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Alexis Bellino's Hair Secrets

Alexis Bellino's Hair Secrets

AlexisHeadband_250h Alexis Bellino - MAGIC Marketplace Spring Show 2014 - Day 2 - Alexis Bellino Appearance - Copyright © 2014

Copyright © 2014

If you're a fan of  The Real Housewives of Orange County (RHOC) you probably would love tho know Alexis Bellino's hair secrets.

The beautiful blonde never fails to turn heads with her stunning long, lush tresses. She constantly changes up her hairstyles by adding an array of hats and hair accessories.

Alexis knows how to showcase her long blonde strands for the camera. She often changes things up with an array of extensions which instantly take her hair from long to chin length.

One of Alexis Bellino's hair secrets is how she protects her glossy highlighted tresses from the brutal California sun which can instantly fade even the best hair color.

The RHOC star told the media she protects her iconic golden California strands by wearing protective hats.

She said "My go-to summer hairstyle is a fedora to protect hair from the sun or a messy ponytail."

AlexisBHat-2_250h Alexis Bellino - MAGIC Marketplace Spring Show 2014 - Day 2 - Alexis Bellino Appearance - Copyright © 2014

Alexis also told the media "A braided bang is cute and looks fab all day!"

Of course we all know the lovely Alexis puts a lot more effort into her stunning blonde tresses then popping on a hat or throwing her hair into a ponytail.  She obviously has access to some of the very best hair colorists, extensionists and hairstylists in Southern California.

How does she rock such awesome hair? Alexis understands the importance for her work as a reality TV star and that she needs to look drop dead gorgeous. It's her job.

If you'd like to copy the long lush waves and curls of Alexis, follow the steps below:

Prep, Cleanse, Blot Dry

Alexis-3_250h Cheryl Burke 7 Derek Hough from "Dancing with the Stars" Host Pre-Emmy Evening with Empress by Sean John - Arrivals - Alexis Bellino - 9/16/11 - Copyright © 2011

1. Cleanse detangled, pre-treated hair with a cleansing product designed for your hair’s type, texture and current condition in lukewarm water.

Note:  To amp up your hair color consider using a shampoo with color enhancing or maintenance formula.  For dry, damaged or fragile strands consider a diluted shampoo wash, water only cleanse or other alternative cleansing.

2. Rinse cleanser from hair.  If appropriate, apply a rinse-out conditioning product to your tresses. While conditioner soaks into strands, separate into individual sections and detangle slowly from the end to the roots with fingers or a hair friendly comb.

3. Once hair is detangled completely, rinse well.  After your final rinse finish with a cool/cold water blast to close the cuticles and encourage shine.

4. Towel blot your hair to remove excess moisture.  Use fingers to do a gently accordion squeeze to remove excess moisture.

5. Apply a texture enhancing styling cocktail.  You may wish to cocktail together a blend of anti-frizz balm, leave-in conditioning cream and texture enhancing cream, gel or lotion.

Note:  To encourage lots of root lift and volume you may opt to also apply a root enhancing product.

Alexis-4_250h Alexis Bellino- Bravo Media's - Alexis Bellino Bravo Media's 2010 Upfront Party - Arrivals - Copyright PR Photos

Dry & Style

6.  Use a long finger diffuser attached to a blow dryer and separate hair into individual 1 1/2″ sections.

7. Blow dry entire head using the diffuser until all of the hair is completely dry. Lift hair at the roots to get maximum lift.  If you prefer, use a 100% boar bristle round brush.

8. Once hair is 100% dry, use a 1 1/2″ curling iron to add waves and loose curls.

9. Starting at the nape of the neck, separate hair into 2″ sections.  Wrap each individual section of hair around the iron.  Be sure to roll hair onto the iron while keeping the clip closed.  Keep hair wrapped around the iron for 30 – 45 seconds or as long as appropriate to curl each section.

10. Once each section is curled, roll around fingers to reform and pin against the scalp to cool and set.

11. Create curls throughout the entire head.


12. After the curls pinned to the head are completely cool, spray with a firm holding or sculpting spray.  Allow the spray to dry and then unpin each curl section.

13. Use your fingers to deconstruct the curls and arrange the final style like Alexis wears her hair.  If you prefer looser waves, use a 100% boar bristle brush and lightly brush out the curls to form waves instead of curls.

Alexis-6_250h Alexis Bellino Kourtney Kardashian 31st Birthday Celebration at the Gallery Nightclub Grand Opening in Las Vegas on April 15, 2011

Crank Up The Curl Definition

14. After you've  finished styling your hair, if you want more curl definition throughout the perimeter, use a 1″ curling iron to create curls throughout the edges.

15. Finish with a spritz of styling spray or with a shimmer by applying a few drops of shine serum or spray to the palms of your hands. Rub them together.  Lightly brush the palms of your hands over the top of your finished hairstyle to add shimmer and block out frizz.

16. For instant glam add a sultry headband or a sexy fedora.

Summary - Alexis Bellino's Hair Secrets

There's no question Real Housewife Alexis Bellino's hair secrets are highly sought after.  She has some of the most gorgeous long lush blonde tresses in Southern California.

How does she do it? Alexis has said she keeps her hair looking spectacular with ponytails, hats and cute hairstyles.

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