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Bob Hair Legacy

Bob Hair Legacy

Louise Brooks Publicity Photo - - All Rights Reserved Louise Brooks Publicity Photo - - All Rights Reserved

Bursting with brazen independence, actress Louise Brooks triggered an International bob hair legacy with ease.

The poster child for the silent-film and flapper era was only 10 years old when Louise's mother had her daughter's hair chopped off into the first beginnings of what became The Bob.

Louse Brook's short hair was fashioned into a glistening helmet of dark tresses reminiscent of Prince Valiant.

The shimmering hair helmet triggered a love of bob hair which continues more than 100 years later for men and women of all ages and races around the world.

The Beatles Moptop Hairstyle

LouiseBrooks-13_350h Louise Brooks - Publicity Photo - - All Rights Rights

Even the Beatles wore a form of The Bob with their mop top long shaggy hairstyles.

At the height of her film career, Louise had an ivory complexion, jet black bobbed tresses, raven-colored doe eyes and dewy lips.  Her full brunt cut bangs and sleek chin length sleek bob provided the perfect frame for her exotic beauty.

Ironically, even though Louise Brooks became famous as the Bob hair poster girl, it wasn't until after Louise's career on the silver screen had come and gone peaked that her hairstyle became iconic.

During her short acting career which lasted 13 yeaars from 1925 until 1938 she acted in 24 silent films.

Louise Brooks:  Lulu Forever

Film historian and renowned writer Peter Cowie met Brooks in 1970 in Rochester when her iconic

Louise Brooks - Forever Lulu by Peter Cowie and Eva Prinz - 2006 - Louise Brooks - Forever Lulu by Peter Cowie and Eva Prinz - 2006 -

hairstyle had grown out to almost waist length.  It was highlighted with gray strands befitting for her middle aged status and lack of concern for her look.

Cowie wrote a book, Louise Brooks:  Lulu Forever (Rizzoli), to celebrate Louise Brook's 100th birthday in November of 2006 even though she died in 1985 of heart failure.

The writer noted Louise's fame only really blew up after her death.  He also noted she wasn't special and unique because of her famous hairstyle or beauty, but for her mesmerizing gaze which was completely unblinking.

Louise's gaze showcased an inner fire.

Melanie Griffith Wearing A Louise Brooks Inspired Bob in Movie Something Wild - - All Rights Reserved Melanie Griffith Wearing A Louise Brooks Inspired Bob in Movie Something Wild - - All Rights Reserved

Louise's famous chin length straight bob hairstyle inspired generations of people including actress Cyd Charisse in Singin In The Rain, Melanie Griffith in Something Wild, fashion designer Mary Quant and famed Vogue Editor In Chief, Anna Wintour.

A Bigger Than Life Bob

The traditional bob haircut introduced by Louise Brooks is a short hair cut primarily for women and sometimes men.  The hair is generally cut straight around the head at about the level of the jaw-level, often with a fringe or bangs covering the forehead.

Louise Brooks was famous for her brazen independence and insouciance which ultimately led to her well-known difficulty with the film industry.

Kyle Richards Wearing A Bob Hairstyle - Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills - Bravo/TV - All Rights Reserved Kyle Richards Wearing A Bob Hairstyle - Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills - Bravo/TV - Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo - All Rights Reserved -

Her famed bob hairstyle worked in perfect harmony with her bigger than life, lusty personality.

Louise Brooks A Man Loving Hedonist

In his 2006 book Cowie described Brooks as a total hedonist who loved men even more than acting, fame or her career.

Although she lost out on one of the biggest roles of her career, as Gwen, in The Public Enemy, she had romances with George Gershwin, CBS President William S. Paley and Charlie Chaplin.

Love Over Acting

Actress Jean Harlow ultimately won the role in The Public Enemy, which was her career making role.    Louise lost the famous role because she chose instead to go be with a lover rather than make a film.

YolandaFosterBob-23_350h THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS - "Reunion" - Pictured: Yolanda H. Foster - Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo

Louise Brooks was too busy having literally hundreds of affairs to pay any mind.

Brooks also was also too preoccupied with her personal like to take the time to return to Paramount in 1929 to dub her scenes in The Canary Murder Case.  Her refusal to work with the studio effectively ended her acting career.

A Haircut For All Generations

Even in current times Louise's bob and screen presence resonates more with audiences than most of the actresses who were bigger stars in the Twenties.

Louise has exceeded big names like Gloria Swanson and Clara Bow in her fame.

Following Her Own Path

Louise Brooks With Iconic Bob Hairstyle - - All Rights Reserved Louise Brooks With Iconic Bob Hairstyle - - All Rights Reserved

After burning her acting career bridges, Brooks wound up desolate and broke in New York by the 40s.

She worked as a s salesgirl at Saks Fifth Avenue depending upon the generosity of former flames to help her by sending her money.

Her life hit a turning point in The Fifties as museums, film festivals and cinematheques started screening her movies.

After moving to Rochester in 1956, she blossomed in a new career as a writer and film critic.

Although her famous lacquered bob gave way to long grey peppered strands, Louise remained a force to be reckoned with in all areas of her life.

Blunt Bob - Rita Orca - August 20, 2014 - PR Photo - All Rights Reserved Blunt Bob - Rita Orca - August 20, 2014 - PR Photo - All Rights Reserved

Summary - Bob Hair Legacy

Louise Brooks triggered a never ending bob hair legacy which has spanned more than 100 years.

The love of the bob hairstyle shows no sign of ending anytime soon.

The actress who made the Bob hair style famous, had a very interesting and iconic lifestyle.  Her Bob haircut was the least interesting part of Louise's life.

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