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More Of Karen's Secret Basil Oil Recipe

More Of Karen's Secret Basil Oil Recipe

Basil Oil More Of Karen's Secret Basil Oil Recipe - Aura Cacia Pure Aromatherapy 100% Pure Essential Oil, Sweet Basil, Refreshing, 0.5-Ounces

On April 3, 2002 I first shared Karen's Secret Basil Oil Hair Growth Recipe on the HairTalk™ in the Hair & Alternative Therapy Section.

In the 18 years since I first shared my own secret hair growth recipe I've received hundreds of emails asking for more of Karen's secret basil oil recipe.

Questions - More Of Karen's Secret Basil Oil Recipe

The majority of the questions were centered around the following themes:

1.  Was I still using Karen's Secret Basil Oil Recipe?

2.  What brand of Basil Oil do I recommend?

3.  Will the secret basil oil recipe work for everyone?

4.  How often do I use the recipe?

Karen's Secret Basil Oil Hair Growth Recipe

I developed my Basil Oil Hair Growth Recipe in the late 80s due to serious hair loss due to extreme dieting.

My hair had been falling out in huge chunks for several months after losing weight on a liquid protein diet. I discovered, to my horror, that extreme dieting can often cause extreme hair loss.

Basil Oil More Of Karen's Secret Basil Oil Recipe - Nature's Alchemy Basil Oil

My Basil Hair Growth Recipe consisted of the following ingredients:

4 ounces of carrier oil (jojoba, sweet almond, sesame or similar)

I prefer jojoba. I have found olive oil to be too heavy for my own hair.

10 drops of Basil oil* (Basil or Sweet Basil - not Holy Basil)

Plastic wrap or plastic shower cap or similar hot oil treatment covering


Do not use synthetic oil*

I bought my original Basil Oil from an aromatherapist in Dallas. The therapist certified the Basil Oil was 100% real. It's important to never use Basil Oil directly on the scalp. Always mix it first with a carrier oil or it may burn the scalp. Never use a synthetic Basil Oil.

Depending upon the length and condition of your hair you can increase or decrease the amount of carrier and Basil oil appropriately.

As an example, you can increase the mixture to 8 ounces of carrier oil to 20 drops of Basil or 2 ounces of oil and 5 drops of Basil.

Instructions For Basil Oil Application

Almond Oil From More Of Karen's Secret Basil Oil Recipe - Almond Oil Image From

Mix the basil oil into the carrier oil. Heat in a double boiler over the stove until the oil is warm to the touch.

Using very clean fingers (important to avoid transferring toxins to your roots) or cotton balls, start at the roots of your hair. Apply the basil mixture working in a systematic pattern. Focus the application of the oil on the roots and any areas of the scalp which are tender.

Depending upon the condition of your hair you may or may not want to extend the oil to the ends. Since my problem was hair loss from the roots, I focused the Basil oil on the root area only.

Wrap your head in a clean plastic shower cap or plastic wrap. If you have a hood style dryer sit under it for 30 minutes to help the heat open the cuticles. If not, you can use a blow dryer for 5 minutes and direct heat over the top of the scalp.

Note:  For added benefit you can wrap a hot towel around the top of the plastic wrap.

Leave the mixture on for 1 hour or more. Although I have actually slept with the mixture in my hair, the Basil has a strong aroma and it drove me crazy.

Shampoo In The Shower More Of Karen's Secret Basil Oil Recipe - Shampoo In The Shower

Instructions For Removing Karen's Secret Basil Oil Hair Growth Recipe

To remove the Basil Oil from the hair do the following:

1. Apply 1 dime or 1 quarter size amount (depending upon the length and thickness of your hair) of gentle shampoo to the palms of your hands.

2. Dab the undiluted shampoo at the roots on top of the oil mixture.

3. Pat the shampoo mixture down the length of your hair.

4. Step into a warm water shower and direct the water flow on the shampoo mixture. Gently swish the shampoo down the length of your hair.

5. Repeat the shampoo twice if necessary.

6. Apply a rinse out conditioner to hair.

Shower - Wikipedia More Of Karen's Secret Basil Oil Recipe - Shower - Wikipedia

7. Separate hair into individual sections. Detangle slowly with fingers or a wide tooth comb working from ends to the roots.

8.  After hair is completely detangled, rinse completely.

9.  Finish with a cool/cold rinse to close the cuticle.

10. Towel blot hair to remove excess moisture.

11.Apply a leave in conditioner or other protective sealers when appropriate. Allow hair to air dry when possible.

Results Of Karen's Secret Basil Oil Hair Growth Recipe

I performed the Basil Oil treatment religiously 3x a week for 1 month. I was amazed to discover significant new hair growth along the hairline after just 2 weeks.

Of course I have to confess that my hair would probably have grown back without the Basil Oil, but using the oil treatment helped me feel better about my hair loss situation.  It helped me feel like I was at least doing something to deal with the hair loss issues.

This recipe may not work for everyone, but it worked for my situation which was related to stalled hair growth and hair loss due to extreme dieting.

Hair Oils More Of Karen's Secret Basil Oil Recipe - Hair Oils

Answers To Questions Regarding- More Of Karen's Secret Basil Oil Recipe

Although I started using my secret Basil Oil recipe in the late 80s and shared it in 2002, I am still currently using the recipe on my hair as of July 2020.   

In 2005 when my husband died suddenly, I went through a 6 month period of intense grief.  In 2013 I went through another extremely stressful period in my life and in 2015 I was in a near-death car crash.

During those three times my hair fell out in clumps for weeks. My Basil Oil Recipe, which I applied at least once a week, not only stopped the hair fall, it helped to trigger immediate regrowth.

 Jojoba Oil More Of Karen's Secret Basil Oil Recipe - Jojoba Oil

Will Karen's Secret Basil Oil Recipe work for everyone?  Probably not. It can help people experiencing hair loss due to a variety of life changes including extreme dieting, stress, some hormonal changes (pregnancy, post-birth, menopause) or related causes.

There are many very good Basil oils available in the hair and beauty marketplace. I personally like Aura Cacia essential oils because I found it to be as pure as possible.

Summary - More Of Karen's Secret Basil Oil Recipe

The true value of a great hair product, recipe or formula is one which stands the test of time.

I'm happy to report that Karen's Secret Basil Oil Recipe has been my guaranteed go-to Hair Growth Recipe for many years. It continues to provide the results I can always count on.

Will it work for everyone?  Probably not, but it will work for many who try it.

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