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10 Hot Hair Knots

YayaAlafiaNaturalHairKnot_250h Yaya Alafia - Natural Hair Knot - PR Photos - All Rights Reserved

10 Hot Hair Knots

Whether you're looking for a great wedding day hairstyle, a stroll down a Red Carpet or just a cool hair knot the following 10 hot hair knots offer a variety of options.

Keep in mind that a top knot or similar style bun is the perfect hairstyle for any hair event if you’ve got limited prep time. 

As long as you have enough hair to pull it up into a knot,  you can create your own version of a spectacular hair knot.

Angelina Jolia With Hot Hair Knot - PR Photos Angelina Jolia With Hot Hair Knot - PR Photos

Yaya Alifia

Former finalist on America's Next Top Model, Yaya (DaCosta) Alifia, has magnificently naturally textured hair.

The beauty showcased her natural texture loosely gathered into a tousled top knot for the premiere of The Butler.

An up and coming actress and fashion model was the runner-up in Cycle 3 of the popular Next Top Model reality TV show.

She married Joshua Bee Alafia in June of 2012 and has been making waves as an actress.

Recently the couple welcomed a new son.

Princess Charlene of Monaco at Royal Wedding to Prince Albert - PR Photos - All Rights Reserved Princess Charlene of Monaco at Royal Wedding to Prince Albert - PR Photos - All Rights Reserved

Angelina Jolie

The famous brunette actress who recently married long time love Brad Pitt works an intricately twisted hair knot.

Her milk chocolate strands catch the light throwing off a beautiful shimmer.

Angelina's twist hot hair knot is positioned halfway between the crown and the nape of the neck.

Princess Charlene Of Monaco

Bella Thorne - Ironman - PR Photos - All Rights Reserved Bella Thorne - Iron Man 3 in Los Angeles - 04/24/2013 - Izumi Hasegawa / PR Photos- All Rights Reserved

The stunning blonde beauty was a vision at her fairytale wedding to Prince Albert in Monaco.

A former Olympian swimmer, the Princess wore her picture perfect blonde locks swept back into a low nape knot.

Her hair knot was adorned with a gorgeous crystal encrusted hair clip.

Bella Thorne

Annabella Avery "Bella" Thorne is an American teen actress, singer, model and dancer.

Best known for her role as Ruthy Spivey in the TV series My Own Worst Enemy the  strawberry blonde was fetching as Tancy Henrickson in the fourth season of Big Love.

Bella has famously worn a series of hot hair knots ranging from  a messy ballerina bun to a low wrapped chignon.

LeaMicheleGlee-19_350h Fox/TV's Glee - Season 5 - (L-R), Lea Michele (as Rachel Berry), Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel) and Naya Rivera (Santana Lopez) - Fox/TV - All Rights Reserved

The red haired beauty rocked a heavy fringe with her twist on a sky-high bun, knotted and tucked into itself for a chic red carpet look when she appeared at the Iron Man 3 Premiere in April of 2013.

Lea Michele And Naya Rivera Of Glee

Fans of Fox/TV's Glee are often treated to an array of hot hair knots worn by the gorgeous female stars of the show.

Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) and Naya Rivera (Santana Lopez) wear a stunning collection of knots, buns and chignons.

In Season 5 both of the brunette beauties appeared dressed in gorgeous Holiday Gowns with their hair wrapped up into beautiful top knot style knots.

Both of the long ornate gowns worn by the Glee ladies have stunning necklines which work well with a version of the top knot.

When The Gown Demands Full Attention

Demi Lovato With Blonde & Pink Top Knots - Fox/TV Demi Lovato Messy Top Knot Hairstyle With Blonde & Pink Highlights - XFactor - Fox/TX - All Rights Reserved

A good rule of thumb is to never let your hair compete with your gown.

Since the dresses demand full attention, the perfect hairstyle is a glammed up version of a full sock bun.

Demi Lovato

Don’t have time for a fancy blow out? No problem!

Demi Lovato knows how to  work a dizzying array of hot hair knots.

During her time as one of the judges on X Factor, she wowed her fans with an array of hair hues wrapped into a magnificent collection of top knots, chignons and buns.

Eva Longoria Gorgeous Soft Hair Knot

GwenStefani-5_250h Gwen Stefani - PR Photos - All Rights Reserved

The Latina actress, executive producer (Devious Maids) and political activist was the picture of grace and elegance at the Padres Contra El Cancer's 14th Annual Celebration held at The Venetian Las Vegas on Saturday, November 1, 2014

Famous for her many gorgeous hairstyles over the years, the Latin beauty looked spectacular in a long off-white lace Marchesa gown.

Her hair was beautifully styled into a low softly knotted chignon hair bun.

Eva Longoria - 11/02/14 - PR Photos - All Rights Reserved Eva Longoria - 11/02/14 - PR Photos - All Rights Reserved

The top of Eva's hair was discretely embellished with a single thin braid which was interwoven a few inches behind her crown.

Gwen Stefani Looped Top Knot

In many ways the current guest judge on NBC's The Voice, is the queen of hot hair knots.

The platinum blonde superstar has worn an eye popping, mouth dropping array of top knots, ballerina buns, sock buns, braided chignons and elegant hair twists throughout her long and magnificent career.

The combination of her stark white blonde tresses, her stunning dark eyes and her willowy frame guarantees that Gwen's assorted hair knots are a perfect finish for fashions.

Kat Graham Wrapped Top Knot

Nina Dobrev - The CW - Vampire Diaries - All Rights Reserved Nina Dobrev - The CW - Vampire Diaries - Do Not Go Gentle (Ep# 320) - All Rights Reserved

One of the popular female co-stars of The CW's Vampire Diaries, Kat Graham recently cut her hair into a chin length bob.

Before her short hair cut, the lovely actress rocked a big wrapped bun in 2011.

Kat's thick long naturally textured hair was perfect for wrapping into a tall bun.

Nina Dobrev's Wrapped Pony Twisted Ballerina Bun

The stunning brunette star of CW's Vampire Diaries who plays Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce wore her long chocolate brown hair wrapped in a stunning twisted ballerina style bun on the show during the Do Not Go Gentle episode.

Kat Graham - CBS, The CW and Showtime TCA Party - Arrivals 2011-08-03 - The Pagoda - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - PR Photos - All Rights Reserved Kat Graham - CBS, The CW & Showtime TCA Party - Arrivals 2011-08-03 - The Pagoda - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - PR Photos - All Rights Reserved

Throughout the five years Nina has starred on Vampire Diaries she's wore an array of gorgeous hot hair knots.

Summary - 10 Hot Hair Knots

If you want to add a little glamour to any hot hair knot, whether a soft chignon or a messy ballerina style bun, slide on an intricate headband and position it a few inches back from the hairline.

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