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Combining Hair Processes

Although Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera appear to have picture-perfect tresses which appear to combine multiple chemical processes, the reality is that most of these divas wear wigs.

Some, but not all, of the divas and/or their celebrity hair gurus have admitted their use of custom made wigs to combine brilliant color with stick straight strands.

More Info: Chemical Hair Straightening Faqs

Unless us mere mortals have access to the cream of the celebrity hair crop who can create spectacular hair hues and textures, it is never advisable to actually combine hair color with other chemicals.

Yes, if you search you may find hairstylists who say its okay to color and then chemically alter the texture.  But the reality is that most hair experts strongly advise against combining bleaching, coloring, relaxing or chemical straightening.

Even more damaging would be to add weaves on top of hair which is first colored and chemically straightened.

When all three hair processes are combined they put catastrophic stress on the hair causing the hair to fall out, usually around the hairline.  In some cases the hair loss can actually be permanent.

Hair which is weak from chemical straighteners, relaxers and hair coloring can't handle being pulled and tugged into braids or cornrows used to anchor the add-on weaves.   The stress applied to the hairline can literally pull the hair out by the roots.

If you combine hair processes just one time, there will most likely be damage.  If these combined hair processes are done repeatedly over a period of year the damage can accumulate to the point that weaves are no longer viable.

Which means only extreme hair processes will cover the extensive long time damage.  If certain types of lace wigs are utilized to cover the hair loss and the wigs are glued or taped to the scalp they can pull any new regrowth out from the roots when the wigs are removed.  Thus the ongoing cycle of permanent damage will be perpetuated.

Other side effects of combining multiple hair processes can cause frizzy ends, hair breakage, split ends, soggy hair and even burned hair when the strands are treated with heat.  Burnt hair from over processing and combining processes is know as bubble hair.

Bottom line?  Never combine more than one hair process at a time.  If you're going to bleach or color then don't do any other chemical processes.  If you decide to relax or chemically straighten then skip the color and weaves.

Pick one chemical process and then do everything you can to compensate with deep conditioners and related treatments which will keep your hair as healthy as possible when chemically altered.

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