and the ascendant is the same as Kutcher's.  The chart's Gemini rising  also squares Demi's natal ascendant.

End Of The Marriage

Ashton Kutcher And Demi Moore

The end of the marriage is symbolized by the 10th house which has Uranus in Pisces.  Uranus is the planet of divorce.  Aquarius is on the cusp of the 10th house, but Pisces is the location of the planet Uranus.

This tells me that ultimately both parties would agree a divorce was the best solution for resolving their long term challenges which have probably appeared as major communication blocks.  In essence the couple have grown in completely different directions.

The fifth house of the marriage chart also has Virgo on the cusp with Sun, Mercury and Jupiter along with the South Node located there.  This indicates that there was a lot of love by both people when they first went into the marriage.

Transiting Saturn Causing All Types Of Troubles

Unfortunately transiting Saturn which tends to end unhealthy or troubled relationships has been traveling through the 5th house since the Fall of 2008.  This tells me that challenges toward their true love for each other probably started to be tested at this time.

If hidden marriage issues were happening it was most likely that they started to experience the problems in a serious way during this time or shortly after.

In the Fall of 2009 Saturn moved into Libra which is the sign where all of the marriage's 5th house planets are located.  Ironically the last planet in the 5th house of marital love is Jupiter at 23 Libra 21.  Saturn will be exact at this location on November 6th.

Note: On November 17th it was formally announced by Demi Moore that she was ending the marriage.

Of course there are other transiting planets applying stress to their individual natal charts and their marriage charts but I have chosen to only provide the highlights to avoid becoming too theoretical.

Are Divorce Attorneys In The Picture?

Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore

Do I think Demi or Ashton had consulted with divorce attorneys?  Absolutely.

I also think based upon the individual natal charts and the marriage chart that Demi and Ashton both still truly love each other.

Unfortunately their relationship challenges combined with the transits of Saturn to their marriage chart and eclipses which hit Ashton earlier in the summer have pushed the marriage to tatters.

Can This Marriage Survive?

Could Demi and Ashton survive these current stressful marital issues?  If they were asking my opinion I would say yes, with a very big but.

There are things which could be done to heal the current cracks and get past the natural relationship squares, but it would be challenging and require a new commitment on both parts.

Saturn requires that you get serious about what you really want and make a new commitment towards achieving it.  Both parties in the marriage would have to step up and redefine their relationship with each other.

Is Divorce Likely?

Demi Moore

Does divorce look likely?  Unfortunately if they don't stop and really try for new definition and commitment with Uranus in the end of the marriage legal divorce is likely.

Regardless of whether they get divorced or not, Ashton's career is going nowhere, but up.  He's just beginning to taste some of the success which is etched into his natal chart.

Unfortunately, if Ashton doesn't always have a strong anchor in his life he could fall prey to the trappings of Hollywood and wind up losing his good fortunes.

And Demi?  She is a spectacular lady who will be okay either way because she has a very strong chart and heart.  Her career is in transition right now based on her own natal chart, but if she chooses her path wisely she will come back stronger than ever before.

I wish Demi and Ashton all the best life can offer.

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