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Cara Delevingne's Hair

Cara Delevingne's Hair

Cara-8_250h Cara Delevinge - Harper's Bazaar Women of the Year Awards 2011 - Arrivals - Copyright PR

Although the infamous British model has dominated the media recently due to her break-up with actress Michelle Rodriquez, Cara Delevigne's hair, make-up and striking good looks have long been a popular topic in the fashion trades.

Cara was recently spotted in an interesting series of photos with Selena Gomez who is famous for her own amazing hair styles.

The iconic catwalker has been known to pioneer new hair trends including the currently hot candy colored strands along with undercut styles.

Whether you care about Cara's intriguing personal life or not (who cares if she and Selena are getting close?), if you love stunning hair, Cara Delevingen's hair should be on your radar.

Center Parted Long Blonde Ash Hair

When Cara arrived at Harper's Bazaar Women Of The Year Awards ceremony in 2011 she turned heads with her stunning center-parted ash blonde tresses with a light sprinkling of texture throughout the middle and ends.

CaraLongSideHair-9_250h Cara Delevingne - Elle Style Awards 2014 - Arrivals - Copyright PR Photos

The ends were darker along with the roots, creating an interesting version of the popular Ombre multi-hued look.

Cara is stunningly beautiful and has spectacular dark brows which are perfectly arched to highlight her striking eyes.

Was Cara wearing extensions at the Harper's Women of the Year event?  Maybe, if so, they were so expertly installed there wasn't a hint of an attachment seam or tell-tale connection.

I would've guessed her hair is all hers without add-on strands.  Am I wrong?  Who cares, her hair was a masterpiece of sassy elegance.

Cara Delevingne Side Swept Waves

Two years later the stunning model morphed into a sexier look with her long caramel enhanced strands worn over to one side in a gorgeous sweep of waves and loose curls.

Cara-10_250h Cara Delevingne - Elle Style Awards 2014 - Arrivals - Copyright PR Photos

Rocking her trademark brows, she created a completely different Red Carpet statement.

Wait.  When the classy Cara turned to the other side, she showcased flat braids.  Her hair was a stunning combination of tight side braids and high-octane dramatic Hollywood style waves.

What can you say, but wow?

Cara's old Hollywood glamour, side-swept waves may have looked familiar.  Maybe because the beauty worn a similar hairstyle at the 2013 Met Ball Gala in New York.

Cara Delevingne Ballet Buns

Although I personally love Cara Delevingne's hair coiffed into an array of center parted or side-swept long loose tresses, the model also loves edgy ponytails alternated with sweet ballet buns.

CaraDelevinegne-11_250h Cara Delevingne - 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival - "The Great Gatsby" Premiere and Opening Ceremony - Arrivals - 5/15/13 - Copyright PR Photos - All Rights Reserved

Face it, Cara looks good in any hairstyle, especially when the tresses allow her to show off those gorgeous eyebrows, eyes and lips.

How To Copy Cara Delevingne's Hair - Side Swept Waves

Cara's side-swept wavy hairstyle works best for hair which is shoulder length or longer, is naturally straight or able to be softened into loose waves.

Optionally you can add the side flat braid or just clip one side back from the face in order to direct all of the rest of the hair to one side.

It’s important to have the side-swept fringe in order to create the the full sweep of peek-a-boo hair.

Cara-12_250h Cara Delevingne - Serpentine Gallery Summer Party 2012 - Arrivals - 06/26/2012 - Copyright PR Photos

1.  Cleanse detangle, pre-treated hair in lukewarm water.  Use hair products and cleansing methodology most compatible with your hair type, texture, length and current condition.

2.  Rinse well, apply rinse-out conditioner and detangle in the shower with fingers or wide tooth comb.  Rinse well and finish with a cool or cold water rinse.

3.  Towel blot to remove excess moisture. Apply desired styling cocktail include, but not limited to, leave-in conditioner, defrisant and/or curl or wave enhancing cream.

4.  Spray a volumizing spray onto the towel blotted damp tresses.  Add a root lift for extra oomph.

5.  Separate hair into 8 equal horizontal sections.

6.  Use a large round boar bristle brush, blow-out hair using a hair dryer to create volume.

7.  When hair is 100% dry separate hair into 2 inch sections.  Curl individual sections with a 1 ½ inch curling iron, creating a spiral effect.

8.  After each section is curled re-roll the curls and pin to the scalp to allow hair to dry and set.

9.  Over-direct the side-swept fringe to create a sleek, smooth, flat finish.

10.  Unpin the curls and use a boar bristle paddle brush to deconstruct curls.  If you prefer to keep the curls and waves tighter, use fingers to pick and arrange.

Cara13_250h Cara Delevingne - "PUNK: Chaos to Couture" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

11. Finish with a flexible hold hairspray.

Summary Cara Delevingne's Hair

British model is loved by fashionistas around the Globe for her iconic eyebrows, eyes and gorgeous lips.

Cara also triggers new hair trends easily transitioning from beautiful loose waves to sassy Ballerina buns and center parted tousled tresses.

Recently gave her blessing to the candy colored hair movement by rocking a delicious cotton-candy long pink wig for a Missoni shoot captured on her Instagram feed.

Keep an eye on Cara Delevingne's hair fashions if you want to be on the leading edge of the latest style looks and trends.

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