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Leonor Greyl Hair Care Is All The Rage At

Leonor Greyl Hair Care Products

Leonor Greyl Hair Care Is All The Rage At

Although Leonor Greyl hair care products are all the rage in Europe, the team has known about the brands for years.

We were one of the first websites to embrace the brand and carry it for our fans in the United States.

Yes, while Leonor Greyl is one of the most coveted brands in France it also has a devoted following at and throughout the United States.

Many fans of Leonor Greyl has told us that makes it easy to find this amazing hair care brand.

Although many of the Leonor Greyl products are well-known and loved, the Huile de Palme is famous with celebrity hairdressers and celebrities throughout the world.

Jessica Alba and the No Doubt group are fans of the line.  Jessica Alba has been known to use the Huile de Palme on her own gorgeous tresses as a pre-treatment.

The entire line has a very chic packaging and is lush and produces great results.  Although the line specializes in adding moisture, it can be used by men, women, teens, tweens of all ages and races.  It will never weigh down hair and when you learn how to use the line appropriately, it rocks for your hair.

Over the past six months has featured the entire Leonor Greyl line in our Marketplace landing window where we only feature our favorites.  Even though was one of the first to carry the line some years ago, we have fallen more in love with the products over time.
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