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Mad Men's Christina Hendricks Plays Real Life Hubby's Crush On ABC's Body Of Proof

Imagine my surprise when I spotted the gorgeous "Mad Men" red haired beauty, Christina Hendricks on ABC's new "Body of Proof".  The show, which airs on Tuesdays at 10:00 pm ET stars Dana Delaney as Dr. Megan Hunt a former brilliant neurosurgeon.

Dr. Hunt was at the top of her game until a devastating car accident ended her time in the operating room. But rather than end her medical career, the surgeon becomes a medical examiner.

Actor Geoffrey Arend plays the brilliant geeky Dr. Ethan Gross.  On tonight's episode (4/19/11) the doctor who works in the coroner's office examines the dead twin sister of a stunning red head named Karen played by Arend's real life wife, Christina Hendricks.

It turns out that the actors have great chemistry on screen.  When Dr. Gross discovered the cause of Karen's deceased sister's death he was filled with panic to save the gorgeous redhead's life.

The good doctor discovered the dead twin had a special genetic condition which caused a high risk of developing life threatening blood clots while sitting during extended plane trips.

Dr. Gross was very concerned that Karen, since she was a twin, had inherited the same gene.  Since Karen was scheduled to depart on a long flight, he was frantic to reach her before she boarded the plane.  His colleague even warned Dr. Gross that he might be perceived as a stalker.

At the end of the episode the couple had a very cute exchange with Dr. Gross receiving a kiss from the beauty who teased him about being a little bossy.

It was nice to see Christina Hendricks on a show other than Mad Men.

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