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Twisted Sister Hair

Twisted Sister Hair

DeeSniderTwistedSister1_250h Dee Snider - Twisted Sister in Concert on Fox's "Fox and Friends" in Rockefeller Center on July 25, 2014 New York City, NY, USA - © PR Photos

Daniel "Dee" Snider rocked electric long white tightly twisted hair when he appeared recently in concert with Twisted Sister in Rockefeller Center for Fox & Friends.

Iconic Performance Hair

The King of Twisted Sister Hair often showcases a range of iconic performance hair which showcases his spectacular performances.

Although most famous for his role as the front man for the heavy metal Twisted Sister band, Dee (born March 15, 1955) is also an American singer-songwriter, screenwriter, radio personality and actor.

He was ranked 83 in Hit Parade's Top 100 Metal Vocalists of All Time.

Snider's iconic Twisted Sister hairstyle is so popular you can even buy a wig styled to look like the singer's stage hair.

As he has shared with the media for many years, to emphasize the "twisted sister" image, Snider adopted a trademark persona of metal-inspired drag with long blond hair, an excessive amount of eye shadow, rouge, and bright red lipstick.

DeeSnider2008-3_250h Dee Snider - Planet Green Premiere Event and Concert - The Greek Theatre / Los Angeles, CA, USA 5/28/2008 - © PR Photos

Dee Snider's Off-Stage Hair

Although Snider often appears on stage which his cloud of tightly wound ringlets, his off-stage hair is very different.

The rocker is most often spotted with his white hair worn in a long straight very neat ponytail.

Whether Snider wears wigs or has his hair custom styled for his performances is a matter of debate.

How To Re-Create Dee Snider Twisted Sister Hair

Regardless of how Snider achieves the Twisted Sister hair, I have listed the steps on how to re-create his hairstyle below.  Snider's hairstyle can be created on male or females with shoulder length or longer hair.

Although it helps to have a natural bend to the hair (waves, curls or natural texture), stick straight hair can be transformed into Snider's hair by utilizing what is known as a Woven or Cloud Set.

Step By Step Instructions

1.  On day old hair which is dry, separate hair into 2" sections. The smaller the sections, the tighter the texture will be.

2.  Spray each section with a thermal setting spray.

TwistedSister-2_250h Twisted Sister at Twisted Sister in Concert on Fox's "Fox and Friends" in Rockefeller Center on July 25, 2014 - Rockefeller Center - New York City, NY, USA - © MJ Photos /

3.  Use a wide tooth comb or fingers and make sure the setting spray is completely distributed on each section of hair.

4.  Take a 2 inch square section of hair from the scalp.

5.  Tie the section at the base with string or similar which will not melt with heated with a hot iron.

6.  Weave the section of hair from the base in a classic figure eight direction. You will weave over, under, through and around until all of the hair has been woven.

7.  Tie the newly woven section with more string.

8.  Compress the section with a flat iron.

9.  Allow the section to cool and move to the next section of hair.  Leave all the sections tied until all of the hair has been woven and ironed.

10. After all of the hair has been sectioned, tied, woven, iron and cooled, cut the strings at both ends to showcase the voluminous clouds of texture.

11.  Once all of the hair has been untied you have multiple options listed below:

DeeSnider2011-4_250h Dee Snider - Twisted Sister Masters of Rock 2011 - Czech Republic - Day 2 Vizovice / Czech Republic - 07/15/2011 - radim rotek / ©PR Photos

- You can use your fingers to arrange the new texture stretching it lightly to lengthen. If you don't want super big hair you can roll around fingers to create edgy coils.

-   If you prefer to go for a huge cloud of hair, deconstruct the hair using a 100% Boar Bristle Brush. The more you brush, the bigger the hair will be.

- Use a pick and fingers to gently deconstruct some of the sections, leaving others tightly coiled.

12.  Finish the hairstyle by spritzing with a firm holding spray. If frizz is a possibility, apply a few pumps of shine serum spray into the palms of your hands and swipe over the top.

Summary - Twisted Sister Hair

Dee Snider cuts a striking figure on stage with his stark white hair styled into massive clouds of texture. The iconic rock star often wears black and white on-stage which highlights his dramatic head of twisted sister hair.

If you want to copy Snider's spectacular head of hair you can either create it from scratch using the instructions listed above or you can just buy a wig and take the easy way to big pouf of hair.

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