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Do You Have Hair Product Overload?

Do You Have Hair Product Overload?

Assorted Hair Products - Photo - - All Rights Reserved Assorted Hair Products - Photo - - All Rights Reserved

A common problem hair consumers have is understanding how to achieve the perfect balance when applying hair products.

Too little can be as much of a problem as too much.

Do you have hair product overload?

People use a vast array of hair products ranging from wet and dry shampoos to rinse out, leave in and deep  conditioners to clean and hydrate.

Styling products include defrisants, mousse, gels, serums, texture creams and an array of sprays to style their tresses.

Symptoms Of Hair Product Overload

Assortment Of Hair Product Samples - - All Rights Reserved Assortment Of Hair Product Samples - - All Rights Reserved

The more products you use, the more at risk you'll be of leaving your hair overloaded with products which might lead to damage.

Symptoms of hair product overload for hair which is fine, thin or medium in texture include strands which may be sticky, greasy, flat or limp.

Textured hair may feels coated, crunchy or splits easily.  Hair with product overload damage may not dry quickly or properly.

Use Hair Products In The Following Suggested Quantities

Depending upon your hair type, texture, length and condition, the amount of shampoo you need to use, will vary.   Hair products can be used to style hair, but use the correct amount.

As a general rule of thumb use the following hair products in the following suggested quantities:

Shampoo In The Shower Shampoo In The Shower - HB Media - All Rights Reserved

1.  Shampoo - Water alone can clean the hair.   Shampoo can clean the scalp.  When wet washing with undiluted shampoo, use 2-4 quarter sized globs.

If you dilute your shampoo, use 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of shampoo poured into a clean quarter sized bottle filled with lukewarm.

Shake to form a suds.

2.  Rinse Out Conditioner - Use 2-4 quarter sized amounts for every 6 inches of hair.  Hair has a product absorbency limit.

Anything more will just sit on your hair and be rinsed off when you wash it. Use enough conditioner to create a thin coat on your damp (not dripping wet) hair.

Detangling Newly Shampooed Hair - Image Courtesy Of Detangling Newly Shampooed Hair - Image Courtesy Of

3. Leave-in Moisturizer - 2-3 sprays or nickel size a section for every 6 inches.

Basically the same reasoning for conditioner applies to leave-in moisturizers.

The hair will absorb what it needs and the rest will accumulate until next wash day or evaporate.

4.  Hair Mousse - It's easy to overdo with mousse since it's light and airy.  Use a tennis ball sized ball of mousse.

5.  Styling Creams - Use 2 quarter sized dollops of styling creams.  Massage the cream completely into the palms of your hands and finger pick through strands.

HairTopia Hair Oil With Organic Jojoba Oil Base HairTopia Hair Oil With Organic Jojoba Oil Base

6.  Shine Serum Or Shine Spray -  Apply 1-2 drops of shine serum or 1-2 squirts of spray mixed into the palms of the hands and then swiped over the top of the hair.

7.  Styling Sprays - Spritz 2 or 3 blasts of hairspray into the palms of your hands and massage together.  Swipe over the top of the finished style.

8.  Hair Oils - If you choose to use oil on your scalp, which may not be the case for everyone, the recommended amount is 2 quarter sized dots of oil.Use this amount for every 6 inches of hair on the head.

Summary - Do You Have Hair Product Overload?

Always minimize the number of styling product you use on your hair.  Use them sparingly.

Being thoughtful with the amount and type of hair products you use, your risk of having hair product overload will be greatly minimized.

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