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Getmii Digital Campaigining

Getmii Digital Campaigining

Getmii App Icon on iOS 9 - - All Rights Reserved Getmii App Icon on iOS 9 - - All Rights Reserved

At their core, the Getmii Team believes humanitarian projects and the Internet both revolve around people connecting with other people who support, care about each other and ultimately share.

The Getmii digital campaigning goals are intricately built upon the use of electronic communication technologies such as social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and iOS applications.

Digital campaigning also known as cyberactivism, e-activism and Internet activism enables rapid fire communications by citizen movements as well as the delivery of local information to global audiences.

What Is Getmii?

Getmii is the newest and brightest entry into the world of Internet activism.  It may be the newest cross between Google and Facebook.

Getmii is a sizzling new social media channel which embodies social sharing in a big way.  Riffing off Dr. Ruth's famous proclamation "Get some," the Getmii app invites you to fulfill any need with someone nearby by submitting: "Getmii _________" on the home screen.

Its geo-location algorithm then broadcasts that need, be it a service, product or advice, to people near you.

Note:  Getmii is available for free in the App Store at: or on Goggle Play at:

Online Activism To Harness Sharing, Action And Reaction

Online activism is generally divided into three main categories including awareness and advocacy, organization and mobilization as well as action and reaction.

Getmii Team at new digs at Harvard Launch Innovation Lab - Getmii Team - New digs at Harvard Launch Innovation Lab - Left to Right - Fredrik Vateman, Madeline Rudnick (Maddie), Max Meyer & Mark Meyer - Courtesy of Getmii - All Rights Reserved

Internet technologies are used for cause-related fundraising, community building, organizing and share.

Utilization of social media helps digital campaigning achieve spectacular digital activism objectives.

Strategic use of social media can provide new company with powerful communication advantages.

Integration Into Broader Communications

The very best impact of any message will be its effective integration into a broader communications strategy.

The significance of digital can’t be overestimated. Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other digital channels can instantly help provide context while helping to activate a broad base of support for the company.

Communities on social networking sites instantly enable an active participatory culture because they permit communication between groups which are otherwise unable to communicate

Social media experts have suggested through various studies that approximately 78% of all journalists regularly use Twitter and other forms of social media to keep up with breaking news, conduct research for future stories and stay connected.

Getmii's Message

Getmii in Grand Central in NYC in October 2015 - Courtesy of Getmii - All Rights Reserved Getmii in Grand Central in NYC in October 2015 - Courtesy of Getmii - All Rights Reserved

In social channels, it's often not enough for a company like Getmii to be clear and precise.

Messages need to be personal, approachable and appropriately emotional.

Getmii understands and is responding appropriately.

The Getmii team which consists of brilliant innovators, creators, dreamers, and doers, spends their days (and nights) obsessing over how to better connect people in need with those who support and care about them.

The creation of Getmii also recognizes information doesn’t give people what they need; people do.

The Getmii App

The Getmii app is a tool which prompts people with the question “What do you need?”  Everyone’s needs are different, on individual levels and also based on culture and geography.

Max Meyer in a recent interview in The Black Hills Pioneer explained “We hope that it can be a tool for communities to use it however they want to or however it’s useful to them.”

In Japan and South Korea, Meyer guesses "the main use there could be for afterschool tutoring services." In Southeast Asia, he imagines" it will be used for social gatherings."

Max Meyer - Co-Founder of Getmii - Image Courtesy of Twitter - All Rights Reserved Max Meyer - Co-Founder of Getmii - Image Courtesy of Twitter - All Rights Reserved

On college campuses in the U.S., he thinks "there will be a lot of uses, from seeking lecture notes from classmates to searching for food delivery to the library late at night, and the possibilities are endless."

Meyer noted “I want to be clear: We never promise that somebody can actually get what they’re looking for. We don’t do that by design.”

Meyer said “you send it out, and who knows what will happen?”

Expanding Getmii Beyond Basic Logistics

In early 2015, the Getmii founders, Max Meyer, Darryl Lau and Matthias Juergens were in Bangkok, Thailand developing a logistics application.

Inspired in part by the April 2015 7.8 magnitude Nepal earthquake, which killed more than 9,000 people and affecting millions in the region, Meyer saw how many basic needs were unmet.

GetMii App - Getmii - All Rights Reserved GetMii App - Getmii - All Rights Reserved

He wondered how to help, asking, “What if there was a way for anyone, anywhere, so long as they have a phone, to broadcast any needs that they have to someone around who could help?”

As a result of that experience Meyer expanded the Getmii platform beyond basic logistics to allow posts of all kinds, including emergency disaster relief.

Getmii held its first pilot test with the Red Cross Central Donation Center in Nepal on September 10, 2015, before launching globally on Thursday, September 24, 2015.

Summary - Getmii Digital Campaigining

The ultimate goal of Getmii?  The utilization of social media to achieve their digital campaigning goals.

Also to achieve spectacular digital activism objectives ranging from emergency disaster relief efforts to more mundane sharing objectives such as making connections and enriching daily moments for legions of Getmikin.

Meyer succinctly summed up the goals of Getmii in his The Black Hills Pioneer interview by saying  “I really believe in the power of people and the fact that all of us have something we can give.”

For more information about Getmii visit their website at:

Follow them on Twitter @Getmii

#doyouGetmii and Like them on Facebook at:

Check out Getmii on YouTube and

Hey Getmii!

1 International Place, Ste 1400

Boston, MA 02110


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