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Should You Get Hair Extensions? A Comprehensive Guide To Hair Extensions

Should You Get Hair Extensions? A Comprehensive Guide To Hair Extensions Should You Get Hair Extensions? A Comprehensive Guide To Hair Extensions Photo by Amin RK -

The hair extension marketplace is already a billion-dollar industry.

Extension insiders are expecting the extension industry to cross $20 billion dollars by the end of 2024.

It might happen even sooner at the current rate of growth.

Hair Extensions Are The New Instant Hair Normal

In a world full of reality housewives, bachelorettes, Kardashians, and Jenners, extensions are everywhere you look.

The old days of being stigmatized for wearing fake hair are mostly gone.

Celebrities may be more prone to showcasing extreme lengths, colors, and extensions styles.

Not always. Every day people have discovered the advantages of hair extensions.

Do Your Homework - Hair Extensions Knowledge Is Power

Should You Get Hair Extensions? A Comprehensive Guide To Hair Extensions Should You Get Hair Extensions? A Comprehensive Guide To Hair Extensions - Image by Silas Hao - Unsplash

If you're new to hair extensions, before you dive in, it's a great idea to understand as much as you can.

Knowledge is always power, and this is definitely true in the world of add-on hair.

Types Of Hair Extensions

One type of hair extension doesn't work for all people all of the time.

Many types of hair can be attached as well as many styles of attachment.

Depending upon your short, medium, and long-term goals, the type of hair you select and the attachment

method are important to consider.

Reasons For Getting Hair Extensions

Image by Nikola Topić -

Hair weaves in particular, did not gain interest until the 1950s.  At that point it was main used by celebrities or extremely wealthy people.

Since the mid 1990s hair extensions have become very popular witn non-celebrities.

Hair extensions offer the option to instantly change up your hair length, volume, color, and style.

No two people are alike.  Some people wear hair extensions for a special life event, such as a wedding, prom, reunion, or other special hair event.

Hair extensions can be used to disguise a bad haircut. that turned out too short. They can add an instant fringe, a long braid, or a sassy ponytail.

One of the best advantages of hair extensions is the ability to instantly change your hair color without

Human Hair Extensions

Valerie Elash -

Hair extensions can be created from 100% all human hair, 100% synthetic hair, or a combination of human hair and synthetic hair.

The most natural-looking hair extensions are usually 100% human hair. They cost 6-9 times more than synthetic options.

Human hair offers the advantage of being easy to wash, chemically color, and heat style. They can be colored to perfectly match your natural hair color.

If you plan on wearing hair extensions for a longer period of time, human hair is usually a better option.  They can be reused and reattached as your

natural hair roots grow out and lengthen,  Other than the much higher cost, human hair extensions

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Synthetic hair doesn't frizz like 100% human hair, but it can't be chemically colored, so it looks less like real hair.

It also may be shinier than a human hair.  In fact, it may be unnaturally shiny.

Although a lot of synthetic hair can't be heat styled, some of the newer versions can handle heat up to 350 degrees.

Images by maxzzerzz on

Synthetic hair is also a lot lighter than 100% hair or even a blend of human and synthetic hair.  It does hold its shape well, especially in humid conditions.

It definitely doesn't look as natural.   In some cases, yarn, colored string, or other alternative types of hair such as well can be used instead of hair.

Blended Hair Extensions - Human + Synthetic Blend

If you want the advantages of human hair without the high cost, can may be happy to try a blend.

You can get the benefits of synthetic and human hair all-in-one hair extension products.

Hair extension blends are made from a premium blend of synthetic fiber and real human hair.  You can get natural textures at

affordable prices.

Tony Luginsland -

Blended hair extensions tend to be the most popular in clip-in options.

Types Of Hair Extensions

There is a wide range of attachment methods utilized for hair extensions ranging from very temporary to semi-permanent.

Clip And Glue-in Extensions

Clip-in Hair Extensions - Clip-in hair extensions are the most temporary of all hair extensions since they are best worn for short periods of time.

These types of hair extensions should not be slept in.

They should be removed before bedtime.  Clip-in extensions can be attached quickly by using a series of snaps or miniature clips.

Clip-in hair extensions can range in price from very inexpensive $30 to more than $1,500.   The least expensive clip-in extensions tend to be 100% synthetic and will not tend to last long.

Glue-in Hair Extensions - Clip-in hair extensions can be have extended wear from one day to a few days if they are temporarily glued onto the scalp.

Image by Tyler Nix -

Glue-in hair extensions are added and removed with oil-based solvents.

It is recommended that glue-in extensions be applied or removed by a hair extension expert.

If the glue-in extensions are attached or removed incorrectly, they may cause damage to the scalp, roots, or surrounding hair follicles.

The glue may also clog the roots or hair follicles and cause bacterial infections.

Tape And Weave-in Extensions

Tape-in Hair Extensions - Single or double-sided polyurethane tape is used to apply wefts or curtains of hair directly to the scalp.  Tape-in hair extensions can be applied in approximately one or two hours.

They last up to six weeks or so with proper care and maintenance.  Tape-in hair extensions look more natural than clip-in or glue-in hair extensions. They can be either 100% human hair or synthetic.

They are also less stressful on the scalp, roots, and follicles. This is because the wefts are spread across larger areas of the scalp.

Should You Get Hair Extensions? A Comprehensive Guide To Hair Extensions Should You Get Hair Extensions? A Comprehensive Guide To Hair Extensions Image by Mahdi Chaghari on

Tape-in hair extensions need to be kept dry for up to 48 hours after attachment.  A silicone or similar oil is suggested to keep the hair extensions securely in place.

Weave-in Hair Extensions - A hair extension expert will first create a horizontal cornrow braid. Hair extensions are woven into the cornrow braid.

They can apply a lot of pressure to the scalp, roots, and follicles.  Then it's sewn into the braid. Weave-in extensions must be maintained properly.

If not, is a risk of developing bacterial infections.  It can take several hours for a hair extensionist to finish weaving hair into the cornrow braids.

Weave-in extensions can last for several weeks to months.

Fusion Or Micro Rings Or Beads

Fusion extensions are the most semi-permanent type of hair extensions.  They are attached with hot or cold glue. Or they can be attached with micro rings or shrink tubes.

They can also be attached with bead connections.

Should You Get Hair Extensions? A Comprehensive Guide To Hair Extensions Should You Get Hair Extensions? A Comprehensive Guide To Hair Extensions - Valerie Elash in

Hot Or Cold Fusion Extensions - Fusion bonds can last up to 3 to 4 months, depending on how well they are maintained.  

Microrings or Micro links, which may also be known as micro beads or micro loops are applied by separating out tiny wefts of natural hair.  Tiny wefts of extension hair are attached to the natural hair without heat or glue.  

Like hot or cold fusion, microrings or links can last 3 to 4 months if they are maintained carefully. 

Dangers Of Wearing Hair Loss - Traction Alopecia Or Other Types Of Hair Loss

Hair loss can occur either along the front hairline or above the ears due to the wearing of specific hair extensions for a prolonged period of time.

The extra weight caused by extensions can strain the hair follicles, especially if they are left in for a long time or worn frequently.

One of the most damaging types of hair extensions is weaves.

Should You Get Hair Extensions? A Comprehensive Guide To Hair Extensions - Image By Kristina Petrick Should You Get Hair Extensions? A Comprehensive Guide To Hair Extensions - Image By Kristina Petrick

The natural hair is braided very tightly into a horizontal cornrow from ear to ear.

Once the anchor cornrow has been tightly positioned against the scalp, wefts of hair are woven into the base braid.  That add-on hair, whether 100% human, synthetic or mixed, adds additional weight and pressure to the scalp, roots, and follicles

Hair Extensions May Not Be A Good Option For Those Predisposed To Hair Loss

Then the wefts are sewn to guarantee tightness.  All the extra pressure and weight can lead to potential traction alopecia.

If you are already experiencing any type of hair loss, hair extensions may not be a good option for you.  Whether you are suffering from areata alopecia (AGA), traction alopecia, or some other hair loss disease, hair extensions may be too heavy for your existing roots.

The only hair extensions which may be the least damaging for women experiencing hair loss would be clip-in hair extensions worn for very short periods of time.  You may also be able to wear clip-in ponytails or braids as well if they are attached to a strong area of the scalp.

The other option is to have individual strands of hair attached with the lightest micro link to avoid adding any undue pressure.

Before having any type of hair extensions or add-on hair applied, be sure to talk to your hair loss restoration physician to get their advice on the safety of wearing hair extensions.

Human Rights

Gustavo Spindula on

In July 2020, American authorities seized 11.8 tons of natural hair products that had allegedly been produced in the Xinjiang re-education camps by slave labor.

The hair products were seized at the border in New York due to the suspected human rights violations associated with their production.

Summary - Should You Get Hair Extensions? A Comprehensive Guide To Hair Extensions

There are a wide array of reasons for getting hair extensions ranging from instantly changing up a hairstyle with volume and length to changing the color without chemicals.  Hair extensions have many benefits, but they can also have disadvantages.

Not all people all the time can safely and comfortably wear hair extensions.  The pricing may also be out o range for some people.

There is a difference between human hair and synthetic and mixed blends.  Each time of hair works better or worse with certain types of attachment methods.

Find the very best hair extension expert you can find and work closely with them to find the very best extension solution that meets your goals, your budget, your lifestyle, and your hairstyle desires.

Best wishes to all.

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