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Would Katy Perry's Blonde Hair Still Win Her 3rd Place In Best Tressed?

Would Katy Perry's Blonde Hair Still Win Her 3rd Place In Best Tressed?

Katy Perry recently dyed her trademark dark tresses to a honey blonde.  In fact, going from her trademark raven tresses to blonde required some transitions.  Katy was photographed in between raven and honey with a more red hue which she referred to as ginger.

Katy finally made it to blonde in time for her appearance at the premiere of The Smurfs movie on July 24th.

Katy wore a Smurf embellished short white strapless dress which directed focus on her hair.  Katy voiced the animated character, Smurfette, in The Smurfs.

Unfortunately fans seem to prefer Katy in her original dark brunette tresses.  In fact, in the beginning of 2011 it was announced that Katy had come in 3rd in the annual Sally Beauty Best Tressed Survey behind Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce Knowles.

But when American women answered the survey for the 17th annual Sally Beauty survey the pop idol was rocking her raven black tresses.

Would the women who voted for Katy as having the best tresses as a brunette still vote for her as a blonde?  If you read a lot of the celebrity forums around the web you might find that fans are not loving Katy as a blonde.  They actually love her with either her raven hues or even her famous bright blue.

In retrospect, many fans have said that they loved Katy with her vibrant blue wigs better than her blonde.  Which brings up a good question.  Would American women answering the Sally Beauty Supply today still vote for Katy the blonde versus Katy the brunette?

Even more interesting, would they still vote for Jennifer Lopez now that her marital woes have been revealed?  It's hard to predict how Katy's hair color change and Jennifer's marital status might impact voters.

Ironically Beyonce Knowles came in a close second to Jennifer Lopez in the survey.  Since she is still rocking gorgeous extensions, wigs and weaves, it's likely she could even beat out Jennifer.

Of course Lady Gaga who came in with the worst hairstyle for two years in a row is probably in no danger of losing the best of the worst since she recently revealed either a shaved head or a bald cap.

Although fans are not crazy about Katy's new hair hue, the popstar recently picked up nine nominations for the VMAs.  So fans still love her music.

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