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Hair Filler Extensions Create Minimal Risk Of Damaging Thinning Hair

Hair Filler Extensions Create Minimal Risk Of Damaging Thinning Hair Great Lengths Extensions

Traditional fusion, attachment, tape, or clip-in hair extensions are not really hair friendly for thinning hair.

Unless hair extensions are very carefully placed in singular strands, they may be way too heavy for the scalp and roots to support.

Heavy add-on hair, regardless of the attachment method, may cause more pressure on the scalp and roots. This may accelerate shedding.

For anyone suffering from traction alopecia, this may aggravate a pre-existing condition.

This may also trigger more hair fall for someone with telogen effluvium (TE) or androgenic alopecia (AGA).

Hair Filler Extensions Create Minimal Risk Of Damaging Thinning Hair Great Lengths Keratin Bonds - GreatLengths.

Hair filler extensions are the hottest new way to fake fuller locks. They contain the minimal risk of creating additional damage to thinning strands.

The idea with hair filler individual hair extensions is to naturally enhance a client's thinning hair by adding just a few extensions at an affordable price.

Hair Fillers Are Much Lighter Than Other Types Of Add-on Extensions

Which is where hair filler comes in. Hair filler focused on targeted placement. They are a type of hair injectable for your length.

The ultimate goal is that less hair can be more.

The technique uses a fine keratin-bond application system. Hair fillers are a type of in-salon add-o hair treatment. It provides celebrity-worthy plus strands instantly.

Hair filler is the latest way to get your thickest hair ever.

They consist of keratin bonds. These make for the most discreet application of hair extensions. Individually placed, they can mimic the natural movement of your hair.

Note:  Great Lengths keratin is a copolymeric compound whose molecular structure resembles very closely the structure and behavior of human hair: expanding when exposed to water and contracting upon drying.

What Is Hair Filler?

Hair Filler Extensions Create Minimal Risk Of Damaging Thinning Hair Hair Filler Extensions -

Hair filler installations are still a hair extension service. However, it uses small amounts of hair in targeted areas. It helps fill in areas that aren't as thick. Hair fillers do not add length.

Hair fillers are a type of extension to make your hair thicker rather than longer. The goal is to be discreet but fabulous.

Hair fillers consist of keratin bonds which are hydrolyzed. This means the bonds expand and contract when it comes into contact with water. This is just like your natural hair shaft.

Benefits Of Hair Filler?

Hair fillers are particularly ideal for people who have experienced hair loss. Unlike traditional hair extensions, they reduce tension and minimize weight.

They're also suitable for people with some forms of alopecia, although your stylist will always be able to recommend what's best.

Hair filler extensions may be used in a few ways:

Hair Filler Extensions Create Minimal Risk Of Damaging Thinning Hair Fill-in Hair Extensions - Image Courtesy Of

1. Adding volume with mini-bonds to fine or thinning hair for more volume

2. For clients that have naturally fine to super fine hair and clients that are suffering from hair loss due to Covid, menopause, or health problems.

3. Correcting a haircut to hide any uneven areas.

4. Adding in fullness and length to over-processed or damaged hair. This includes hair that's been over bleached or heat damaged.'

What's Involved With A Hair Filler Treatment?

The first step is to consult with a hair filler expert. You will need to discuss the goals you wish to achieve with hair filler extensions.

Discuss the areas of your scalp where you want plumping.

That is the target for where hair filler will be added.

Filler experts match the color of the extensions with the client's hair color. Clients are asked to bring a photo of themselves when they were most happy with their hair.

Wash the hair with a deep cleanser to ensure the scalp and hair are free of products or oils.

Hair Filler Extensions - 35 gram 14" Fill-ins

The hair filler extensions are attached by using a heated machine which melts the keratin bonds around the hair.

How Long Do Hair Fillers Take?

Depending on how many fillers are used, the average treatment takes around an hour and a half. The more fillers added, the longer the treatment.

It's important to know that every hair filler installation is customized to the client's hair type and filler needs.

Each installation considers how much weight the client's scalp and roots can handle. This is important for someone with alopecia.

What Do Hair Fillers Cost?

Depending on the amount of hair needed to achieve a good result, the cost may start at approximately $400-$500 (US).

For most people, this is estimated to range between $400 to $800. This does not include tips or incidentals. Always obtain a clear estimate of your final cost.

The time and cost of hair filler extensions vary from salon to salon. Prices range depending on a variety of factors.

Every hair filler installation is unique. 

Hair Filler Extensions - 50 Gram 14" Fill-ins

They vary by:

1. Quality of the hair used

2. How the filler is applied

3. The number of fillers required

How Long Do Hair Fillers Last?

They generally last three to four months. It depends on the client's lifestyle and hair regrowth speed.

Other key points to note for hair filler aftercare are:

  • Use sulfate-free shampoo
  • Ask your stylist for hair filler shampoo recommendations
  • Add conditioners (rinse out, leave-in) only to lengths and ends
  • Avoid applying conditioner to roots where bonds sit
  • Detangle carefully using a soft brush
  • Use your hand to gently anchor filler hair when detangling
  • Avoid chlorine and salt water which can weaken or damage bonds

Hair Filler Removal

Hair Filler Extensions - 18" Fill-ins

Hair filler add-on hair is usually removed with oil-based products. Once filler hairs soften, special pliers open the bonds. Fillers slide right out.

The hair filler strands are cut very fine. They're much lighter than traditional add-on hair options. As a result, they are much less heavy.

A highly skilled hair filler professional can avoid creating undue damage to thinning hair. Each installation is 100% customized.

Hair fillers are not reusable.

Summary - Hair Filler Extensions Create Minimal Risk Of Damaging Thinning Hair

If you're struggling with hair loss issues, make sure you go to a registered hair extension stylist to create the best hair filler extension plan for you.

Ultra-Thin Adhesive Stip - Great Lengths Keratin Bonds

The advantage of hair filler extensions is that they are completely customized and designed to minimize adding too much hair to the scalp and roots.

One important goal behind hair filler extensions is to fill in the thinning areas but focus on the concept of less add-on hair is more.

Hair filler extensions are a type of hair extension service, but they are much less damaging to someone struggling with an array of hair loss issues.

Best wishes.

Note: nor I have any financial, business, or other types of affiliate relationship with Great Lengths, or Remicachet,, or any other products mentioned in this blog.

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