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Instant Hair Volume

Instant Hair Volume

Keri Rusell demonstrates lush hair volume as she arrives at the FOX Winter TCA Press Tour - January 13, 2014 - Scott Kirkland/PictureGroup 2014 - All Rights Reserved Keri Rusell demonstrates lush hair volume as she arrives at the FOX Winter TCA Press Tour - January 13, 2014 - Scott Kirkland/PictureGroup 2014 - All Rights Reserved

When life gets crazy busy and your hair falls flat, you may not have time to achieve instant hair volume.

Listed below are some quick and easy tips you can do to amp up you hair without spending a lot of time:

Instant Hair Volume Tip #1

As soon as you get out of bed quickly wrap 2" sections of dry hair on large Velcro or similar style rollers.

Spritz volumizing hairspray onto the roots.

Blast the roots with a blowdryer equipped with a concentrator set on hot.

Allow rollers to set while you get dressed and ready for work.

When possible, wrap rollers in a large scarf and leave while you drive to work.

If leaving rollers in while driving to work isn't possible, wait until the very last minute before removing rollers.

Leave hair untouched until right before you get to work. 

Lightly finger pick and arrange hair into desired style.  Or lightly shake hair into shape.  Don't brush or comb to avoid breaking up volume.

Instant Hair Volume Tip #2

Cornstarch - - All Rights Reserved Cornstarch - - All Rights Reserved

Keep the following formula on hand:

1/4 cup of cornstarch

1 tablespoon of baking soda

2-4 drops of essential oil such as rosemary, lavender or vanilla (optional)

For brunette hair add 3 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder.

For red hair add 3 tablespoons of cinnamon or similar red powder.

Mix together and store in a glass jar with a lid.  I love the mini canning jars made by Ball or similar.

Pour a smidgen of the powder into the palms of your hands and use fingers to apply directly to the roots.   Fluff and pick the powder through with your fingers to remove the excess.  This will provide you with instant volume at the roots.

To enhance the fullness through out the roots, use a 100% boar bristle brush to back brush target roots sections.  Use a brush instead of a comb for a fuller result.  Smooth over the back brushed areas with your fingers.

Instant Hair Volume Tip #3

Kylie Minogue On Cover Of Stylist Magazine With Big Hair Kylie Minogue On Cover Of Stylist Magazine With Big Hair

Fake fuller hair by experimenting with different parts.

Using a long tail of a teasing comb, create a zig zag part from the hairline back to the crown.

A zig zag part shows less scalp and gives your roots an instant root boost.

If a zig zag part doesn't work for you, try switching your part to the opposite side for instant lift.  Opt for a deep part which adds even more lift.  Use a tail comb to make a part line from your eyebrow,  Create the part diagonally back to the center of the crown.

Comb Headband In Tort At Comb Headband In Tort At

Amp up the new part by apply a little teasing underneath the part or zap it up with a little dry hair powder.

Instant Hair Volume Tip #4

My favorite instant hair volume tip is to use a comb style headband to create instant volume back from the hairline or over the headband.

If you want volume along the front of the crown position the headband a few inches behind the hairline.

Slightly push the headband forward to add instant fullness to the hair in front of the band.

Flex Comb Headband - - All Rights Reserved Flex Comb Headband - - All Rights Reserved

To add volume behind the headband, lift hair up towards the ceiling and use a boar’s bristle brush to backcomb the hair creating the desired volume before spraying with a firm holding of volume enhancing hair spray.

Once spray is dry, use fingers to smoothe hair softly back into place.

Summary - Instant Hair Volume

In today's crazy world, we don't always have a lot of time to work with our hair when it falls flat.

Luckily there are some great instant hair volume tips which work great to instantly blow up the volume on your tresses.

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