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Kimora Lee Simmons Long Loose Waves

Kimora Lee Simmons Long Loose Waves Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons (née Perkins) was born May 4, 1975, in Florissant, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis.

The current owner of the Baby Phat brand since 2019, she was the original founder of Baby Phat in 2000 with her former husband Russell Simmons (1998-2009.

She remained president of the brand until it was sold in 2009. She left in 2010.

Kimora Lee's split from Baby Phat, the line she created with ex-husband Russell Simmons, was anything but amicable.

Now she's back, and all's well.

A Celebrity Doppelganger

Kimora has a celebrity doppelganger who just happens to be Tyra Banks.

The American model and television personality told OK Magazine in 2009, "people used to think Tyra and I were sisters".

"If I actually called her house, her mom would think I was her because she couldn't tell our voices apart.  We're mistaken for each other in our own homes - in our own families."

Youthful Good Looks

Kimora Lee Simmons Long Loose Waves Kimora Lee Simmons

How does she keep her youthful good looks?  She told OK, "crying and laughing is good for the soul.  It keeps you youthful."

The former model has five children she is very proud of.

With husband Russell Simmons (1998-2009) she has daughters Ming Lee (born January 21, 2000) and Aoki Lee (born August 16, 2002).

With Djimon Hounsou (2007–2012), she has a son Kenzo Lee Hounsou (born May 2009).

In April 2015, she gave birth to Wolfe Lee Leissner with her husband, Tim.

She also has an adopted son, 10-year-old Gary Lee (as of 2022).

How To Create Kimora Lee Simmons' Long Loose Waves

Kimora is almost as famous for her gorgous hairstyles ranging from lush waves and sassy curls.

If you wish to copy Kimona's great waves follow the step by step instructions below:

Kimora Lee Simmons Long Loose Waves Kimora Lee Simmons at Push Premiere by Anthony Citrano - Creative Commons

Wet wash previously detangled hair in lukewarm water.  Douse hair completely with water.

Pre-mix 1/8th of a teaspoon of hydrating shampoo in 1 quart of lukewarm water.  Shake to form suds.

Dizzle, the shampoo mixture over the top of the head, allowing the suds to flow down through the middle and ends.  Pat, don't rub, scrub or tousle wet hair.

Apply A Rinse-out Conditioner

Rinse well with lukewarm water to remove all the shampoo mixture.   Starting at the top of your hair, gently squeeze individual sections of hair like an accordion to remove excess water.

Apply a hydrating rinse-out conditioner from below the ears to the ends.  Use your fingers to distribute through all the sections.

Detangle Hair Coated With Conditioner

If you wish, use a wide tooth comb with smooth teeth to gently detangle strands working from the ends up to the roots.  Work in very small sections around the entire head.

Once the hair is completely doused in conditioner and detangled, rinse well.

After the hair is completely rinsed, finish with a cool or cold final rinse.  Perform one more accordion squeeze to remove all excess water.

Kimora Lee Simmons Long Loose Waves Djimon Hounsou and Kimora Lee Simmons Push Premiere - Anthony Citrano - Creative Commons

Style With Volumizing Product To Add Volume

Blot excess water from hair with 100% cotton shamy or similar. Detangle hair one more time.

Spray or apply a volumizing product from end to end.  Distribute the product evenly throughout the hair.

For extra fullness, apply a root lifting spray to the roots.

Divide Hair Into Small Sections And Blow Dry

Separate hair into individual small sections.  Start with a section of hair from either side of the head.

Begin at the ends of the hair.  Blow dry each individual section of hair using a medium round boar bristle brush.

Work all around the hair until it's completely dry.

Use A Curling Iron To Create Curls

Kimora Lee Simmons Long Loose Waves Image by Arun Sharma -

Set the hair by using a 1 and 1/4-inch curling iron. For larger waves, use a larger iron.

Pin each newly created ironed curl at the base.   Spray with a medium-hold thermal hairspray for added hold and shine.

Let the newly created ironed curls sit for a few minutes.

For more curls and fewer waves, let the hair remain pinned until right before you are ready to go out.

Finish The Lush Wavy Hairstyle

Kimora Lee Simmons Long Loose Waves Photographer: Tim Lundin ~ [email protected] - Wikipedia

Unpin the curls one by one.  Use a boar brush paddle or styling brush to deconstruct the new curls in which the head is suspended upside down.

This position creates added volume at the roots. Flip your head back and shake the hair into place for a soft tousled loose wavy look with lots of lush volume and flow.

Finish with a light mist of a light hairspray or setting spray.

Add shimmer And Shine

For added shine, apply 1 drop of shine drops or shine spray and massage into the palms of your hands.

Swipe over the top of your hair.

Remember, a little bit goes a long way.

Best wishes to all.

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