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Sewing Hair Tips

Sewing Hair Tips

Multi-colored Brunette Updo On Long Hair Multi-hued Updo Created on Extended Hair - Hairstyle by Barbara Lhotan - All Rights Reserved

A popular attachment technique utilized in the extension industry is sew in strands also known as weaves.

Having knowledge of sewing hair tips will give you more information you can utilize when deciding if sewn in extensions are the best method for your hair extensions goals.

The 3-strand on-the-scalp braid can be used to create a support structure or track to which a hair weft or series of hair wefts can be hand sewn.

I have been very lucky over the past 15 years to work closely with hair extension gurus Barbara Lhotan and Robert Hallowell who has taught me everything they have stashed away in their bags of sewing hair tips and tricks.

Advantages - Sewing Hair Tips

When hair is sewn into a series of intricately created pre-braided tracks, especially by an experienced professional, the result can be spectacular.  Some hair extension wearers prefer the sew in addition system because of it's reputation for longevity, durability and professional appearance.

Shoulder Length Brunette Hair With Highlights Multi-hued Hairstyle Created on Extended Hair - Hairstyle by Barbara Lhotan - All Rights Reserved

Other advantages including the following:

1.  When applied by a knowledgeable expert, sewn-in extensions are some of the most durable hair systems available.

2.  Sewn-in extensions, when applied properly with the highest quality of hair, may last anywhere from 3-6 months.  This is especially true when they are cared for properly.

3. Although some shedding may occur, sewn-in systems tend to shed less than with any type of hair attachment system.

4. Hair extensions which are sewn-in properly, often look more authentic than other types of attachment systems.

5.  Properly attached, sewn-in extensions can be worn in a multitude of flat hairstyles including side ponytails, braids and similar.

6.  If sew-in extensions tend to be painful when applied, the pressure can be mitigated by utilizing a series of nets.

7.  Sewn in hair extensions offer a whole new spectrum of hair designing options for every wearer.

8.  Braided track patterns provide wonderful directional movement and structure.

Luckily the sewn-in hair attachment industry continues to advance with new more-hair friendly techniques which make this system more advantageous with each passing year.

HairExtensionNeedles-28_250h Curved & Straight Hair Weave Needles for Sew-in Hair Extensions, - 3pcs With Bonus Extension -

Disadvantages - Sewing Hair Tips

Of course when understanding key sewing hair tips, it's important to understand that sew ins can have the following disadvantages:

Before_IMG_0498_250h Before Sew In Hair Weave - Photo - Karen Marie Shelton - All Rights Reserved -

1.  Due to the amount of time sew ins can take to create, the cost may be much more expensive than other types of hair attachment methods.

2.  When making the time commitment to sew in extensions, it's always best to invest in the highest quality of hair available.  This also increases the overall investment of sew-ins.

3.  If not properly applied, the extensions may be too tight and cause ongoing and/or intermittent neck and head pain. Braided sewn-in extensions may cause extra tension to the scalp if the braids are pulled too tight.

4.  Damage to the roots, scalp and hair are always a possibility with sewn in hair extensions during installation or removal.  This is especially true if the expansionist is inexperienced or unqualified.

5. The added weight of the sewn in hair may cause damage to any pre-existing weak or fragile strands causing an accelerated hair loss cycle.

6.  If the braided tracks are not properly prepared before the attachment hair is sewn in, the result can include noticeable hair lumps, bumps and/or attachment lines.

7.  When hair is sew-in improperly, the bonds may be visible with some non-flat hairstyles such as ponytails.

8.  There is a real danger of becoming addicted to hair extensions and the feeling of have lots of lush hair which is missed when the extensions are removed.

Sewing Methods - Sewing Hair Tips

Final_FirstDraft_IMG_0554_250h After Sew In Hair Weave - Photo - Karen Marie Shelton - All Rights Reserved -

There are different sewing methods including, but not limited to:

1. Straight and curved needles are available for sewing on wefts.   Whether using straight or curved, all needles need to have blunted ends to eliminate any possible discomfort to the client.

2.  The best thread is cotton covered polyester.  It's essential to use the cotton polyester blend since 100% cotton thread may shrink when hair is wet washed. Polyester alone may damage the hair, but when mixed with cotton provides the necessary strength to hold the hair against the braided tracts.

3.  Overcasting stitches is a popular way to sew the wefts to the track.  When overcasting stitches, which are the easiest and fastest stitches are used it's important to repeat lock stitch as the end of the track for added security.

4.  Lock stitches may also be utilized, especially to secure heavy wefts.

HairWefts-32_250h Assorted Hair Wefts In Different Hues - - All Rights Reserved

5.  Double lock stitches are most often used to reinforce the ends of each weft.

The selection of the needles, thread and stitching methods are just as important as the hair fiber utilized in a weave.

Summary - Sewing Hair Tips

Sewn in extensions are popular with some because of the durability, unlimited design options and longevity.  Sewn in extensions offer enhanced length, volume, color and texture options.  There are advantages as well as disadvantages with sewn in extensions.

Ultimately whether sewn in extensions are chosen depends on the preference of the wearer along with their lifestyle needs, budget and willingness to make time commitments.

Blog Dedication

This blog is dedicated to Barbara Lhotan ([email protected]) and Robert Hallowell who have always graciously shared all of their hair extension wisdom and vast knowledge.  Thank you for everything.

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