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Sexy Double Fishtails

Sexy Double Fishtails

CatwalkLongBraidsbyMarkHill-Hull-69_400h Sexy Double Fishtail Braids by Mark Hill - All Rights Reserved

Plaits in a dizzying array of styles are back at the forefront of  fashion. The sexy double fishtails highlighted in this blog are sassy, edgy and easy to re-create.

They offer an amazing styling solution.

Some fishtail braid options might include, but not be limited to:

1.  Woven into a single strand ponytail positioned on either side of the head or down the back.

2.  Layered on top of loose hair as a sassy plaited accent.

3.  Combined with a series of loops, twists or coils.

4.  Cascading from any point along the hairline.

5.  Wrapped around the head or into a twist or updo.

6.  As the finish section for an half up/half down style.

The fishtail braid, also known as the herringbone braid, can be customized to work with any hair type, texture or color.

Key restrictions for any type of fishtail braid is

Sexy Double Fishtails Notes

Although the Sexy Double Fishtail hairstyle looks complicated it's relatively simple. It consists of a two strand braid which is created on both sides of the face.

The two strand plait is created starting at the top of the base of a ponytail.

For a consistent look keep all the sections of the plait equal in thickness. Pull each strand equally tight to create a uniform herringbone appearance.

JohnFriedaCatwalkLongLooseHair-70_400h Double Braids by John Frieda - All Rights Reserved

Fishtail Style Braids – How To Steps

This braid like most braids, works best on dry hair which is slightly aged or prepped with the appropriate styling cream or similar to create a tighter plait.  If hair is naturally textured be sure to flat iron it before you plait it.

Hair should be medium to very long in length without layers. You can create fishtail style braids on extended or natural hair.

Follow the steps outline below to recreate the sexy double fishtails shown to the side:

Step One: Start by detangling hair completely. Use a 100% Boar Bristle brush to smooth all hair into two equally sized sections on either side of the head.

Step Two: Create off center part with a long tail comb. Extend the part from the front of the hairline all the way back to the nape of the neck in the back of the head.

Step Three:  Divide all the hair into two equal sections of hair on either side of the part. The fishtail braids will be created on each of the two sections.  The braids will start behind the ear on either side of the head.

Step Four:  Secure each of the two sections of hair into equally sized ponytails. Contain each pony with a hair-friendly plastic Blax or similar style elastic band.  Position the ponytail bases behind each ear since hair will be directed forward to cascade around the face and down the shoulders.

Step Five:  Separate each ponytail into two equal sections of hair to be braided. Start by take the left section of the first ponytail and and cross it over the right section.  Remember to direct the braid around the front of the ear as you braid.

SideFishtail2012CNO-006677_400h Blake Lively "Savages" New York City Premiere - Arrivals - School of Visual Arts Theater / New York City, NY, USA - 06/27/2012 - Photographer: Charles Norfleet / PR Photos - All Rights Reserved

Step Six: While holding the ponytail securely with your left thumb, allow the right side of your hand to be free while taking a small section (same approximate size as the previous section) from underneath the right side.

Step Seven: Cross the section from underneath the right over to the left side of your hair. While holding the right side securely with your right thumb, continue the same plaiting steps until you reach the end of the ponytail.

Finish The Braid: Secure the remaining “tail hair” with a hair friendly elastic band like a Bungee or Blax.

Allow plenty of tail at the end of the fishtail braid or else there is a danger the elastic band may work its way out of place and the braid may loosen or fall out.

Customize The Sexy Double Fishtails Notes

Although this stunning plait can be adorned with gorgeous hair accessories, they may actually take away from the beauty of the braid.

For a sexy undone finish leave tons of hair tail at the end of the braid. Leaving a large section of tail eliminates the danger that the elastic bands securing the ends will slip.  When that happens braid can loosen or even completely unravel.

Actress Blake Lively worn a stunning version of a side fishtail in 2012 at the Savages Premiere. Her fishtail braid was draped around the face and over one shoulder. It was stunning hairstyle set off by spectacular earrings and a gorgeous gown.

Summary - Sexy Double Fishtails

This hair style looks especially stunning on medium to thick hair which has lots of contrasting light and dark tones to showcase the twined hair pieces.

There is no right or wrong way to wear the sexy double fishtails. They can be based off any type of forehead fringe or parts.

To amp up the sexiness factor use the long tail of a teasing comb and carefully loosen some of the braids. Optionally you can leave some loose strands free from either ponytail and brush them to fall on either side of the finished braids.

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