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Black Friday Hair Protection

Black Friday Hair Protection

Nobis F/W 2014 Headgear Collection - Liscious Oversized Slouchy Burnt Orange – Acrylic Blend Fully-fashioned oversized slouchy. Super chunky/bulky design. Nobis branded metal pin with real feather tie. Nobis suede wrap label branding. One Size Nobis F/W 2014 Headwear Collection - Liscious - Oversized Slouchy - Acrylic Blend - Fully-fashioned oversized slouchy. Super chunky/bulky design. Nobis branded metal pin with real feather tie. Nobis suede wrap label branding. NOBIS.CA - All Rights Reserved

The frenzy for post-Thanksgiving sales has been building since before Halloween.

Before you throw your body into the blood thirsty crowds, make sure you have a carefully formulate Black Friday hair protection plan.

Physical Confrontations And Risk Of Hair Pulling

Although physical confrontations do occasionally occur, they're may or may not involve hair pulling.

Any type of physical altercation, is scary, but for people who strongly value their hair, the risk of having it pulled while shopping for Christmas is unnerving.

Protective Hairstyles To Consider For Black Friday Hair Pulling Dangers

Nobis - curtis Knit Watch Cap Charcoal – Lambswool Chunky fully-fashioned hand knit cuffed watch cap. Thick fisherman’s rib texture. Fabric button tab detailing. Custom Nobis metal button. Nobis suede wrap branding. One Size Fits All Nobis - Curtis - Knit Watch Cap - Charcoal – Lambswool - Custom Nobis metal button - NOBIS.CA - All Rights Reserved

Listed below are some ways you might consider wearing your hair to protect it from Black Friday dangers:

1.  Cover Hair With Protective Headwear - There are so many gorgeous head covering options which can be utilized to safely cover hair of any length, type or texture.

Simply tuck hair, whether loose, braided or twisted, into a slouch hat.

Nobis, an iconic manufacturer of high fashion and quality headwear offers a wide range of oversized slouchy options such as the Liscious (shown to the side).

2.  Braid Hair In Protective Hairstyle - If your hair is long enough, plait hair into a protective braid.

Secure the braid with hair friendly elastics. Wrap the finished braids into a protective

Muffy - Faux fur and knit hood - BLACK – Acrylic and faux fur Chunky knit faux fur hood. Nobis suede wrap label branding. Muffy - Black - Faux fur & Knit hood – Acrylic and faux fur. Chunky knit faux fur hood. Nobis suede wrap label branding - NOBIS.CA - All Rights Reserved

twist and tuck into a slouchy style beanie or beret to completely cover the hair.

3. Wrap Hair Into A Bun - When hair is chin length or longer, pull hair into a top or mid-head based ponytail.  Wrap the pony into a sock bun, ballerina bun or messy twist.

Secure with bobby pins.  Cover the bun completely with a fully-fashioned hand knit toque or floppy torque.

4. Wear A Protective Wig - If you're uncomfortable with a wearing any type of protective headwear in the form of slouchy hats, beanies, berets or toques, consider a wig.

Nobis - Smith - Aviator Nobis - All Rights Reserved Nobis - Smith - Aviator
NOBIS.CA - All Rights Reserved

Many people interested in protecting their tresses during hair weather conditions will often wear a wig rather than other types of protective styles.

5. Amp Up Hair Protection With Add-on Accessories - Wearing a protective hairstyle covered by a protective beanie, slouchy or similar, may or may not deflect fingers and hands from pulling your hair.

If your hair is particularly long or fragile, you may want to consider wearing secondary protection in the form of a secured hood or strapped aviator cap.

6. Add A Neck Scarf - If you're worried a hood or aviator may be too constricting or confining, wear your hair down and to one side.

Wrap a neck scarf over the hair to add a different level of protection from fingers and hands.

Summary - Black Friday Hair Protection

Nobis - Pickle Head Circular Scarf - Nobis - All Rights Reserved Nobis - Pickle Head Circular Scarf - NOBIS.CA - All Rights Reserved

Although rare, Black Friday shoppers have been known to kick, shove, shoot and even stab each other during a shopping frenzy.

In 2013 in Philadelphia two families fought until one of the women shot the other with a stun gun. In Virginia one man slashed another shopper over a parking spot.

This violence can also include hair pulling and ripping causing long term damage to your scalp and tresses.

Nobis Fur Trapper - Nobis - All Rights Reserved Nobis Briley Knit/Fur Trapper - NOBIS.CA - All Rights Reserved

If you plan on shopping on Black Friday, protect your tresses to avoid potential unwanted hands or fingers in your strands.

More About Nobis

An iconic manufacturer of headwear, Nobis has a tradition for keeping their designs fresh with uncompromising style, quality and functionality.

The Nobis collection provides key categories which offers something for everyone.

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