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Brian Gets Final Cut On Shear Genius 3 Episode 7 In Elimination Challenge

Last night Brian was eliminated from Shear Genius 3. Although he placed in the top two in the Shortcut Challenge, he placed in the bottom two on the Elimination Challenge with Brig.  Unfortunately he got the boot instead of Brig who we all love to hate.  Including some of the Shear Genius 3 contestants.

Shortcuts African American Formal Hairstyle Challenge

Brian's response to the African American hair challenge?  He said as he got his model "I have the last pick of dresses today and this is the one I wanted."  He told the camera the dress "reminded me of ancient Rome of ancient Greece.  And I had something in mind that might work with that dress."

As Brian started to blow dry his model he said "alright, so you are 18 years old.  Fantastic."  He said to the camera "I can remember when I was that age and the future seemed so bright and promising.  And I had the opportunity to go to beauty school but I didn't feel secure with my own self.  And that's one thing I would like to say to these people."

He continued "anything you want, you can achieve.  When you look back on high school, you are just going to realize just put it into perspective and it's not that big of deal."

Styling African American Hair Tips

As he was blow drying Brian said "it's important to smooth out the edges of African American hair.  You can take either a pressing comb, flat iron or just a blow dryer with a boar hair brush.  So that you have a polished, finished look."  He told his model "I'm going to put a little product into your hair so it won't look greasy.  Just add a little bit of shine to your hair."

Brian's client had lots of open looped curls pinned into a cascading formation down the back of her head from the crown.  The client said "this is exactly what I wanted.  That's crazy.  It's beautiful.  I like it."

Celebrity Guest Judge Kimberly Kimble

Celebrity guest judge, African American hair expert, Kimberly Kimble said "I have to say this is probably one of the better textures and finishes of all of the models.  However, I will say this makes her look a little bit young with the half up/half down hairstyle."  Kim continued "I maybe might not have down the pin curls or spiral curls because it reminds me of how younger girls wear their hair."

A Look Back In History Books

Brian responded to the camera in response.  "If you take a look back in history books or images from sculptures or frescos I think the hair represents what I was trying to do with my vision of hair."

Kimberly said the two stylists she was most impressed with was "Brian and Janine".  She said "Brian, I think you did a lovely job with the finish of her hair.  Her hair looked beautiful, the texture was great, it looked great with her outfit, I think it was a great overall look for her."

60s/70s Hairstyle Red Carpet Elimination Challenge

The elimination challenge involved making over a model in 90 minutes, chosen by Janine, for a Red Carpet party for singer Estelle.  The theme was to create a 60s or 70s period hairstyle in the vein of Edie Sedgewick, Diana Ross or similar.

Brian was thrilled to have the opportunity to re-create Edie Sedgewick. He said "Estelle wants us to create looks that are reminiscent of the 1960s or 70s.  Now I'm a huge fan of the whole Factory, Andy Warhol scene.  So I don't think this is going to be the hardest challenge for me."

In fact, Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgewick turned out to be Brian's downfall.  Obviously he was expecting to do well, if not win the challenge.  Unfortunately, he was sadly mistaken.

Brian told his model "I was thinking about taking this foreward (the fringe) and keeping a root.  Definitely a root. But not too short."  The model said "like Paris Hilton's hair?"  Brian "I was thinking like Edie Sedgewick."  He told the camera "Edie Sedgewick is a fashion icon.  She started hanging out with Andy Warhol.  Her parents turned their back on her and she became a drug addict and died at the age of 28."

As he sniped her hair Brian said to his model "don't be afraid.  You're going to be beautiful.  One of the things about Edie Sedgewick is that she wanted to emulate the way Warhol looked.  Or maybe it was the other way around.  I think there was some confusion back then."

Celebrity hairdresser and advisor to the consultants told Brian "I just really want to make sure you do something that's polished and Red Carpet."  Brian told Orlando "it's getting there." Orlando encouraged Brian to keep working on it.  After he left Brian explained to the camera "this is a very harsh look.  If you don't know what I'm going for it might be perceived as a trailer part sort of look."

Brian's Summary Of His Style On The Red Carpet

When Brian's model walked down the Red Carpet he said "she looks like she's straight out of The Factory.  She's got this string dress.  Her earrings fall just beneath her hair cut.  It just looks really cool.  And I'm very happy that this whole vision has come together."

Going In Front Of The Judges

When Brian described his model to the judges during the Elimination Challenge he said "when I spoke to my model I said I would love to take your hair a little bit shorter.  With some blonde pieces.  Because I was going for an Edie Sedgewick look and Edie Sedgewick was an iconic figure.  She wanted to emulate Andy Warhol.  Warhol wore a distinct wig on his head.  It was disconnected.  Completely dark underneath and dark on the sides.  With a deep root."

Guest judge Estelle said "OK.  When I think of Edie Sedgewick I don't think of the hairstyle you did there. As much as she was trying to be about Andy Warhol she was still quite classic.  More like a "bad girl" Audrey Hepburn."

Jonathan Antin said "I understand the concept of a deep root.  That's not a deep root.  She looks like a heroin addict who hasn't had her hair colored in eight months."  Brian answered "Edie Sedgewick"  Jonathan said "but you know what?  You got so locked up in the world of Edie Sedgewick that you forgot about the F****** hair."

While the contestants were waiting for the final results Brian said "You know, I hope they're goggling Edie Sedgewick right now.  I'm a huge fan of The Warhol factory.  I don't think there's a person in this building who knows more about that.  If that doesn't represent Edie Sedgewick I don't know what the F*** does.

What did the judges say about Brian's Edie Sedgewick while they were deliberating?

Kim Vo said "I think he invented a new hair color.  It is not blonde, not orange.  It's like blo-orange."  Jonathan said "having those roots make you feel like you're watching a horror film.  They're frightening.  I mean, this is the classic example of how his model should have looked (Jonathan pointed to Camilla who was wearing a sleek 60s style Sassoon-esque look).  A really cool, kinda clean wispy bang.  Clean lines around the bottom."  He pointed again to Camilla "this is it."

Camilla told Brian "you said you had a vision but the execution of that vision was wrong.  Your color choice made no sense.  And the cut was disconnected.  And completely inappropriate for a red carpet event."

Brian's Last Words?

He told the judges "I respect all of your subjective opinions and it's been a wonderful opportunity.  Anddd, I've had a good time.  So thank you."

While he was cleaning up his station he said "I've had a great experience here.  And I don't regret any of it.  I think I brought something that others didn't.  I created hairstyles that weren't necessarily fashion but were looked upon as fashion like.  Edie Sedgewick....look it up."

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